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Do you want to adopt a puppy?  If so, then look no further…actually you should probably take one more step and visit is a wonderful resource for finding an adoptable puppy.  The majority of shelters and rescues across the United States list available dogs, puppies, cats, and many other adoptable pets on this easily searchable website.

I started researching puppy adoption long before I picked up my first puppy, Linus from the Carson Animal Shelter.  Our very first post to this blog was an in depth article chronicling our journey to adopt a puppy.  If you want to check out how we came to adopt our first puppy, Linus then check out our very first article: How To Adopt A Puppy.



    • says

      @liadi, thanks for visiting our website. Unfortunately we do not train guard dogs and I’m not too sure how you would go about obtaining one to bring back to your country.

  1. Rodney says

    Hi Colby
    Me and my wife want to get a labrador as a famliy pet and we don’t know what to get a female or a male dog. I have been talking to some people that have dogs, they have been telling me to get a female because they are move relaxed, by the the way i have to 2 yong boys 6 and 2.
    Which one is easier to train? I am just scared to get a male lab because i dont want him to put his leg up when has to go.

    • says

      @Rodney, sorry for the late response. I have had both male and female Labradors. Both males and females can be high energy or easy going it depends on the individual dog. However, a male dog will normally lift his leg to pee. As guide dog puppy raisers we discourage this and through proper training we can usually get them not to lift their legs and mark objects. As far as puppy training I don’t have a personal preference for either male or female Labrador Retrievers.

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