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Puppy In Training TV – Ep3 – Guide Dog Puppy Sitters

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Episode 3 – Guide Dog Puppy Sitters

Welcome to our third episode of Puppy In Training TV – Guide Dog Puppy Sitters.  We’re always looking for people and businesses to sponsor an episode.  If you’d like more information on how you can sponsor the next episode of Puppy In Training TV then visit our Puppy In Training TV Sponsorship page.

Without further adieu…on to Episode 3 – Guide Dog Puppy Sitters!

Guide Dog Puppy Sitters Transcription

Nothing beats the exhilaration of watching the video, but sometimes our computers don’t have the capacity to show video and we therefore like to provide a transcription of our puppy training videos.  Though not nearly as exciting here’s the written word for this months episode on Guide Dog Puppy Sitters!

Hi Everyone, I’m Colby with Dutch, Hogan, and this is Dublin.  Welcome to Episode 3 of Puppy In Training TV.

(Titles Roll): Puppy In Training TV Starring Dublin.  With Linus Aussie Mix Rescue.  Also Colby The Human.  And Stetson Career Changed Guide Dog.  Special Guest Dutch Career Changed Guide Dog.  and Special Guest Hogan Career Changed Guide Dog.  Episode 3 – Guide Dog Puppy Sitters.

Oh Hey Folks, I’m just finishing up packing here for my trip to Oregon.  Welcome to Episode 3 – Guide Dog Puppy Sitters.

We just recently got back from a trip to Oregon where myself and several friends from college ran the Hood to Coast Relay.  The race raised over $500,000 for the American Cancer Society.

It was great catching up with my old buddies from school.  I even learned about my friend Shane’s latest business venture.  A fantasy football stock market called UpTickSports.com.  Pretty cool for any of you fantasy football fans out there.

Enough about me!  You’re probably wondering “What did we do with Dublin while we were on vacation?”

Nope he didn’t stay in his crate for a week…Though it may seem like it Guide Dog Puppy Raisers actually don’t take their puppies everywhere with them.  We have family vacations, work trips,  or sometimes we just need a break from our puppies.

Lucky for us at Guide Dogs of America we have many volunteers who help out as Guide Dog Puppy Sitters.  While I was on vacation Anne and Jim who have raised three puppies – Dutch, Hogan, and Dustin – took care of Dublin for me.

One of the great things about having someone else watch your puppy is they encounter new experiences such as Dublin had the opportunity to walk up and down stairs everyday and not only that he got to walk on these indoor carpeted stairs as well as some wood outdoor stairs that you could see through which some puppies have trouble with.

It’s important for us to train our Guide Dog Puppies to relieve themselves on different surfaces.  At Anne and Jim’s house Dublin had the opportunity to get busy on different surfaces such as dirt in the flower bed.  If you’ve been following us on facebook you would have seen that Dublin encountered a swimming pool for the first time a few weeks ago.  Dublin also had a chance to play in and around the pool while staying with his Guide Dog Puppy Sitters – Anne and Jim.

Dublin had the opportunity to learn how to play nice with two career changed guide dogs – Dutch and Hogan.

Dublin also got to meet Anne and Jim’s Granddaughter, Baby Sarah.

When our puppies are six months old.  We also have the option of boarding them at the GDA kennels in Sylmar, California – Free of charge!  In fact it’s a good idea and we’re encouraged to board our puppies at GDA several times before they start their formal training.

Well guys, I’m back from my trip and sore from running 17 miles.  I hope you enjoyed this episode of Puppy In Training TV. We’ll see ya next time!

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  1. Hi Annie,

    Yes, our pet sitters are only for Guide Dogs of America. You might check out Pet Sit USA: http://www.petsitusa.com/. I’ve never used the service on this site, but I’ve come across them from time to time.

    Hopefully that helps.

    Good luck!

  2. I will be getting my puppy very soon and will be starting training right away! I am going on vacation this sumer and Duke will only be 9 weeks old. I have been having trouble finding someone that can watch him while I’m gone. And I’m guessing pet sitters for guide dogs of America is only available to guide dogs. any ideas?

  3. Hi Ronaldo,

    I would start training him now. He’s already learning so you may as well start teaching what is and is not appropriate.

    Good luck with your training!

  4. I have bought a puppy on vacation, should I start training now or wait till I get home
    (p.s. she is a 2 month old boxer)

  5. @Aaron, thanks for the kind words. We’ve been working hard with Dublin and you are correct it is rewarding to both the dog and the human.

  6. this is a great article, and by training a service dog. A person’s doing a great service to themselves and the community. It allows the dog to lead a Rich for-filling life while being loved and respected by its master. At the same time the Masters, getting back a portion of their life that would otherwise be lost. That is a win-win

  7. @Emi that intro with Stetson and Dublin was Dublin’s first day home. Stetson seems to be saying: “Oh no! not another one of those littler beasties!”

  8. Great job in providing information about raising guide dog puppies! And encouraging others to do the same! 🙂

  9. I never realized how many types of experiences guide dogs must have, ie, walking on different types of stairs. This episode was very informative. I would enjoy seeing how Dublin responded to the swimming pool. Maybe it’s on Facebook. One of my favorites is the intro where Stetson is rolling his eyes while Dublin sniffs. Keep up the good work, Emi

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