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      Yep, they bring them out on guide dog puppy turn in day to try and get you to take home another one.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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      The are definitely cute, but a lot of work at this age. I’m puppy sitting an 8 week old as we speak and he’s adorable. Unfortunately, he’s a lot more work because we’re still working on the basics: crate training, house training, basic obedience, etc.

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    Hi, I just joined the blog hop and saw that you had guide dog puppies in training too. I follow you on facebook. 8-) Our current puppy goes back on Saturday. We should be getting a black goldadore puppy in the next week or so to start all over again. It was great to visit your blog!

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      Congratulations on getting your puppy to turn in day! Apache just went in this past Saturday to start formal guide dog training. How exciting that you’re going to jump right back in with another puppy. I’m actually puppy sitting an 8 week old yellow Lab as we speak, but I plan on taking a little break from puppy raising and will be just puppy sitting for at least a couple months…at least that’s the plan.

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        I wish I could afford a puppy house to live in for the first couple weeks while house breaking. Then, it’s fun! :) I miss having puppies. I’m one of those people who loves raising puppies, no matter how exhausted it makes me!

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          I love raising puppies too! Toby is already a good sleeper so I don’t have to worry too much about the midnight/early morning wake ups.

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