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Puppy Career Change For Derby

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Derby Puppy Career ChangeLast week I got another call from GDA regarding Derby the career change puppy and what was going on with his possible new homes.  He was going to meet a family on Tuesday and if that didn’t work out he would have another meeting setup later in the week.  I found out that everything worked out for Derby on Tuesdayy.  I’m not too sure how the process works, but I guess Derby and his new family were a match.

Career Change Puppy

Unfortunately I don’t know much about Derby’s new family.  I understand that they didn’t bring him home immediately because they wanted to first puppy proof the home before he arrived.  I here that Derby will get walks everyday and will be living with a father and his son.  I also heard that Derby would be their second career change puppy…the first one just recently passed.  I wish Derby had another canine companion at his new home, but I’m sure he will do great and get showered with attention.  Hopefully Mr Wiggles (AKA Derby) will bring lots of joy to to his new home as I know he did for me.

From what I understand I may or may not hear from Derby’s new family.  I’m sure they have lots of questions about Derby so hopefully they give me a call and I can find out more information about his new home and how he is doing.

I’ll keep you all updated if I get anymore information on Mr. Wiggles.  I miss that boy…Stetson misses his wrestling partner and Linus misses regulating the bouts…

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  1. Oh how wonderful, we who know Derby had no doubt the people who adopted him would fall in love with him. Four mile hike, Derby must have been in his glory. All along his life you have made the right decisions for Derby and that includes this last and most difficult one…..

  2. Here’s the latest from Derby:

    Derby is doing great in his new home. His new dad took him on a four mile hike yesterday and has introduced him to several dog friends. He is absolutely in love with Derby.

    I sure miss Derby. I knew he’d make someone very happy!

  3. @Dutch, you were awesome at obedience class on Tuesday. I sent an email to Tami a few days ago to see if Derby’s transition went smoothly, but I haven’t heard back yet. I haven’t heard anything from his new family yet either. I hope they call.

    By the way, we’re going grunion running tonight…I bet Derby would have enjoyed seeing the grunion.

  4. Great new about Derby, having a home and family all by himself will be a big change for him. I bet he will delight in the adventure of it all….

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