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The Cutest Puppy Ever Part VI

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Welcome back to the Cutest Puppy Ever! If you’ve been following along then you probably noticed that I’m adding links to all the articles at the bottom of the page. Here’s the quick recap:

  1. Linus – Australian Shepherd Mix
  2. Buttercup – German Shepherd Mix
  3. Blondie – Labrador Retriever Mix
  4. Sally – German Shepherd Mix
  5. Derby – Yellow Labrador Retriever

That brings us to puppy number six. We return to the German Shepherd litter of puppies and representing the only boy in the is George a beautiful black and tan German Shepherd puppy.

The Cutest Puppy Ever – George

George was by far the largest puppy in the German Shepherd mix litter. He was at least twice the size of Princess Buttercup.

When I picked him up from the shelter one of the attendants said he looked a little bit like a Coonhound because his ears were much longer and floppier then the other puppies in the litter.

I’d have to agree although his ears were no where near the length of a Coonhound.

Lucky for me George was adopted by my brother and his wife. I get to see him all the time and he’s an absolutely adorable dog.

While I was fostering George I was told that German Shepherds are lap dogs…George definitely lives up to being a lap dog…he’s 80 pounds and he loves sitting on your lap!

Check out these adorable pictures of George as a puppy:

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George Posing For The Camera

George Chewing On His Rope

George…Loving His Toys In The Dirt

Georgie – Senior German Shepherd Mix

One of our readers asked if I had a picture of Georgie as an adult.

This is an old blog post and Georgie is 15 years old and still living with my brother, his wife, and their little daughter.

Here’s a pic of Georgie when he was 13 years old:

Georgie – Senior German Shepherd Mix

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  1. This is an older blog post and Georgie is now 15 years old! I added a somewhat recent pic of Georgie to the blog post. Enjoy!

  2. Hello, my names Selena & I know it’s a long shot but I just got a Germans shepherd / coon hound mix & he looks just like the photos! I was actually looking at photos online of the mixed breed trying to see if we could figure out what our little Bandits gonna grow up to look like. I would love to see photos of George all grown up! It would help us get an idea lol

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