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Best French Dog Names For Your Pooch: Our Top Picks

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Finding inspiration to choose the perfect name for your dog can be challenging, especially if you are looking for something a little bit different.

If your pup is from a French dog breed, why not consider a fittingly French name for your dog? With this in mind, we have put together some lists of the best French names that you can give your French dog.

There is no secret formula for finding the perfect name for your dog; it’s just a matter of exposing yourself to as much inspiration as possible until you find something that feels right.

French Dog Names

In this article, we will also share a few tips for making sure the name you choose for your pup is appropriate.

French Dog Breeds

Do you have a French dog? Below are some of the most popular dog breeds that hail from France.

  • Barnet – A water dog with long, curly hair that loves to swim.
  • Basset Hound – Known for their long, floppy ears and droopy eyes, this is an adorable hound breed.
  • Beauceron – One of the few French dogs known for working rather than style.
  • Berger Picard – Also known as the Picardy Shepherd, this is the oldest sheepdog in France.
  • Briard – One of the oldest French breeds! It is a sturdily built large dog with long, silky hair.
  • Brittany Spaniel – Medium-sized dogs with a natural instinct to hunt and explore.
  • Dogue de Bordeaux – Also known as a French Mastiff, these giants can weigh up to 140 pounds! 
  • French Bulldog – Cute, compact, wrinkly, and spunky dogs that have quickly become popular pets.
  • French Spaniel – Social, energetic, and intelligent little pups with a strong hunting drive.
  • Great Pyrenees – This mountain dog has a thick white coat the color of snow.
  • Papillon – Dainty and fragile toy dogs with lots of hair around their faces like a lion or the wings of a majestic butterfly. In fact, its name translates to “butterfly” in French.
  • Poodle – A distinctive-looking companion dog considered among the most intelligent breeds.

Female French Dog Names

Adopting a girl? Start with this list of the most popular short French names that are ideal for female dogs.

  • Adela – Means “noble” or “serene;” a perfect name for more tranquil pups
  • Aeris – Means “a breath of fresh air;” great for more energetic, boisterous breeds
  • Amaline – “Industrious;” for dogs who are always up to something
  • Amelie – Made famous by the film starring Audrey Tautou
  • Antoinette – As in Marie Antoinette, the famous queen
  • Apolline – Belonging to the Greek god Apollo
  • Ava – Means “bird-like;” great for lightweight, flighty dogs with lots of energy
  • Avril – The French version of April
  • Babette – Meaning “my god is my oath”
  • Belle – Meaning “beautiful,” as your pup will no doubt be
  • Bijou – A jewel that brings a wealth of love into your life
  • Camille – A name meaning “perfect” (they always are until they destroy your first shoe!)
  • Cecile – Meaning “blind” or “sixth;” is this your sixth dog?
  • Celine – Like the French Canadian singer Celine Dion
  • Chanel – As in the famous French designer Coco Chanel
  • Coco – Also a reference to Coco Chanel
  • Cosette – Like the young ward in Les Miserables
  • Delphine – Also the name of Lord Voldemort’s daughter in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • Emeline – Meaning “peaceful home” (unlikely with most dogs!)
  • Felice – French version of the popular name Lucky
  • Fifi – An unusual name meaning “God gives/increases,” but it’s just so cute for little pups
  • Fleur – The French word for “flower;” a pretty, feminine name for smaller pups
  • Gigi – Means “earth-worker;” perfect for diggers
  • Giselle – Meaning “pledge” or “loyalty;” perfect for a trustworthy dog who is always at your side
  • Heloise – Translates to “famous warrior,” making it excellent for confident, fearless dogs
  • Hennie – Means “keeper of the hearth;” a great option for warm and affectionate dogs
  • Idelle – A “bountiful” name for a beautiful dog
  • Irene – Means “peace,” after the Greek goddess of peace
  • Iris – Means “goddess of the rainbow;” also from Greek mythology
  • Joelle – Translates to “God will be willing;” fitting for adventurous dogs
  • Lison – Meaning “God’s promise;” a fitting name for when you finally find the perfect canine companion
  • Lourdes – Meaning “craggy slope,” but also the name of the singer
  • Mabella – Can mean both “loving” and “lovable”
  • Madeleine – Can translate to “High tower” or “elevated and magnificent;” nice for larger dogs
  • Margot – “Pearl;” nice for yellow or pearly-white dogs
  • Nadi – Means “companion;” perfect for a loyal pooch
  • Neva – Meaning “snow;” ideal for white dogs
  • Ninon – Meaning “grace;” great for dogs with a graceful walk
  • Nour – Meaning “light;” ideal for small or lighter colored dogs
  • Olivie – Meaning “olive tree”
  • Perle – Another name meaning “pearl,” for your perfect canine jewel
  • Raine – Means “she is singing;” great for dogs that love to bark or howl
  • Raissa – “Rose;” perfect for puppies with tha new puppy smell
  • Rema – Means “heat,” “fire,” or “light;” ideal for feisty dogs
  • Remie – An unusual name meaning “woman who is an oarsmen;” great for dogs that like to swim or lead the way
  • Riva – “Maiden;” cute for dogs with longer hair
  • Romy – Meaning “dew of the sea;” perfect for breeds that like to swim
  • Roux – Means “russet;” an ideal name for red and brown dogs
  • Sylvie – Translates to “forest;” a great name for wild dogs that love the great outdoors
  • Tallis – Meaning “woodland;” great for dogs that will hike and explore
  • Tilde – “Mighty in battle;” ideal for strong dogs
  • Trais – Meaning “crossing” or “crossroads”
  • Veva – “Leader of the tribe;” perfect for alpha female dogs
  • Zoe – Meaning “life;” perfect for pups full of energy

