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Cesar Millan’s Mastering Leadership DVD Review Part II

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A couple weeks ago we reviewed the first disc from Cesar Millan’s Mastering Leadership DVD set. If you missed the review take a look at it now by clicking this link: Cesar Millan’s Mastering Leadership DVD Review Part II. The first disc covered “People Training For Dogs” and it discussed several great topics on how to better understand and train your dog by getting to know dog psychology.

Disc 2 covers Becoming A Pack Leader and is very similar to an episode of the Dog Whisperer. This disc covers Cesar’s main points on how to become a pack leader and uses three case studies to illustrate his points. I haven’t seen every episode of the Dog Whisperer, but the three case studies may very well be from the Dog Whisperer TV show.

Here’s a summary and short review of Disc 2 of Cesar Millan’s Mastering Leadership DVD set.

Becoming A Pack Leader

As I mentioned earlier Disc 2 is based on three case studies very similar to an episode of the Dog Whisperer.  I went ahead and took some notes and listed main points I got from each case study.

Case #1 Harley the German Shepherd -He runs the house. He gives no respect.

  • You don’t want to keep tension on the leash
  • There’s no leadership in Harley’s house.
  • When Cesar first enters a house with a troubled dog he doesn’t make eye contact.
  • If your dog is out in front he is the leader. If he’s by your side or behind you then he’s the follower.
  • Calm assertive energy controls in a wild pack of dogs.
  • Keep your dog on a short, relaxed leash. Tension in the leash = aggression.
  • Dog’s as followers will never run away from the leader in a pack of wild dogs.
  • Cesar dominates Harley in his territory. Psychological challenge. With a powerful breed like a German Shepherd it’s always recommended that you seek professional help. Ears back, head down is a sign of submission.
  • A slumped over body displays weak energy to the dog. Walk with your head held high and your shoulders back like you own the place.

In a pack of wild dogs the leader will enforce many rules…when they travel, when they hunt, when they eat, and when they rest. If your not the one setting the rules then your dog is setting the rules for you.

Case #2 Sadie The Wheaton Terrier – she has no rules, boundaries, or limitations.

  • Animals know that your an authority figure by how you behave.
  • Dogs won’t jump up if they perceive you as an authority figure.
  • This dog has no rules, boundaries, or limitations and that’s why she tends to run away.
  • Create a consequence for misbehaving. The dominant one should address himself to the follower. Cesar keeps the dog in a specific state until he released her from that state.
  • The boundaries need to be set by the pack leader.
  • When you say “Sadie No!” “Sadie Stop” (in an excited manner) that only creates excitement in the brain. A softer voice creates more relaxation. A loud voice creates more excitement.
  • Sadie is an Active Submissive type and born to be a follower that’s why she picks up on Cesar’s teachings so quickly. Cesar needs to make her Calm Submissive state.

Case #3 Dixie The Jack Russell Terrier – impossible to control on the walks. She has no leadership on the leash.

  • Dogs need, rules, boundaries and limitations both at home and on walks.
  • Don’t pickup a dog when he’s under stress that will only intensify or nurture that behavior. Don’t give affection to the dog when the dog is in an aggressive state. This just reinforces to the dog that what they are doing is correct.
  • The Ilusion Collar helps to keep the collar high on the neck. The softest part of the neck and the proper place for applying corrections. This makes it much easier to redirect the mind of the dog. This is very similar to how a mother dog controls her puppies by the neck.
  • Cesar gives Dixie corrections just as she starts to react before her behavior can escalate into something much worse. You have to be very alert when walking your dog.
  • Cesar uses several correction techniques: A leash correction and a slight tap on the side of the body…it’s not a kick…just enough to redirect the mind. One final correction he uses is the bite. His hand is the mouth and his fingertips are the teeth just as a mother dog would correct her puppies with her mouth.
  • Psychological Activities: Make Dixie sit facing away from the barking dogs. As soon as you see unwanted behavior you have to give a correction.
  • Dixie’s owner has a very passive energy which allows Dixie to take control of the situation.

Natural behavior of a dog is to be a hunter, but we don’t want hunters in the city we want a domestic type dog.

Use your energy to create a calm submissive state. Any tool that creates fear, tension, nervousness is a terrible tool. The energy you express can be the worse tool you use. The animal in her recognizes your energy. Make sure you use calm and assertive energy.

Four Levels of Dog Energy:

  1. Low – Usually want to be followers
  2. Medium – Usually want to be followers
  3. High – Usually want to be leaders
  4. Very High – Usually want to be leaders

When you get a dog you should look for one with the same or less energy then you. A dog with more energy will try to dominate you and become your pack leader. When choosing a dog it’s more important to choose the correct energy level rather than the correct breed.

Only give affectinon to your dog at the right time. Know when and how to give affection to a dog.

Typical for a dog to lower his head when a pack leader comes toward them. Give body, mind, then affection. You can give emotional affection when the body is in balance, but not when it’s out of balance. Most people share affection when the mind is unbalance which is the wrong thing to do it tells the dog that that behavior is acceptable.

Here’s what Cesar hopes you get out of this DVD on Becoming A Pack Leader:

  • Be the pack leader everyday
  • A pack leader sets rules, boundaries and limitations.
  • A pack leader projects Calm and Assertive ENERGY to the pack.
  • A pack leader walks in front.
  • A pack leader walks with the pack everyday.
  • Cesar recommends a 45 minute walk in the morning and feed the dog after the walk not before.

My Thoughts

Another great disc from the Mastering Leadership DVD set.  The three case studies from disc 2 represent three of the most common problems between dogs and dog owners.

The first dog, Harley should remind owners to choose dogs that match their personality.  As Cesar mention it’s not necessarily a specific breed, but an energy level.   If you are a low energy person you will have a difficult time raising a high energy dog.

The second dog, Sadie shows us what happens when a dog doesn’t have rules, boundaries, and limitations.  Cesar helps out in this situation by setting rules, boundaries, and limitations and also presents Sadie with consequences to her actions.

The third dog, Dixie is uncontrollable on the leash and on walks.  Cesar recommends that Dixie needs leadership on the leash.

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  2. Perfect, thanks Colby, I’ll be watching for your review from disc three!

  3. @Andrea, the third disc in the Cesar Millan’s Mastering Leadership series goes over how to identify energy levels and uses three examples – choosing a dog from a shelter, from a rescue, and from a breeder. I’m writing the review and will have it posted next week.

  4. Thanks for part II! I would love to see Cesar address how to identify energy levels in dogs/puppies exclusively in an episode. For example, when you are trying to choose a pup or a dog from a litter or shelter how do you identify the right energy level for you? Does this make any sense, or is it just me not having a clue how to identify my energy level and a dog’s energy level and whether we are compatible?


  5. I am currently listening to Cesar Milan’s book, Ceasar’s Way, on CD so I found your review of the DVD’s very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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