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Brindle and Black and Tan Labrador Retrievers

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We’ve posted several times about Purebred Brindle and Black and Tan Labrador Retrievers. Just the other day I received an email from one of our readers with some great pictures of his two Brindle Labs.

Here are the earlier posts including information about the Purebred Brindle and Black and Tan Labrador Retrievers:

Black And Tan Labrador Retrievers

Brindle Labrador Retrievers

Here are the pictures I received:

Brindle Labrador Retrievers

Tora and Maia

Brindle Labrador Retrievers Tora and Maia

Brindle Labrador Retrievers Tora and Maia Hunting

Brindle Labrador Retrievers Tora and Maia Hunting

Here’s what Bill had to say about his two dogs:

Here are a few more shots of Maia and Tora, our brindled labs. As you can see, Tora has grown quite a bit. Also attached are hunting photos, one of both dogs working an area of red grass and sage’ and two of Tora on a point.

Tora has turned out to be a natural pointer. One of her great-grandfathers was a famous pointing lab, Sir Hershey of Sussex. So is Maia’s, but she won’t stay put when she gets close to a bird. Tora, when by herself, will hold. Stopping and pointing is natural; however, I still give her strong commands to stay to reinforce and maintain this skill. Sorry I didn’t get the bird in the photo. It ended up being a Hun, a Hungarian partridge. We were hunting in Strasburg, CO.

Bill: Thanks for the great pictures of Maia and Tora! We hope to see and hear more about your two Brindled Labrador Retrievers in the near future.

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  1. Hi! We got her a year ago from otorohanga, found them on trade me but don’t remember there trader name, phone number is 078736470 🙂 I have actually been meaning to contact them to see if I can find out any more info on the brindle on her, when we got her we didn’t know much info but have done my own research since

  2. Where did you get your puppy from? A breeder in NZ? We are very interested in a brindle lab. Thanks!

  3. While researching for this rare colour, I found this article and HAD to comment:

    I happen to have two brindles, but not purebred. My big guy has Shepherd and my little girl has Keeshond.

    When I learned that brindles weren’t a recognized colour, I was very disappointed! Everyone who sees my pair; remarks on their unusual markings.

    I truly wish this remarkable colour was a little more common. I would love to have a pair of brindle retrievers, some day!

  4. Hello,
    We are in New Zealand and have a black and tan lab as well, she is currently 4 months and heaps of people stop us for a pat when we are out walking and they all say, is she lab/rotweiller? whenever I tell them no she is a lab they look at me like I don’t know what I am talking about, one of her parents is golden lab and the other black, she looks like a lab apart from her colouring. Good to see that we are not the only ones getting questioned about the lab/rotweiller! It was interesting to see and read others with similar dogs 🙂

  5. Sorry it’s been so long since you asked your question. Yes, you are right. It is a Gordon Setter not a Morgan Setter. Early dimensia I guess. Anyway, these “mismarks” as they refer to them are beautiful dogs and definitely purebreds.

  6. Dear Peggy,

    Thank u for writing about the amazing Sir Hershley, Haven’t heard about him till now. Here in Europe I think we don’t have anything like him.

    You tell that the brindiling comes from a Morgan Setter. Now, I didn’t find any pic or defining about the breed in the net. Or, do you mean the black-and-tan-colourer Gordon Setter?

  7. Kristen, Just saw your comment and looked at your doggie pics. Could definitely be a purebred lab. Your dog has very similar coloring to Maia. The pics above include one of my babies, Tora, that traveled to Denver to be with her cousin, Maia. They are both decendents of a 5 time world champion pointer retriever, Sir Hershey of Surrey. I personally believe that is the line with the brindling in it. From the research I have done, the story goes that back in the 1800’s they mixed a lab with a Morgan Setter to develop a pointing, retreiver dog. This is where the brindling comes from. It only occurs with two blood combinations. They are just great dogs aren’t they. Sorry for the late comment. I’ve been busy with our latest litter which includes 2 pups with brindling.

  8. on 5/5/09 we had a litter of 9 puppies of which 7 are chocolate and two are chocolate with tan on their chest, face, paws, and under their tale. Are these Brindle puppies?

  9. @Kristen, I’m sorry I can’t see the picture in the link you posted. It gives me a “Content is currently unavailable” error.

  10. I just saw a picture of a black and tan pup in a book about labs yesterday. I also saw a couple of pups that were very, very red in color. When my yellow lab whelped two years ago, I remember being shocked as she had two black, two yellow, then a Rotti, then a red pup! I sold the “Rotti” and the red pup as “cross-breds” for $200 less a piece! I thought somehow my bitch had been bred by a Rotti, but apparantly it wasn’t a mixed litter after all. She was bred to a black! Somebody got a deal on a couple of nice pups!

  11. I was very interested in seeing the photos of the Black and Tan Labrador. Our boy, Tyson, is also a Black and Tan, aged 11 years and an absolute joy. Everyone thinks he is a Lab/Rotweiller cross, and they are quite surprised when we tell them his parents were both Black Labs. If we dipped him in a bucket of black paint there wouldn’t be any queries at all about his breeding.

    Marie Newham, Pakenham, Victoria, Australia.

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