Brindle Labrador Retriever – Dixie

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We received some more pictures of Brindle Labs and decided to keep posting them to the website.  Take a look at the images of Dixie below…she sure does have an interesting color for a Labrador Retriever.  I hope you enjoy!

Dixie The Three Year Old Brindle Lab

Dixie is a 3 years old brindle lab. Her mother is Chancy a dark chocolate lab, and her father is Sam a black lab. She was one of two fully brindle colored pups in the litter and she is the only surviving one. Five of the pups in this litter had some brindle coloring.

Dixie has had one litter of pups after she turned two and we kept her son who is chocolate, there were some that had a patch or two of brindle however none with her coloring. She is a very happy playful dog who loves water and Frisbee catching.

We love this breed and have five wonderful dogs. Two black, one dark chocolate, one chocolate and Dixie our brindle. I have included pictures of her below.

Brindle Labrador

I hope you enjoy the beauty of her color as we do, however we enjoy her more for her temperament and loving demeanor. J.N. Orleans, Michigan

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  1. I just got a sweetie lab from rescue rovers and she’s a brindle. They said she’s a mix breed but who knows since she’s a rescue. She’s very dark brown looking on first glance but in the sun she’s red and blonde and dark brown. Striped along her body like a tiger, but the darker color is predominant. I’d never seen a lab like her before. She has 100% lab personality.

  2. Have you ever had your Dixie DNA tested? Her structure looks different than what I would expect a purebred lab. Her muzzle is skinnier and she does not seem as stocky as many of the labs I have seen. Recessive genes are fun and I hope you will do more genetic testing on her, especially if you are considering breeding her. this article has some fun info –

  3. My black lab recently bread with a yellow lab. The puppies came out 3 black, 3 yellow, 1 chocolate, and 1 brindle. There was also a brindle bull dog, the bull dog was an orange brindle on his back and white on his under belly and legs, that may have bread with the yellow lab as well. the brindle puppy is a dark brown and black brindle pattern with a white chest, like my lab. how can i be sure that the brindle puppy belongs to my lab instead of the bull dog?

    1. If you want to be sure then you would probably have to do genetic testing to find out the exact breed of any one of your puppies. However, brindle coloring in Labrador Retrievers is very rare so my guess would be that the father of the brindle puppy is most likely the bull dog.

  4. Wow so cool! I found a male dog hanging by my fence (or should I say he found me). I live in the Panhandle region of TX and this time of year it is 20 degrees at night. He is beautiful brindle color with white on his chest and legs. I believe he is about a yr old. My suspicion is that someone dumped him. Anyway, he was cold, hungry and very sweet and my heart could not take hearing his lonesome howling at night. I took him in the other day. At first I thought he was a pit mix but his ears, eyes and snout kept making me think of a lab. Not to mention I have owned pits before and he does not act like a pit at all. He does however act like a lab. Well got curious and looked up brindle lab and found this page. Let me tell you, he is almost identical to Dixie! I am thinking I may actually have a brindle lab now. I always thought labs had longer hair but Dixie does not seem to have the longer hair I associate with a lab. Once I get a pic of him I will post it. Would love to let you see him and tell me what you think. I am trying to find him a home as I already have 3 dogs and one cat. But, if I can’t place him in a good home, guess I have a new dog. 🙂

  5. hello i have a pup which i had found in a field he is about 8 to 10 weeks old i found him and he seemed to be neglected or somehow got lost but he is black and brown i cant almost definilty say i know he is a lab he got that face my sister has a full blooded lab and looks just like him but is it possible for him to be full blooded even with them to colors ppl say he is a brindle lab but never knew there was such a thing! appreciate some advice! thanks

    1. @michelle, it is possible that he could be full blooded. There are genetic tests available for determining dog breed. However, I’m not sure how accurate they are.

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