Dog, Cat, and Mouse…Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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Friday marks the end of the work week for me and once again this week I wanted to end it with something light. While surfing the internet I came across a few great pictures showing how dogs, cats, and mice truly can get along. If you’re an avid animal blog reader than you may have come across this picture before. Even if you have seen these images I’m sure you can appreciate them once again.

Dog, Cat, and Mouse History

So where do I get my history lessons from? TV of course! and in this case the classic cartoon Tom and Jerry. Tom Jerry and SpikeWe’ve been taught from an early age that cats do not get along with dogs and mice do not get along with cats. My example here are the cartoon characters Tom the cat, Jerry the mouse, and Spike the dog. If you haven’t seen this cartoon then maybe you’ve been living in a cave (just kidding)…seriously this cartoon is basically about how cats, dogs, and mice do not get along. Take a look at the image to the right to see what I mean. By the way, Spike is a Bulldog who if you recall from my article Top 10 Dogs Good With Children Part I was the number 10 breed on my list.

Can’t We Love One and Other?

Dog Cat and Mouse 2Dog Cat and Mouse 3Of course in reality I’m sure many of us have seen cats and dogs coexist peacefully together even as friends and playmate, but not much has been documented between mice and cats. While searching the internet I came across this information from a blog post from a couple years ago: Dog, cat and mice become friends. As you can see from the pictures we can all get along. Click the image to see a larger version of the photoQuoted directly from the blog:“Greg Pike’s dog Booger, cat Kitty and white mouse Mousie, rest at the end of a day in Bisbee, Arizona, United States. Dog, cat and mice coexisting peacefully. Cool!”When my dog Linus was a puppy his best friend was my sister’s cat Lulu. Dog Cat and Mouse 1They grew up together and would chase each other around the yard. Sometimes the dog would chase the cat and other times vice versa. I always thought it was funny watching this little 5 pound cat jump out of the bushes and chase my 50 pound dog.Do you have any experiences with your cat, mouse, and dog getting along together? Or maybe your pets don’t get along at all? Either way tell me about your experiences with your pets?

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  1. It’s always nice to see a cat and a dog getting along well.. Wish all dogs and cats can be best of friends and not best enemies. 🙂

    1. I agree. I love seeing cats and dogs getting along. As I’ve mentioned before Linus’ best friend used to be a cat named Lulu.

  2. @tp, my black lab Stetson gets along with cats. He pretty much ignores them. However, it varies because I know other black labs who like to chase cats.

    I introduced both my dogs to cats when they were puppies. As I said above Stetson ignores cats. Linus grew up with a kitten and they used to chase each other around the yard. Linus would sometimes chase and other times the cat would chase Linus. The only problem is Linus learned that chasing cats is appropriate play, but most cats don’t like being chased.

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