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Puppy In Training TV – Ep8 – The Getty Museum

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Every time we drive up to visit the Guide Dogs of America campus just past Westwood where the hills begin we always see a tram slowly driving up the hill to the Getty Museum.  Over the past four years I’ve often thought the Getty would be a great place to work on guide dog puppy training.  Earlier this year we finally took the plunge, packed up our puppy outing bag, and headed out to the Getty Museum for a day of fun, art, great views, and puppy training.

Puppy In Training TV – Ep8 – The Getty Museum

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The Getty Museum

As always we like to put a transcription together for those of you who can’t watch the video.  So, here’s this weeks transcription of Puppy In Training TV!

Shhh…don’t tell Dublin, but we’re going to the Getty Museum today.  I’m Colby welcome to episode 8 of Puppy In Training TV.

(Titles Roll): Puppy In Training TV Starring Dublin. With Linus Aussie Mix Rescue. Also Colby The Human. And Stetson Career Changed Guide Dog. Episode 6 – Los Caballeros Tennis And Puppy Training.

Here’s a great aerial shot of the Getty Museum…On our way to Guide Dogs of America we always see the tram driving up to the Getty and everytime I see that Tram I think…”Wow! the Getty would be a great training experience for Dublin”

So today we decided to visit the Getty Museum and let Dublin taste his first experience of real art.  After we parked the car our first stop was waiting for the aforementioned tram which would take us up the hill.  Riding the tram wasn’t too different then riding on the bus.  And as I expected Dublin had no problem and just relaxed at my feet.

We had to walk up a long flight of stairs to get to the entrance.  We’ve worked on stairs since the beginning and Dublin is very good about maintaining his heel.

As you can see the theme for the day was Imagining the Past in France.  Although I don’t think Dublin really cared I would have preferred seeing something a little more famous like Van Gogh or Davincci.  There are tons of elevators and stairs to go up and down so we made sure Dublin had a chance to do both.

The Getty Musuem is located on the top of a hill and from the second story you get some spectacular views which we all -including Dublin- had the opportunity to enjoy.  We found this unusual fountain making some interesting noise.  We walked over and I asked Dublin for a firm Sit-Stay and he obliged.

Nearby there was a a pretty cool garden area so I had Dublin do a Down-Stay while I shot video and by the way did I mention there are some great views at the Getty?  Here’s another shot of Dublin working on a down-stay surrounded by some sculptures.  As we mentioned before there are lots of stairs and here’s dublin doing a great heel.

We would have gotten more shots inside the museum, but a lot of the art at the Getty is sensitive to photography so we made sure and asked for permission to take these shots.  As you can see Dublin is being a good boy with his sits, his downs, and earlier his heels.

We grabbed a late lunch at the restaurant and Dublin was a good boy and laid down quietly under the table.   Finally at the end of the day we had the opportunity once again to wait for the tram.  Then ride it back down the hill to our parked car.

Dublin did excellent at the Getty Museum and was well-behaved throughout the day.  He got to see beautiful art, work on walking stairs, elevators, and got to take in some of the awesome views from the Getty Museum.  Thank you for watching this episode of Puppy In Training TV.  We hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of the Getty Museum and we’ll see you next time!

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Final Thoughts On Our Visit To The Getty Museum

This was not only Dublin’s first time at the Getty, but mine as well.  The Getty Museum was a great outing and not too stressful at all for Dublin.  We went on a Friday and the museum was not too busy so we didn’t have to worry about navigating through crowds.  Dublin had the opportunity to ride a tram which was very similar to riding the bus, walk up and down long flights of stairs, work on sit and down stays, ride the elevator, take in views from high elevations, and enjoy lunch underneath the table (he didn’t get to eat lunch, but we, the humans got to enjoy our meal.

A few pointers:

  1. Admission was free, but we had to pay for parking.  The parking attendant told us dogs weren’t allowed, but when I showed him Dublin’s jacket he said “That’s a horse of a different color…come on in!”  Actually he just said that Dublin was fine since he was a service dog in training.  He then radioed up letting them know a service dog was present.
  2. When walking around the guards were very friendly, but we did notice several radio back that a service dog was in the building.
  3. The cafe’s were closed on the Friday we went up and only the restaurant was open besides the little snack carts.
  4. They close relatively early during the week at 5:30pm, but stay open later on Saturdays.  They are closed on Mondays.
  5. There’s lots to do so don’t forget your puppy outing bag.

I hope these pointers help you out if you plan to visit the Getty Museum with your puppy in training.

Have you taken your puppy to the Getty Museum?  If so, I’d love to hear your story!  Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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  1. @Julie the villa looks like a lot of fun. We’d love to visit. I’ll see if we can make it out there some time soon. I’ll let you know if/when we schedule a visit. Thanks for visiting our website. I’m sure Dublin would love to meet his fans!

  2. @Julie everyone was great at the Getty and we really enjoyed visiting. Where is the Villa? We love getting out in public and working on Dublin’s obedience and socialization skills.

  3. Just LOVE the episode of Dublin at the Getty! What a good boy! You’ll have to bring him to the Villa sometime, too.

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