How Many Sprollies?

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While browsing through my RSS feed I came across another great puppy photo from the PuppyParade. I was trying to figure out what breed of puppies these were because they or absolutely adorable. If you go to the flickr stream by clicking the title: The Calm before the storma you can see more great pictures of the litter.

After viewing some of the other images I was thinking some looked an awful lot like Springer Spaniel, but I also thought mixed with some other breed. Here’s what I found in the tags: Sprollie, Springer Spaniel, and Border Collies. I’ve never heard of a Sprollie before, but I guess it’s a mix between a Springer Spaniel and a Border Collie. These puppies are adorable Sprollies!

Take a look at this picture and tell me how many puppies there are.

How Many Sprollies Do You See?

The Calm before the storma, originally uploaded by Maa Jong

Did you guess 6? You need to go back to school and work on your math skills!

Did you guess 7? Pretty good, but not quite there yet.

Did you guess 8? As far as I can tell 8 is the correct number. If you look closely just off to the right side of center of the image you’ll see puppy number 8’s head and if you scan to the top of the screen just below the black and white puppy at the very top you’ll see the end of the puppies butt.

Did you guess 9? A solid possibility because we can definitively say that the head and butt I identified above are conclusively the same puppy. Therefore 9 may also be the correct answer.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say there are 8 puppies in the picture above. What do you think? Do you see more or less than 8 puppies in the picture? Have you ever heard of a Sprollie?

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  1. I bought a sprollie 2 days ago she was from a farm and mum was the collie. To any experienced sprollie owners what is the best training techniques? I been using reward training with cheese which seems quite effective but as cheese is so expensive these days does anyone know any other good ways to train?

    1. @Bekkii, we use reward based training with Linus and he’s a picky eater. His favorite treats for training are these super stinky Salmon treats. They work best for him. Our guide dog puppies start off with treats (usually just their kibble), but after they are 16 weeks old we only train them with praise. Unfortunately, I’m not too sure what type of training would work best with a Sprollie. Best of luck with your puppy training!

  2. Ha – these are my puppies – the sprollies and there are actually 9 dogs in the picture hehhe – she had 10 in total – the springer mum. The dad was a blue merl border collie. We kept 2 puppies and they have grown into fantastic animals and we compete with them in agility – this was 3 years ago now – bless they were so gorgeous – i recommend sprollies to anyone 🙂

  3. I have a 6 month old Sprollie named Grace, she’s a great looking animal – they are ridiculously intelligent, and fabulous dogs. People need to be breeding them much more, they’re the perfect mix!

  4. @bowman, I wish I could point you in the right direction, but unfortunately I don’t know any Sprollie breeders. They sure are adorable looking dogs!

  5. My guess was 9. Sprollie must be a springer spaniel / border collie mix? My friend has a Beaglier – Beagle / King Cavalier Spaniel Mix. There is no end to the hybrid mixes!!

    1. @Laurel, Yep! If you go to the link and check in the article below the image and look at some of the other images of Sprollies you’ll find that they indeed are Springer Spaniel / Border Collie mixes. A Beagle / King Cavalier Spaniel is an interesting mix. I bet he/she is a cute dog.

    2. You are correct they are sprollies. To be precise a mix of a lively liver and white springer and a larger blue merl border collie.
      In actuality there where 10 puppies in the litter.
      They just liked laying on top of each other too much!

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