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Dublin’s Second Puppy Evaluation Report

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Dublin recently had his nine month puppy evaluation report.  This is his second evaluation, he had his first when he was six months old.  In case you don’t remember we posted his six month puppy evaluation report a while back and Dublin got stellar marks on his report card.  We even suspected that someone might have swapped dogs during the evaluation.

However, this time around was a different story.  I wouldn’t consider his evaluation bad (take a look at Stetson’s eval), I’d say it was mostly average.   Although I would have liked to have seen “excellents” all over his report again the good part is we now have many areas to focus on in his puppy training.

Puppy Evaluation Report

Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppy - Dublin

Dublin holding the shelves down in my bookcase

Dog’s Name: Dublin
Breed: LAB
Sex: Male
Intact: No
Proper Tags (3): n/a
Dog’s current age: 8 months / 2 weeks

Kennel Behavior:

  • In Run: Good
  • Overall behavior: Good
  • Community Run: n/a

Basic Handling / Grooming: (ears, eyes, teeth, paws, tail): Good

  • Overall Appearance: Good

Relieving on leash: Good

Evaluation Walk in Unfamiliar Area:

  • Location: Valencia
  • Response to people: Overly Friendly
  • Other dogs: Avg =
  • Animals (birds, squirrels, etc.): Avg
  • Loud sounds: Sensitive = but recovered
  • Traffic: Worried, concerned with traffic from behind
  • New Handler: Avg
  • Other (stairs, kids, sniffing, etc.): Can be a garbage mouth

OB response:

  • Name: Good
  • Sit: Good
  • Stay: Good
  • Down: Good
  • Come: Fair

General Handling:

  • Energy Level: Avg
  • Response to correction: Avg
  • Behavior in establishments: Good
  • Overall stress: Avg-plus

Comments / Recommendations:

Dublin is a nice dog.  He needs more exposure around traffic.  He tends to get very excited around people. (very friendly).  Work with him on self control; he does not need to greet everyone.  “Come exercise” weak; overall the obedience was good.

You are doing a good job with him.  He needs to take it up to the next level.

Recommend Re-evaluation: 3 months

My Thoughts On Dublin’s Evaluation

As I mentioned earlier a less than perfect report gives us things to focus on in Dublin’s puppy training.  I can agree with pretty much everything on this report.  Overall Dublin’s obedience is very good.  He is overly friendly with people and can be very mouthy (this usually occurs with overly friendly people and he leaves regular pedestrians alone).  He has regressed with his “Come” command.  I have seen him sensitive to traffic from behind, but that was when he was younger and I hadn’t seen any issues recently.

Shortly after Dublin returned from his evaluation we had the opportunity to meet with one of the trainers from Guide Dogs of America.  After reading through our puppy report she gave us three things to work on in Dublin’s puppy training.  Over the past few weeks we’ve worked on Dublin’s self control, mouthy behavior, and sensitivity to street traffic.

Stay tuned for our next post as we will go over exactly what we are working on in Dublin’s puppy training.

Are you a puppy raiser?  How did your puppy do on his/her puppy evaluation report?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. @Carey Dublin gets distracted very easily in the beginning, but wants you get him to concentrate he’s very good at focusing. The goals for us is to get him to concentrate and focus earlier. Dublin is almost 10 months old so he’s catching up to your guide dog puppy!

  2. Hey your training comments are so useful to me. I am going to do the enforced sit and stay with mine guide dog puppy. She sits and stays beautifully but can get distracted and forget! And she is 11 months old….

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