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      This one looked like he/she was only about 4 weeks old and was still in the nursery. They give the pups nursery names, but the name changes when they go home with a puppy raiser. In short…I don’t know :)

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      That’s what I say every time I bring home one of these little guys. It’s amazing they go from almost helpless to being such great helpers!

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      I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her. I’m sure I’ll see her at our Guide Dog open house, but probably won’t recognize her.

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    What an adorable little pup, reminds me so much of Sampson when he was that little. Wait, I’m not sure he EVER WAS that little! LOL

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      German Shepherds are great! We’ve fostered and raised German Shepherds as well, but the majority of our guide dog pups are Labs.

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      Hi Jessica,

      I don’t think you missed us on the hop. This was an older WW post. I’m finally getting a little bit of time to work on my blog and finally got a BarkWorld post published. It was great meeting you at BarkWorld!

      Take care,

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