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Gingerbread House Puzzle Dog Toy Review

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Just the other night I was at our Guide Dog Christmas party and I saw the Gingerbread House Puzzle Dog Toy at our gift exchange.  This cool little toy is a tiny house with several squeeky toys that you insert through the front door.  It looks much more interactive than any other plush toy we’ve had and I’m very interested to see if my dogs enjoy removing each squeeky object as much as they enjoy removing the stuffing from all their other toys.

Take a look at the Gingerbread House Puzzle Dog Toy:

Gingerbread House Puzzle Dog Toy

On top of being adorable I think my dogs might really enjoy this little house and it’s Gingerbread man.  Hopefully it lasts longer than the other plush toys we’ve had in the past.

Unfortunately I expect durability to be an issue and I’ll let you know as soon as my three dogs have had a chance to tear into this little house.  On a positive note it’s actually four toys in one and at $9.90 on Amazon.com that’s approximately $2.50 per toy.

I have to apologize to Derby because I didn’t have time to pick up a gift for the gift exchange, but there were several fun toys including the Gingerbread House Puzzle Dog Toy that may end up in his Christmas stocking. We’ll have to check with Santa Claus.  Has Derby been naughty or nice?

I’ll leave some comments below to let you know how Gingerbread House Puzzle Dog Toy holds up.  Do any of you have this toy?  If so, did your dogs enjoy playing with it?  Was it built to last?

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  1. @Carol, thanks for the little review. Our Gingerbread house puzzle dog toy is currently a Christmas decoration, but my dogs get to have their fun with the toy on Christmas day. I was hoping that instead of chewing the toys or the house they’d just enjoy gutting the house of the small toys on the inside the same way they love to extract the sqeaker from their other plush toys.

    I’ll give everyone an update after my three boys have their fun on Christmas day.

  2. I bought the gingerbread house puzzle for my heeler mix 4 month old puppy. She loved it! The small toys inside are very durable. However, she managed to destroy the house within a week or so and I had to throw that out. The concept is great but the outside needs to be made more chew resistant!

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