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Puppy In Training TV – Ep11 – Guide Dog Pups At The Movies

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Dublin and I have been planning our Orange County guide dog group outings and not too long ago we took the guide dog pups to the movies at the District in Tustin.

The movie theater wasn’t our only destination.  We also had the opportunity to introduce our puppies in training to a grocery store, borders bookstore, a bowling alley, Johnny Rockets, and as previously mentioned an AMC movie theater.

I’m sure you’re all excited to see Dublin’s latest adventure so check out this weeks episode of Puppy In Training TV!

Episode 11 – Guide Dog Pups At The Movies

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Guide Dog Pups At The Movies Transcription

Here’s this weeks transcription of Puppy In Training TV:

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Hey guys, it’s finally friday and tomorrow we’re going to the movies with our pals Yuki and Baron. Welcome to episode 11 of Puppy In Training TV.

Guide Dog Puppy Training Starring DUBLIN
With Linus Aussie Shepherd Rescue
Also Colby The Human
And Stetson Career Changed Guide Dog

We got up nice and early, cleaned up, and headed over tothe District in Tustin to meet up with Dublin’s friends Yuki and Baron.

The District in Tustin is an outdoor shopping mall, with tons of stores, restaurants and a movie theater. Our plan was to walk our guide dog pups in and around all the stores to first of all expose them to different environments and situations…and secondly to wear them out a bit so they would be tired at the movie theater. Our first stop…the Whole Foods Market across the parking lot.

We walked up and down the food aisles to get the pups used to the different smells and walking on the slick floors.

After walking around for a little bit Baron demonstrated a sit-stay in front of the candy apples.

After spending time at Whole foods we walked across the parking lot, through the cross walk and checked out the everything must go sale at Borders.

As guide dog puppy raisers it’s important for us to expose our dogs to different entry ways…Borders has two automatic doors which can sometimes startle dogs if they haven’t seen them before.

We walked around the store for a little while…all of the books were 40-60% off. Baron waited patiently while tina bought a few books.

We had a chance to work on walking up some stairs as we headed over to the bowling alley.

This was the first time Dublin had been in a bowling alley. Dublin was a little eager to go up the stairs so I made sure he slowed down and walked next to me in a heel. It was dark and noisy, but all three dogs did a great job watching people bowl and checking out the big screen tv’s at the end of the lanes.

After letting the dogs experience all the crazy sights, smells, and sounds inside a bowling alley, we went back outside, and this time took the elevator down rather than the stairs.

The elevator is another great experience for our guide dog puppies and we make sure they get the opportunity to ride on regular elevators such as the one we’re getting on now and glass elevators like the one Dublin rode in episode 10 at the bass pro shop.

We did quite a bit of walking and visited several stores so we decided to head over to Johnny Rockets for some lunch.

All three dogs were wiped out at lunch. Dublin later told me that Yuki made a great pillow.

After lunch we took a moment to have our dogs sit-stay for a photo opp.

Then on the way to the movie theater we went and visited the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

There was a nice water fountain out in front of the movie theater. So we put Dublin in a down-stay and that’s when we noticed King Baron the posing on the highest rock!

Before going into the movie theater, we made sure our pups had plenty of water and relieved them. We went inside and all 3 pups stayed quiet and did excellent throughout the movie

It was a long day, but excellent training for Yuki, Baron, and Dublin. As we head out of the movie theater we’d like to thank you for joining us for this episode of Puppy In Training TV. We hope you enjoyed watching and we’ll see you next time!

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Final Thoughts On Guide Dog Pups At The Movies

It was a small turn out for our Orange County Guide dog group, but lucky for me it’s a lot easier to manage a small group compared to a larger group.  All three puppies were very well behaved throughout the day.  I guess that’s to be expected with older pups.  It was Dublin’s first time going into a bowling alley and although he was a little eager to see what all the ruckus was about he was not scared of the loud noises and settled right in and watched the big screens and some bowling action.  Yuki and Baron were also excellent and I must say it was an awesome day.  Thanks to Yuki and Baron – the Guide Pups, Tina and Rita – The Guide Dog puppy handlers, and Ali our videographer.  Of course thanks to Dublin for being the star of Puppy In Training TV.

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