Dog Toys

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It’s so difficult to resist, but every time we visit the pet store it seems we come home with several adorable new dog toys.  However, not to worry because one of the things we love to do here on the Puppy In Training Blog is review all the dog toys, products, and supplies we bring home from the pet store, order online, or if we’re lucky enough receive for free as part of a paid review.

Lately, we’ve taken a much longer three step approach to our most recent dog product reviews.  Here’s what we do:

  1. First Look – We write a blog post telling our first impressions of the dog product.
  2. In Progess – We write a review of what we think when we first start using the dog product.
  3. Video Review – We take one or more weeks shooting video playing, abusing, and putting the dog product through rigorous testing.

Overall each dog product now gets a 3 post review.  If you’re interested in getting your dog product reviewed then check out our advertise page.

Here’s a list of our favorite reviews from dog toys to dog supplies.

Dog Toys

  • Aikiou Dog Bowl Review – Is it a dog bowl or is it a toy?  Either way we love this bowl for slowing down our speed eating Labs.
  • Christmas Dog Toys – This one wasn’t a review, but things I bought for friends.  However, we love the Kyjen toys and have owned similar Kyjen toys and can vouch for their awesomeness!
  • Ginger Bread House Dog Toy Review – Speaking of Kyjen dog toys this is one we did get a chance to play with and my dogs loved it!
  • Deer Antlers For Dogs – Are deer antlers for dogs a good chew toy?  After reading this post I’m not sure they are.

Dog Supplies

  • Dog Training Books – We review some of our favorite Dog Training Books.
  • H2O4K9 Dog Bottle and Bowl Review – This is our final video review of the H2O4K9 Dog Bottle/Bowl.  We really like this product for traveling.
  • Roomba Review – If you have 3 dogs like me then you probably vacuum everyday.  We loved the Roomba for self-vacuuming, we just wish it was more durable.
  • Dog Bowl Reviews – In the never ending search for a bowl to slow down fast eaters we’ve reviewed many a dog bowl.  This list will soon be updated to reflect all the dog bowls we’ve reviewed over the past 5 years.

As I mentioned if you’re interested in receiving a paid review then check out our advertise page for details.