Male French Dog Names

Bring home a boy dog? Below are some of the most popular masculine French names that might suit your pup.

  • Abi – Meaning “joy of the father;” after all, they are your joy, too!
  • Alain – Can mean “harmony” or “little stone;” great for a strong, loyal dog that’ll always be by your side
  • Andre – Means “brave” or “mainly;” a good name for strong, tough dogs
  • Anton – “Priceless,” just like the affection of a dog!
  • Armel – Means “bear prince;” ideal for bigger, bear-like dogs
  • Astin – Meaning “starlike;” great for active dogs that are bursting with energy
  • Auger – “Noble spear;” ideal if they have tall, pointy ears
  • Avery – Can mean “ruler of elves” or, alternatively, “wise;” ideal for playful yet intelligent alphas
  • Barden – Means “barley valley;” nice for dogs with fur the color of barley
  • Basile – “Royal” or “kingly,” for leaders of the pack
  • Belot – An old Norman name from a local city
  • Benjie – “Son of the right hand;” for the dog always at your side
  • Cain – Meaning “spear;” for pups with a sharp personality
  • Carvel – “Swampy dwelling;” good for pups that love to play in the mud
  • Cesar – “Head of hair;” perfect for furry dogs
  • Charles – Means “a free man” (or dog) of the French persuasion
  • Chevy – Means “knight,” or “horseman;” perfect for courageous dogs or pups that can’t help but bark at horses
  • Claude – A handsome name with an unusual meaning: “limping” or “stuttering”
  • Clovis – Meaning “a renowned fighter;” for dogs who are always at attention
  • Corin – Another name meaning “spear;” a fitting name for pups as quick and sharp as a flying spear
  • Cosme – Meaning “order;” for the dog that brings chaos into your life
  • Daz – Means “small and great;” perfect for little dogs with lots of personality
  • Dennes – Meaning “follower of Dionysus,” the Greek god of wine and celebration
  • Dion – Another reference to the god of wine; ideal for dogs with rich, red coats
  • Elois – Meaning “a brave and famous warrior;” perfect for fearless dogs
  • Emile – Means “eager;” perfect for excitable pups who are always up for a good time
  • Eudo – Meaning “child,” for your canine child
  • Fabian – “Bean grower;” a cute name for diggers
  • Franc – Simply means “Frenchman;” fitting for your French pooch
  • Gael – “Generous leader;” for more gentle alphas who are generous with their affection
  • Gul – “Rose;” a nice name for reddish-brown dogs
  • Henri – Means “ruler of the home;” for the pup that rules your heart and home
  • Herve – A name for a warrior meaning “battle-worthy;” for tough, brave dogs
  • Ivon – Meaning “yew,” or “an archer’s bow”
  • Jori – “Down-flowing;” can be a fun and ironic name for breeds that tend to drool
  • Kota – A name meaning “happiness” and “good fortune;” perfect for the happiest of puppies
  • Lamar – Meaning “water near land;” great for dogs that swim
  • Leon – Means “lion;” perfect for your brave little lion
  • Louis – After one of the many French sovereigns; can also mean “loot bringer”
  • Luc – Means “light;” ideal for the pup that lights up your life
  • Marin – Translates to “of the sea;” perfect for swimmers
  • Marquis – A royal name perfect for your little noble lord
  • Marrok – An odd name meaning “werewolf knight;” ideal for your little wolf
  • Mathis – Means “gift of God;” for your little canine gift
  • Michel – Meaning “god-like” or “resembling God;” great for your divine dog
  • Milot – “Mercy” or “grace;” for sweet, patient pups
  • Mort – Means “little man” or “dead sea,” so it can be great for smaller dogs that love the water
  • Nel – Meaning “horn;” great for dogs with big voices
  • Oda – Translates to “to praise god;” another unique name for dogs that like to howl
  • Orrie – “Pale one;” nice for lighter colored dogs
