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UPDATED Pics and Story: Dachshund Acts As Mom To Baby Piglet

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I just received an update on the story I posted earlier this week: Dachshund Acts As Mom To Baby Piglet. We have word that little Pink the premature piglet is now 3 weeks old and doing well.

Update: Pink and Tink’s handler, Johanna has written a wonderful children’s book about Pink the Piglet and Tink the Mommy Dachshund click the image below to see more information:

Here’s the story I received by email this morning:

“He (Pink) was born prematurely to one of my sows. She had 12 babies and he was the only one born with his eyes sealed shut.

Piglets normally are born with their eyes open and they are ready to nurse within a few minutes. Pink was so tiny and he didn’t have any suck reflex.

We were in the barn almost the entire night and we just kept him under the heat lamp/head mat.

We didn’t think he would live, but he did! Before we went to the house, my husband tried again to get him to nurse.

He squeezed some milk into his mouth and got some colostrum into him. I took him to the house to see if Tink would nurse him.

She had only had 1 puppy a few days before and she was also fostering 2 other puppies from my other litter.

My other doxie had a total of 7 pups (her first litter) and I was afraid it would be too hard on her.

I gave Tink 2 of her pups and she was so happy to have more puppies. She was even happier when I gave her the pig to nurse.

She licked him all over and let him nurse. Pink took right to Tink and nursed her. That’s the story behind the pictures.”

More adorable images of Pink the Piglet and Tink the Dachshund mother:

Pink on Valentine’s Day

Pink the Piglet on shoulder

Pink at 2 Weeks

Pink the Piglet

Pink the piglet with the litter

Pink the piglet on top of the litter

Pink the piglet and puppy head to head

Pink the Piglet with family

If you haven’t already read the first article about Pink and Tink then go to the following link and check out the adorable images and heartwarming story: Dachshund Acts As Mom To Baby Piglet.

I hope you enjoyed the updated pictures and story of Pink the piglet and Tink the mommy Dachshund.

Thank you to Momma J for keeping us updated. If I hear any news on Pink and Tink I’ll be sure to keep you updated here on the Puppy In Training blog.

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  1. Does anybody have a male dachshund so my female dachshund can have babies? We have been looking for a boyfriend/husband for a long time and no sucess. If you do it you will get payed or you get one baby dachshund. If you want a baby dachshund or get payed to make my dachshund have babies you have to call this number : (714) 331-6800

  2. @Walker, I heard back from Pinks handler and Pink weighs a little over 100 pounds. She saw Pink’s siblings at the local fair on August 8th and they weighed in the 230 – 275 pound range.

    She also says that Pink is doing great. He’s short, fat, and sweet. He loves to eat marshmellows and to be scratched.

  3. i know what you mean about doxies..ive got 6 minis,a german shepard,and a 175 pound saint banard. recently we were adopted by 4 racoon newborns..they are being feed by bottle right now but our doxies do the natural mom thing with them to help them clean up after a messy supper. they all get along, but when the doxies detect trouble at our door..the saint is there to make sure all rules are obayed and strangers outa hand will set at a list to one side..thanks for your pics

  4. Hey! I’ve been looking for a site that has some good information on crazy animals pets. I was searching around on Google and your post regarding Pics and Story: Dachshund Acts As Mom To Baby Piglet | Puppy In Training caught my attention .. Good info thanks Wednesday

  5. What a wonderful sweet story…until I came to the part where the owner of the piglet and momma dog said that we raises pigs for his kids for 4-H. How very sad. Animals raised for 4-H projects are auctioned off and sent to the horrendous and inhumane slaughterhouse. The cute little pig, which will get big (and to the owners delite)and fat, will be killed for only two reasons. A meal, and since it isn’t “oh, look how sweet” adorable like it was at birth. How sad for the poor piglet.

  6. @Robert, I’ve been in contact with the caretaker of Tink and Pink. If she sends me any additional information I’ll be sure to post it as an updated blog article. Pink and Tink’s caretaker has also been updating us through the comments area of our first post Dachshund Acts As Mom To Baby Piglet

  7. What a great story with pics. After having a doxie for almost 15 years, it comes as no surprise that she would take the piglet as one of her own. Doxies are THE BEST dogs. . . just ask any Doxie owner!

    Will there be a follow up story to this?

  8. That is incredible. Please keep us posted with more pictures. That is so funny how she just fits in.

  9. This reminds me of one of our dachsi’s, Gidget…she is a longhair and a couple of years ago there was a newborn goat show up in our driveway… I got the baby goat and put it in a box, had my husband go into town and get some baby formula and a bottle. Even tho I had to feed Buttercup with a bottle, Gidget stayed in the box with her and cleaned her and took care of her until she was about a month old. I couldn’t get Gidget to leave that baby goat! The only time she would leave, would be to come and get me when the baby was hungry!
    Love the story!
    We are crazy dachshund people too…we have three. Two are longhairs and one is a short hair. Our first, Schautzi lived until she was almost 15. When we brought our daughter home from the hospital, Shautz decided that was her baby and no one but me or my husband could go near the baby without Schautz’s permission!
    They are such a wonderful breed….
    Kind, caring, and protective of their humans!

  10. Your pix are so cute. We are crazy doxie people, had two brothers…almost killed us when we lost them (one was almost 17). Right now, we have another love of our lives, Dolly, who’s 13. She’s had lots of troubles (back) but keeps going even though she has lost feeling/some use of right back let and sometimes walks with the toes turned under. Keep up the good work!

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