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Hotel For Dogs Review

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Derby and Colby MovieHave you been looking for a Hotel For Dogs Review? by a dog? Derby (my yellow lab puppy in training) and I went to see Hotel For Dogs this past weekend with several of our fellow puppy raisers. We had the chance to do some training before the movie and after the movie we went to eat dinner at the Lazy Dog Cafe.

Derby was so happy with the movie he wanted to write a review.

Hotel For Dogs Review

Derby’s (the dog) Review

It was great! I got lots of attention before and after the movie from dog lovers outside and inside the theater. My brother Dutch and other friends joined us, but sat on the other side of the theater ):

The movie was awesome. I saw a dog that looked just like me. I also saw dogs that looked like my stepbrother’s Stetson and Linus. I was able to cry during the movie (because it was sad) and no one noticed because there were so many dog noises happening during the movie. The star of the movie, “Friday” looked just like my cousin Ralphie. My favorite part were all the gadgets Bruce made for all the doggies. I hope someday I have my own tennis shoe vending machine.

I hope my daddy takes me to another movie really soon. If you can’t go to the movies try to get your mommy or daddy to rent Hotel For Dogs when it comes out on video.

Guide Dog GroupColby’s (the human) Review

I wasn’t expecting too much, but Hotel For Dogs was surprisingly good. Then again I am a dog lover. There were some great dog gadgets that we might have to someday create for the dogs. My favorite was the automated doors…not automated like you’d think. These doors were automated for dogs. When the dog ran to one door it would ring the door at the other door and when they got to that door a boot would kick at the opposite door…very clever. Another device that was pretty cool was very similar to the Dog Ball Launcher we featured last year.

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed the movie. If you’re a dog lover I definitely would recommend Hotel For Dogs.

Lazy Dog Cafe

After the movie we met up with more of our friends at the Lazy Dog Cafe. It was a great time and we got to socialize with other puppy raisers. Derby was good, but he insisted on relaxing half under Tammy’s chair and the other half under me. He’s definitely a long puppy.

Derby Down Under

There’s quite a variety of food at Lazy Dog Cafe. A few items I noticed on the menu were Pizza, Burgers, Chicken Pot Pie, Hawaiian Poke…definitely a variety. I had a Caesar Salad with Grilled Salmon – the semi-healthy choice. Derby did very well and even though he didn’t go to sleep he stayed underneath me (at least part of his body) the entire dinner and didn’t squirm much at all (very good for him around other dogs).

We had a great time and yep the second picture is Derby smooching with his brother Dutch in front of the theater. I can’t wait for our next Guide Dog group adventure!

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