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How To Socialize Your Dog On The Bus

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Unfortunately most dogs don’t get the chance to socialize and learn to ride on a bus. However, lucky for us Derby and I will get the chance to learn how to properly ride the bus thanks to the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA).

This Saturday, October 4th OCTA is offering free training that teaches service animals (that includes guide dogs) to navigate public transportation and navigate their surroundings.

If you have a service animal then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to work on their training and socialization.

OCTA Guide Dog Bus Ride Free Training

What: OCTA Guide Dog Bus Ride Free Training

When: Saturday, October 4th from 8am – noon

Where: Fullerton Park n’ Ride
3000 W. Orangethorpe Ave.
Fullerton, CA

Here’s some information straight from the press release, Anxious Dogs Learn To Relax On The OCTA Buses:

Many animals experience apprehension from vibrations and noise made by the bus and from the opening and closing of the bus doors, making the ride difficult for the animal and handler.

During OCTA’s training, service dogs and their handlers will have an opportunity to ride the bus in a controlled environment. They can board and exit multiple times and ride for an extended period of time to become familiar with the experience. The training has helped more than 500 animals over the past 10 years.

Orange County Guide Dogs Of America Puppy Raisers

Derby and I plan on being at the free training this Saturday. I believe our group is meeting at the Fullerton Park n’ Ride at 9am (I’ll have to check on that time). It should be a lot of fun and I’ve heard that there will be other dog organizations from service to therapy to guide dogs. Unfortunately, I might have to skip out a little early as I have a wedding in the early afternoon.

By the way, that’s Egan the purebred black and tan Labrador Retriever at our train ride outing earlier this year. Egan’s in formal training now and from what I’ve heard he’s doing great!

A few things to remember

  1. Remember age appropriate dogs. Derby is on the young side and I’ll be keeping a close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t get stressed out by all the activity. However, after raising Derby the past three months I am confident that he will be fine and if not we’ll be prepared to leave.
  2. Make sure you bring things your dog may need including a bottle of water and poop bags.
  3. Stay on the sidewalk while you wait for the bus, no need to stay too close to the street.
  4. Get on quickly, but don’t let your puppy pull you.
  5. Your puppy should be sitting under the seat whenever possible.
  6. You need to know where your puppy is & Its tail at all times, other passengers will not be looking down for a dog. It is your responsibility to keep it safe!
  7. Remember to thank the drivers as they are allowing us to ride free!
  8. Make sure your puppies and their jackets are clean and are a good representative of your organization (GDA) and guide, service, and therapy dogs in general.

Are you raising a service animal? If so, we’d love to see you at this event. If you see Derby and I please do not hesitate to say hello.

Have you been to the OCTA free bus training in the past? If so, I’d love to hear what you thought about your puppy training, the bus riding, and the event.

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