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Puppy Problems? What Issues Are You Having With Your Puppy, Right Now?

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Puppy Problems? What issues are you having with your puppy?
Puppy Problems? What issues are you having with your puppy?

Puppy Problems? Tell me all about them!

Dog Problems? I’m all ears!

We put together a short survey to try and find out how we can better serve you with our blog, newsletter, and social media channels.

When you have a moment please visit Puppy Problems Survey (only 5 questions).

Common Puppy Problems

Here are a few of the common problems we’ve already heard and plan on addressing in more detail:

  • Potty training – “My 2 year old puppy is marking all over the house. He even pees out from inside his crate. This just started about a month ago or so.”
  • Digging – “…She digs holes as if she is digging for diamonds or gold…We really need help to get her to stop digging… she first “ruffles” her snout into the grass, then pulls the grass out and then she digs and digs…”
  • Jumping Up – “Jumping on me and others when they greet.”
  • Pulling on Leash – “Leash pulling…”
  • Counter Surfing – “Jumping up on the kitchen workshop.”
  • Obedience Training – “Basic commands especially getting my puppy to come when called.”
  • Barking – “The dog barks whenever the doorbell rings or someone comes over.”
  • Chewing – “Destructive chewing when home alone.”
  • Separation Anxiety – “Barks and becomes destructive when we’re gone for too long.”
  • Biting – “Puppy is still very mouthy, even though teething might be finished.”

The list goes on and on…

Some of these we’ve already tackled on our blog (I included links). However, some of the questions we’ve received are more specific then the general advice we’ve written.

Our plan is to get you more detailed blog posts, printables, and hopefully an ebook or two to help you with your most common puppy training problems.

So, what questions do you have about your puppy?

Don’t forget to fill out our survey or leave us your question in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi,
    So, my mom recently rescued a 4 month old puppy and some serious mistakes were made. I would love some advice on fixing them. He is a very unconfident pup and Mom’s biggest mistake was bringing him home while dog-sitting a friend’s west highland terrier. We did our best to introducing him gradually to the westie and our two labs, and it went great at first. Eventually, though, the westie decided to attack the new pup. We now have a puppy who wants nothing to do with small dogs. We can fix that, the problem is that now our labs are over protective. I’m not as confident about correcting this.

  2. I got our puppy at 9 weeks old, He was so small and cuddly I let him sleep in my bed at night. Now he’s about to turn 5 months old and he’s jumping off the bed at night, getting into things, and pottying on the floor. I’ve decided to go to crating him at night. Any suggestions on making this a smooth transition? He is crated during the day, but knows I’m leaving and does not like going into the crate. He’s very attached to me. I know crating him at night will be for the best to protect him from what he can get into and assist potty training, but I’m anxious he’ll hate the crate even more. Help!

  3. Tbh I really love my dog jumping on me everytime i go home. They temporarily let me forgets my problem and they are my stress reliever.

  4. I’m sorry, but unfortunately our site is not a place to sell puppies. If you are an animal shelter or rescue you might try working with Petfinder.com.

  5. I have three 9 week old puppies for sale.I am needing to sell them right away. I am going on vacation soon. Like in three weeks. I am asking $350 for each. Is that a reasonable price?

  6. My dog lunged and pulled on the lead with excitement whenever he saw another dog or person, even though he walked well on lead otherwise

  7. Hi I really need some help with my 14 week old puggle Chester. Since we got him 3 weeks ago we decided to crate him at night. He’s now gone from waking me (and the whole house) at 6am to now 5.30am. As soon as i hear him I come straight down but he’s always already weed and pooped in crate and got it all over his paws. My routine for the last 3 weeks has been straight up out of bed, take him up and shower him, come down put all his bedding in machine and scrub crate. I feel like I can’t take anymore its just not getting any better.

  8. That’s excellent you’re planning on adopting an older senior dog. Hmmm…we don’t really work on guarding instincts with our dogs since it’s a negative trait for a service dog. I know some breeds are natural guard dogs and since you’re getting a senior dog you might look into adopting one that already has these traits. One thing you might consider is becoming a foster for a rescue. This way you can get to know all the different dogs and breeds that come to your house before you decide to adopt.

  9. I plan on getting an older Senior dog and in regards to “barking”, our last dog only barked when he would hear something. He was a good watch dog. How do you train a dog to bark only when he hears a strange noise?

  10. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded. We received over 60 responses to our survey which will be very helpful in guiding our blog in the future. If you find this post and still have questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

  11. Yes, several readers have had similar problems with their dogs barking at the doorbell and visitors. We need to work with Raven and Linus on their barking so this should be a good case study for us. We’ll start working with our dogs and report back via the blog. Thanks for sharing your puppy problems!

  12. Can’t wait to read the new articles! My dog barks, so I’m looking forward to seeing how to cure/fix that. I wrote it in your survey, but she’ll bark when someone rings the doorbell and will continue to bark until the person at the door pets her.

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