Training Your Dog To Play Nice With Toys

Train your dog to play with a toy?  I know that sounds absolutely absurd.  However, as I’m learning some toys do require training just as you might have to teach your dog to retrieve a tennis ball or sit on command it may sometimes be important to train your dog to play properly with his […]

Top 14 Reasons Why Men Have Dogs And Not Wives

My mother is always wondering when I’m going to get married. I’ve sometime thought this myself and I really have no explanation for why I’m not married…maybe I just haven’t met the right one. Then a revelation hit me (or rather an email in my inbox). Lets first talk about my dogs…I have 3…Linus, Stetson, […]

Is Linus An Example Of Inappropriate Dog Play – Inappropriate Dog Play Part 3 of 3

Did you see yesterday’s video of Linus playing with my parents dog Ralphie? Was this appropriate or inappropriate dog play? If you didn’t see the video take a look at yesterdays post: How Linus Learned Dog Play – Inappropriate Dog Play Part 2 of 3. When I watched Linus as a puppy play with Ralphie […]

My Friend Has Spent Over $10,000 On His Dog!

Stetson and I took another trip to the veterinarian yesterday and it cost us $150…eeeekkk.  It got me thinking on my drive home: How much money do you spend on your dog? I know some people buy their dogs lavish gifts and others have very expensive vet bills I’m somewhere in between where I do […]