  • Parke – Meaning “of the forest;” nice for wilder puppies who love the outdoors
  • Peppin – Why not name your French dog after a French king?
  • Perrin – Meaning “rock;” fitting for big, sturdy, reliable dogs
  • Pierre – Can mean “stone” or “rock;” nice for gray dogs or particularly strong little pups
  • Purvis – Means “purveyor;” great for observant dogs who always have their eyes on everything
  • Quint – Meaning “fifth;” ideal for the fifth of the litter (or, alternatively, a dog born on the 5th!)
  • Regis – Ideal for pups with the attitude of a king
  • Riche – “Rich;” for dogs that enjoy the finer things
  • Rodel – Meaning “famous ruler;” nice for your Insta-famous pup
  • Ruff – Means “red hair;” ideal for auburn dogs
  • Savon – “Soapmaker;” nice for dogs that love (or hate) baths
  • Serge – Means “servant:” nice for loyal working dogs
  • Theo – Translates to “God’s gift;” perfect for your little treasure
  • Trey – Meaning “three;” perfect for your third dog or the third in the litter
  • Varden – “From the green hill;” great for canines that love to run and play outdoors
  • Yves – Meaning “yew wood,” but also a reference to Yves Saint-Laurent

Names Based On French Place Names

Always been enamored with France as a country? Why not name your dog after one of your favorite places in the country?

  • Bordeaux – Famous for its wine
  • Dijon – The home of the famous mustard
  • Grenoble – Full of Alpine ski slopes
  • Lille – A small, picturesque city
  • Lyon – Capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region
  • Marseille – France’s second-largest city
  • Montpellier – A warm city in southern France with a Mediterranean climate
  • Nantes – A town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
  • Nice – A city on the French Riviera
  • Paris – The iconic city of love
  • Rennes – Capital of the Brittany region
  • Toulouse – Capital of the southern Occitanie region

Names Based On Famous French Citizens

Still, looking for inspiration? Consider the names of some of France’s most famous citizens.

  • Anouk Aimee – Simply known as Anouk on the silver screen in more than 70 films
  • Joan of Arc – A young warrior chosen by god
  • Bridgitte Bardot – The model, actress, and animal rights activist
  • Juliette Binoche – French actress who starred opposite Johnny Depp in Chocolat
  • Jacques-Francois Blondel – An 18th-century architect and teacher from Rouen, France
  • Napoleon Bonaparte – The controversial French military and political leader
  • Jaques Cartier – One of the first Frenchmen to travel to America
  • Capucine – The famous French fashion model
  • Marie Curie – Famous Polish-French chemist and physicist who bravely pioneered research on radioactivity
  • Marion Cotillard – The French actress from Inception
  • Julie Delpy – French actress from Before Sunrise
  • Gerard Depardieu – This French actor has been in more than 250 films!
  • Rene Descartes – French mathematician and philosopher best known for the quote “I think, therefore I am”
  • Gustave Eiffel – Designer of the Eiffel Tower
  • Charles de Gaulle – French army leader who fought against Nazi Germany
  • Eva Green – The stunning French actress of Bond fame
  • Melanie Laurent – The French actress from Inglorious Bastards
  • Noemie Lenoir – One of the world’s most successful black models
  • Marcel Marceau – French actor and mime known for his “Bip the Clown” character
  • Claude Monet – French impressionist artist known for his many paintings of landscapes featuring water lilies 
  • Clemence Posey – Plays Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter films
  • Jean Reno – The French action and comedy star
  • Auguste Rodin – Famous sculptor best known for his 1902 work “The Thinker”
  • Audrey Tautou – Of Amelie and Coco Before Chanel fame

