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Puppy In Training TV – Ep10 – Puppy Training In The Snow And Bass Pro Shop

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Shortly after one of the last snow storms of the season Dublin and I headed out to the local mountains to work on puppy training in the snow and to check out the Bass Pro Shop.

Dublin is my third Guide Dog Puppy In Training, but the first to have the opportunity to visit the snow.  In the past we either never thought about visiting the snow or just did not have the time to make the drive up into the mountains.  However, puppy training in the snow is important for a guide dog puppy as you never know if your pup will be working in cold climates where it’s icy and snowy most of the winter or milder weather like we have here in Orange County, California.

Today’s episode of Puppy In Training TV covers our visit to the Bass Pro Shop, a very dog friendly store for people who love the outdoors.  In the same day we also visited our local mountains so Dublin could get used to walking around in the snow.

So without further adieu.  Lets get started with this weeks episode of Puppy In Training TV!

Puppy In Training TV – Ep10 – Puppy Training In The Snow And Bass Pro Shop

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Puppy Training In The Snow And Bass Pro Shop Transcription

As usual here’s this weeks transcription of Puppy In Training TV:

Hey Everyone, I’m Colby, this is Dublin.  We’re about to head off to the snow today to visit the Bass Pro Shop and also to let Dublin see the snow for the first time. Welcome to the latest edition of Puppy In Training TV.

Guide Dog Puppy Training Starring DUBLIN
With Linus Aussie Shepherd Rescue
Also Colby The Human
And Stetson Career Changed Guide Dog

We took a little drive to the mountains over the weekend and made a stop at the Bass Pro Shop to work on Dublin’s puppy training.

If you haven’t been to the Bass Pro Shop, it’s a giant store for people who love the outdoors and they’re very dog friendly.  We got to check out the giant catfish in the aqurium and a little girl came up to pet Dublin.  Dublin has had difficulty with meeting new people, but did an excellent job today staying calm while the little girl patted his head.

We got to work on getting in and out of a glass elevator which is a different experience then a regular elevator.

We also had a chance to work on walking up and down the wood stairs.

Dublin worked on his sit stay while we checked out the view from the second floor.

We walked across the bridge then Dublin checked out the fish in the little pond.

After checking out pretty much everything in the store we posed outside the store for a picture.

We also had the opportunity to let Dublin see the snow for the first time.

The cold ground didn’t seem to bother Dublin’s paws. Although he went a little crazy when he first touched the fresh powder, but quickly resumed his heel position. It reminded me of our train ride to San Clemente and Dublin’s first walk along the sand. I guess the texture changes get him a bit excited.

Dublin got to check out the little stream and some beautiful scenery.

During our hike we caught some snowboarders coming down the hill. I let Dublin sit back and watch while they slid down the mountain.

Finally at the end of the day we posed for a group shot. We had a great day at the bass pro shop and romping through the snow. Dublin’s first snow experience was great fun and he got used to behaving even with the lure of fresh powder. Thanks for joining us for this episode of Puppy In Training TV …we’ll see you next time!

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Final Thoughts On The Bass Pro Shop And Puppy Training In The Snow

Going in and out of any public store is great experience for Dublin.  It gives him a chance to work on being calm in front of different people and environments.  The Bass Pro Shop was a great place to visit with Dublin.  As you saw in Dublin’s puppy training video he had the opportunity to ride up and down a glass elevator, see giant catfish in an aquarium, and he was exposed to many other different sights and smells.  He did a great job on the day and even surprised me by not being mouthy with the little girl that came up to pet him.

Dublin had no problems walking through the snow.  Our first guide dog puppy, Stetson had sensitive paws and would always do the puppy dance anytime we walked on the black top even if it was only a mild 70 degrees outside.  Lucky for us Dublin’s paws are more resistant to the elements and he does awesome walking on hot and cold surfaces.  However, as you can see in the video he seems to get a bit excited when the texture changes under his feet.  He jumped around when he first stepped into fresh powder and did the same thing on our Puppy Training trip to San Clemente in episode 7.  We will probably not have the opportunity to work in the snow again with Dublin, but we will most likely make another trip to the beach to see how he reacts to the sand.

Overall, it was a great day in Wrightwood.  Dublin did really well and he’s improving with each passing day.  As we’ve mentioned in the past one of his weak areas is meet and greets with new people, but today he did wonderful and remained calm when meeting people as seen in this weeks puppy training video.  Good job Dublin!

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  1. @Martin we do our best to socialize Dublin and prepare him for his job as a guide dog. The bass pro shop and the snow were great experiences for him. Dublin is our first guide dog pup to visit the snow and he did very well. Unfortunately, it looks like we will not have a chance to visit the snow again before his formal training begins.

  2. Great post, keep posting. Thank you for your article, really used. Very nice blog will comeback again.

  3. Nice to see that you spend so much time with the dogs and in so many varied situations. So many dog trainers don’t expose the dogs to enough different situations. Snowboarders – all the folks at Bass Pro Shops – Im sure that you and Dublin had a great day together.

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