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The Cutest Puppy Ever Part V

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Does everyone have a case of the Mondays? Well I’m glad you could tune in for today’s issue of the Cutest Puppy Ever. And be thankful that it’s a short week…for most people. I’m lucky enough to have this Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving weekend…YAY!

Well let’s round up the first four puppies in the Cutest Puppy Ever Series. First, there was Linus the Aussie Shepherd mix and adorable puppy if I must say so myself. Then number 2 was Princess Buttercup the German Shepherd mix. Number 3 was Blondie the cute blonde puppy who is possibly a yellow lab mix. Contestant number 4 was Sally our second black and tan German Shepherd mix.

On to number 5…Derby the yellow Labrador Retriever

The Cutest Puppy Ever – Derby

Derby is the youngest of all these puppies. He’s currently just over 6 months old and still is not full grown. He’s a yellow Labrador Retriever training to be a Guide Dog. Derby is an adorable puppy and is always happy. He’s still in his puppy stages and as we speak he still gets those puppy zoomies where he sprints back and forth uncontrollably. It’s a sight to see.

Take a look at his adorable puppy photos:

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Derby Cooling Off On The Tile

Derby Relaxing

Derby Taking A Nap On His Little Cushion

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  1. @Colleen, one of our friends is picking up their guide dog puppy today. An 8 week old female black Labrador Retriever. I’m going to go say “hi” in a couple hours.

    Puppies are fun to visit, but a ton of work to raise.

  2. Awwww, they’re ALL so cute! I want another puppy!!!
    (scratch that…I really can’t handle another little hellion!)

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