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Dog Poop Bags

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What kind of Dog Poop Bags do you use?

I bet when you woke up this morning and checked your email or feed reader you weren’t expecting an in depth blog post about your dogs poop.  If you continue reading then unfortunately for you dog poop bags is the topic of the day!

First of all, I hope everyone out there is picking up their dog poop because we don’t want to step in or slip in that pile of stinky poop.  Stepping in dog poop is not the only reason not to pick up your dog poop.  We recently purchased Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags (aff. link). Rather than keep you in suspense here’s the list:

Thank You…

  • …For protecting the environment.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pet droppings significantly contribute to source water contamination.  There are an estimated 74 million dogs depositing 20,000 tons of waste every single day in the United States alone. – WOW!  That’s a lot of dog poo!  I encourage you to please pick up after your dog as we don’t need to contaminate the source water anymore then we have to.
  • …You’re doing the right thing!  Virtually every major city and county in the United States has some sort of “Pooper Scooper” law to regulate pet waste clean up.  Fines can range from $10 to $2,000 per occurrence! – That’s a lot of dough for not picking up your dog’s poop.
  • …For picking up.  A common misconception is that dog poop is fertilizer.  A meat eater, like dogs and people, have solid waste that contains bacteria and viruses which are harmful to both people and pets if not disposed of properly. – I wonder if vegetarians produce usable fertilizer.  My guess is no, but something to think about.
  • …Every bag counts.  The average Beagle will deposit 5,737 pounds of poop and use 4,413 dog poop bags during it’s lifetime – Based on life expectancy, metabolism, and weight of a typical Beagle. – I don’t even want to think about how much dog poop my three Labrador Retrievers produce.
So now that you’ve read those facts, you know the importance of picking up dog poop.

Now back to my original question: What kind of dog poop bags do you use?

Dog Poop Bags

We started out just like many of you by using the plastic grocery bags we received from the store.  However, in an attempt to be more green and eco-friendly we’ve been working on bringing reusable bags rather than going with paper or plastic.  So what’s the alternative to grocery dog poop bags?  Well, there are many starting with buying some from your local pet store.

You might be surprised, but for me I like to break my dog poop bags down into several categories.  So let’s get started

Petco and Petsmart Dog Poop Bags

  • These are the standard dog poo bags you see at your local Petsmart, Petco, or pet store.  They are very similar to the dog bags you can buy in massive bulk directly from Amazon.com and are usually black, silver or blue with no writing and non-scented.  I’ve found the blue and silver bags to usually be fairly sturdy while the black are usually a little bit thinner.  Here’s an affiliate link to the dog bags I’m talking about:

Blue Durable Dog Waste Bags

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

  • I recently bought some biodegradable dog waste bags from amazon to see how they stood up against the rest of the poop bag competition.  We ordered a 120 pack from Amazon and this is what we found…they were packed very tightly onto the little plastic spindle.  Each bag was very thin and felt like half the thickness of your average blue Petco/Petsmart bag mentioned above.  After picking up Stetson’s poop with the biodegradable dog bags I smelled my hand to make sure I didn’t actually touch poop.  Fortunately all was good.  While the thin biodegradable dog waste bags didn’t really bother me they may bother you so you might want to buy only a handful before you decide to buy in bulk.  Also, the biodegradable bags I purchased were scented, but I’m sure you can buy them unscented as well.  Here’s an affiliate link to the biodegradable dog waste bags I purchased from Amazon.com:

Biodegradable Doggy Bags

Scented Dog Poop Bags

  •  We’ve purchased both scented and unscented dog poop bags.  I think the debate of scented versus unscented is based on your personal preference.  Most scented bags do cover up the dog poo odor.  However, I’ve talked to several friends who now associate that scented powder smell with doggy poop and anytime they whiff that scent they instinctively think: DOG POOP!!!  Anyhow, my preference at this time is the scented version as I prefer the way it covers up the smell of poop.  We are currently using the Nature’s Miracle version of the scented poop bags as mentioned earlier in the post.  Here’s an image along with an Amazon affiliate link:

Nature’s Miracle Antimicrobial Dog Pick-Up Bags

Flushable Dog Poop Bags

  • The flushable dog poop bags are the only bag I have yet to use on this list.  They are pretty pricey compared to the other bags, but if you order them on Amazon.com you get a bit of a discount.  I plan on trying these Flush Doggy Poop Bags in the near future and will post a short review after Dublin, Stetson, Linus, and I run them through a thorough test.  From the amazon description: Use 100% biodegradable flushable dog waste bags ! Whether flush or toss, our earth wins. EPA states “Flushing pet waste is the best disposal method.”  Here’s an image and affiliate link to the Flushable Dog Waste Bags.

Flush Doggy – Biodegradable & Flushable Dog Poop Bags (aff link)

Free Dog Poop Bags

  • Plastic Grocery Store Bags.  When you buy groceries they ask you “paper or plastic”.  If you opt for plastic then you’ve got yourself an extra dog poop bag.  They’re sometimes a little large for dog poop so you might do what I try to do with all my doggy bags and pack two poops in one bag (I currently walk 3 dogs and in an attempt to save on the number of bags I use I try to pack to poops in one bag).
  • Free Dog Poop Bags at the Park – The dog poop bags I’ve seen at the park are usually blue scented bags.  They work just fine and they are very convenient when you’re out for a walk in the park.  Often times your home owners association is paying for these dog bags so since you’re already paying you should definitely use them.

Did I miss anything?  I don’t thinks so, but if there’s a type of dog poop bag that you use that I haven’t heard off leave us a comment below.

That’s the scoop on the dog poop bags.  Please be considerate of your neighbors and pick up after your dog.  They’ll appreciate it, the environment will be better for it, and you won’t have to worry about incurring a large fine.

Now the question once again goes back to you.  What kind of dog poop bags do you use?

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for letting us know about your experience with flushable dog poop bags. We had some biodegradable bags, but never put them to the test. Maybe we’ll look into some of the flushable ones and put together a review.


  2. I have a 6 month old Lab who poops like an adult, I tried the flushable dog poop bags and tested the breakdown in the toilet, first for 3 hours, then 8 hours, then 16 hours and finally for 24 hours. I work a 24 hour shift so I left it in the toilet for the day and came home to find the bag still in tact. I took a knife to the side of it and it separated a little but not like if you left a piece of paper in water. Yes there was a big doody in the bag as well. So my guess is the breakdown takes place in the septic tank or sewer system depending on which one you have. Hope this helps or not…


  3. @shanna, thanks for sharing your link. Those look like some nice dog poop bags. I wish more stores carried Earth Rated Poop Bags around here too. I usually order mine online through Amazon.com.

  4. I’m in east coast Canada, and most stores around here have stopping selling most brands of dog waste bags and only carry Earth Rated PoopBags. They are fun, smell like lavender (not too over powering like the baby powder) & biodegradable (they also carry compostables). Even the core is recycled! The prices are significantly better than any other brands I’ve come across other than the dollar stores.


  5. @Alfie hopefully the flushable dog poo bags come to your area soon. Most of my friends don’t like the perfumed doggy bags. Right now I’m indifferent, but I may change my mind after the current 120 perfumed bags we are currently going through.

  6. I wish we had the flushable variety here in the UK, but we haven’t seen them anywhere in the shops yet. For all those times when you don’t walk past a bin on your way home!

    We bought a perfumed variety by mistake, now we have about 1,000 bags (that’s a lot of poops!) to go through before we can go back to our usual biodegradable non smelly variety.

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