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Puppy In Training TV – Ep2 – Take Your Dog To Work

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Episode 2 – Take Your Dog To Work

Welcome to the second episode of Puppy In Training TV – Take Your Dog To Work.  You’ll notice at the end of the episode we thank our sponsors.  If you’d like to sponsor an episode then please visit our Puppy In Training TV Sponsorship page.

Enjoy this weeks puppy training video!

Take Your Dog To Work Transcription

The Take your Dog To Work Transcription is not nearly as riveting as our video, but just in case for some reason you cannot get the video play properly we offer this written version of Puppy In Training TV Episode 2.

Hey Everyone, Colby and Dublin here at the Ascolta Training Headquarters.  Welcome to episode 2 of Puppy In Training TV.

(Titles Roll): Puppy In Training TV Starring Dublin.  With Linus Aussie Mix Rescue.  Also Colby The Human.  And Stetson Career Changed Guide Dog.  Episode 2 – Take Your Dog To Work.

Oh hey guys, Colby here just some work done here at the office.  Welcome to episode 2 – Take Your Dog To Work.

As many of you already know Take Your Dog To Work Day was a few months ago, but if you’ve been following us on Facebook then you’ll know that we brought Reggie, another GDA puppy to work with us on that day.

Lucky for us, our company, Ascolta allows us to bring our puppies to work with us every day as a part of their guide dog puppy training.

As Guide Dog puppy raisers it’s our job to expose our puppies to different situations…such as an office environment like we have at Ascolta.

Going to the office is great training for Dublin and he spends nearly the entire day with me doing the same things I do including:

  1. Taking a small break in the break room.
  2. Sitting quietly next to me while I make a copy on the copy machine.
  3. And patiently waiting by my feet while I’m in the middle of a sales meeting.

At Ascolta we offer technical training to corporate students across the world using cutting edge technology such as this Cisco TelePresence training classroom.  Ascolta is based out of Irvine, California and on this day I’m showing Sharlene, our sales rep in Denver, Colorado, Dublin our latest Puppy In Training.

We bring our Guide Dog puppies home at 7 to 8 weeks of age and during those first few weeks I try to do my best to make sure my puppy has an easy time getting adjusted to his new home environment.  I also have two dogs at home, Stetson and Linus and when I first brought Dublin home I made sure the adjustment period went a little easier by introducing him slowly to his two, new, big brothers.

We begin teaching the basics from day 1 and

  1. One of the first things I did when I brought Dublin home was show him the door he needs to go to when it’s time to go potty.  Next I took Dublin over to the spot where he’s supposed to go potty and I told him to “Get Busy” which is the command we give to let our puppy know it’s time to relieve himself.
  2. Another basic we started teaching Dublin from the very beginning was to sit and wait patiently for his food…as soon as we said “OK” …he was allowed to eat.
  3. You may recall from Dublin’s first night that he whined a little bit, but overall he did a great job.  Crate Training is another basic we began teaching Dublin starting his first night at home.  We tell him to first “Kennel” which lets them know they’re supposed to go into their kennel and then once we open the kennel they’re not supposed to come out until we tell them “OK”.

Thanks for joining us for our second episode of Puppy In Training TV.  We’d love to hear about your first few weeks of puppy training.  So if you have a chance, tell us your story in the comment section below.  And as always don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  We’ll see you later and talk to you soon.

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A special thanks to Ascolta and the Ascolta employees for sponsoring this episode.  If you’re looking for technical training visit www.ascolta.com.

If you’d like to sponsor an episode of Puppy In Training TV visit PuppyInTraining.com.

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  1. Hi Celia!

    What was your puppy’s name? Also, what group are you in? Did you name your second puppy yet? How exciting!

    There are a few reasons why I like keeping my pup on leash at a young age:

    1. I think things have changed a little at GDA since I haven’t had a GDA pup in a couple years, but as far as I know our pups put their collar and leash on for the first time on pickup day. One of the things I liked to do is get them used to the leash as soon as possible working with them constantly on not biting or chewing their leash, collar, and tags. So I usually keep the leash on in the office and at the home office.
    2. Also, it’s a little bit easier to keep them under control when you have the leash on them while playing, training, etc.
    3. I used the small leash as a tie down when in the office.

    Of course if you have questions it’s probably best to talk to your group leader or the puppy department.

    Have fun picking up your puppy! Always one of my favorite days.


  2. I’m really enjoying your videos. I’ve just raised a puppy for GDA for the first time and am about to raise my second. I notice from the first three videos that you have puppy on leash for much of the time, even when playing. I work at home so I don’t see it as taking her to the office but would you recommend I have her on leash more and when I’m working, treat it as though I’m at the office?

  3. @Jennifer Dublin does like chewing on his leash. I spray Dublin’s leash with bitter apple spray to keep him from chewing on it. I’ve heard bitter apple works with some puppies and some it does not.

    We’re lucky Dublin hasn’t chewed on the furniture or the plants, but our last puppy, Derby chewed on both. When we noticed Derby chewing on anything inappropriate we did our best to redirect his attention to his toys, sterile bones, or pressed rawhide bones. Over time it seemed to work out with Derby.

    Another problem we’ve had with all our Labrador Retriever puppies is that they try to pick up all the leaves (pretty much anything they see on the ground) when we are on our walks. It feels like we’re constantly saying “no”. So far in our experience, over time they eventually learn not to try and pick up everything off the ground. We just do our best to stay consistent, persistent, and patient.

    We’ve been very busy, but we’ll try to post more to the blog.

    By the way, Lowe is adorable!

  4. @Pamela Dublin learned how to sit-stay for his food very quickly it’s something we started working on since the day he came home. Thanks for following our blog!

  5. @Lisa Thanks! We’re working hard with Dublin and he’s a very fast learner. Thanks for following our blog. By the way, please let me know if you’re ever interested in guest posting. I’m sure our readers would love to hear about puppy raising with KSDS.

  6. @James Linus is a rescue and I had the best intentions to keep him off the furniture, but his grandparents allowed him on the furniture when they puppy sat him and it was difficult to not let them spoil him.

    Stetson was very good about not going on the furniture, but when Derby came home Stetson couldn’t get away from him and eventually I allowed him to jump up on the bed. However, he didn’t start jumping up on the sofa until Dublin came home a few weeks ago.

    It makes it a little more difficult when training the puppies, but they eventually realize that they aren’t allowed up on the furniture even though Stetson and Linus are up there.

  7. Great job on the video Colby, I couldn’t help but notice your letting your career changes on sofa.

  8. Great job. I love how you explain everything. A great education tool for anyone wondering what it’s like to be a puppy raiser! Dublin is doing great already! Good job!

  9. I love your videos. Dublin had amazing impulse control for his young age–that was a pretty long “stay” in front of a food dish.

  10. Hey there! I brought home Lowe, a chocolate Lab, three weeks ago. How on earth do you get Dublin to not chew that leash into a million pieces? He’s not eating the furniture, either, or the carpet or the plants… I walk Lowe around the house to get him used to the rules but I can never, ever let him off leash. I feed him in a XXL crate I use as his playpen in the house. He is wonderfully crate trained and a very bright dog. I just can’t figure out how you deal with the Lab inclination to put EVERYTHING in their mouth.

    I would love to hear many, many more training tips. I was hoping Dublin would publish lots of them in his news feed but no such luck. here is a link to a blog I type about Lowe’s progress. Maybe you can give me suggestions? There aren’t nearly enough answers out there!


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