Names Based On French Wines

If you like a tipple, why not name your dog after one of your favorite wines or winemaking regions?

  • Alsace – A wine region that used to be part of Germany
  • Bordeaux – Home of the world’s most expensive wines
  • Burgundy – Where some of France’s rarest wines are made
  • Cabernet Franc – An originally Spanish grape popular in France
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – The most popular red wine in the world
  • Champagne – Home of the sparkling wine
  • Chardonnay – The most popular white wine in the world
  • Chenin Blanc – Native to the Loire Valley
  • Gamay Noir – An early ripening red grape
  • Languedoc-Roussillon – This is where France’s cheaper wins are made
  • Loire – This valley produces most of France’s white wine
  • Malbec – A dark and juicy red grape
  • Marsanne – A Rhone valley grape
  • Melon de Bourgogne – Makes a dry white wine
  • Merlot – A full-bodied red grape
  • Mourvedre – A late-ripening red grape
  • Muscadelle – A fresh, fruity grape used for making sweet wines
  • Muscat – France’s first grape
  • Pinot Blanc – Makes a creamy wine
  • Pinot Gris – Known as Pinot Grigio in Italy
  • Pinot Meunier – Used to make champagne
  • Pinot Noir – A popular red grape cultivated by French monks
  • Rhone – A region known for its red wines
  • Roussanne – A white grape with a herbal aroma
  • Sauvignon Blanc – A citrusy and acidic wine
  • Semillon – Golden grapes from southern France
  • Viognier – Grapes with an apricot aroma

Naming Your Dogs: Top Tips

Naming your dog isn’t just about finding inspiration! It’s also important to choose something practical. With that in mind, here are some of our top tips.

1. Keep It Short

Choose something short, ideally only one or two syllables long, or at least something that can be shortened. This is because it is easier for dogs to learn shorter names, which means they will start responding when you call sooner than if you chose a longer and more complicated name for them.

2. Consider The First Letter

It is a good idea to choose something that starts with a sibilant consonant or blend consonants, such as an S or an SH, or a hard commanding consonant like a K or C.

These subtle choices will make it easier for your dog to distinguish their name from all the other ambient noise around them, which means it will also be easier for you to get their attention even in chaotic situations.

3. Avoid Names That Sound Like Other Important Words

Avoid names that sound too much like commands that you will use regularly, as this can just confuse your pup.

Remember: while dogs are very intelligent, they don’t actually understand language in the more complex way that humans do; they are just recognizing familiar sounds.

If their name sounds too much like a command that you use regularly, such as “sit” or “stay,” they may confuse the two words. 

This will probably result in the offending command being less effective than it should be, as your dog won’t be sure whether you just want their attention or if you want them to do the specific task.

4. Consider Appropriateness

Remember, you will often need to use your dog’s name in public, sometimes shouting it loudly, and sometimes using it in front of children and strangers. This is why it is rarely a good idea to choose something rude or potentially offensive.

All too often, people give their dogs names that they thought were funny at the time and then find they are embarrassed to use them later. Remember, everyone in your family who is responsible for your dog will also need to be able to use their name with ease.

Read our complete guide to puppy names here.

Read our guide to teaching your dog to recognize his name here.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for the perfect name for a French dog breed, then why not choose a French name to show off your puppy’s lineage?

Hopefully, you will find something here on our lists of French dog names to inspire you.

Do you have any recommendations for great French dog names? Share your ideas with the community in the comments section below.

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