Puppy Sitting Report For Dublin

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Dublin recently had the opportunity to go to the Young Americans Christmas Show with another puppy raiser family.  We thought it would be a great training experience for Dublin since we recently missed walking in the Downey Christmas parade.  He had the chance to not only visit the Christmas show, but he also had the chance to stay with another family and interact with their pets and daily routines.

Not too long ago Dublin received his six month puppy evaluation from the Guide Dogs of America school in Sylmar, CA.  When puppy sitter’s watch your pup they also fill out a short puppy sitting report.  The GDA Puppy Sitting Report is great because it helps to show how your pup is progressing – the good and the bad.

Puppy Sitting Report

Here’s a copy of Dublin’s Puppy Sitting Report:

Puppy Name: Dublin

Puppy’s Age: almost 7 months

List any other animals you have in your home or encountered during the puppy’s stay: Austin (golden puppy), Christy (breeder), 2 Boston Terriers, Catlin (Puppy In Training)

What was the puppy’s reaction and how did he or she interact with those animals? Dublin reacted appropriately – excited and exuberant, but not out of control.

How did the puppy interact with other people such as elderly people and children? There were lots of elderly people in the audience who greeted Dublin.  We worked on calm greetings.  A bit “mouthy”

Where did you take the puppy? Dinner at Red Robins.  Young Americans Christmas Show

The puppy’s overall behavior during the stay was: excellent.

What are the most positive traits/behaviors of the puppy? He’s adorable and wants to please

Do you have any concerns regarding the puppy’s behavior? none.  He has a great puppy raiser and is a normal 7 month old puppy.

Check the commands the puppy knows: His/Her Name – X, Sit – X immediate, Down – X, Here – , All in progress (Come – X, Stay – X, Heel – X, Walking on loose leash – X)

How are the coat, skin, nails and weight?  How is the puppy’s general health?

How much is the puppy fed? 2 cups / 2x a day

Comments: Thanks for letting us borrow Dublin.  He’s a great dog and handled several strange/new situations well

Dublin’s Evaluation

We’re very proud of Dublin and his Puppy Sitting Report.  As they said on the report “He’s adorable and wants to please”.  We agree!  We also had the chance to speak to Dublin’s puppy sitters.  He is over exuberant when meeting new people and dogs, hes “a bit mouthy”, he played nice with the other dogs at their house, he handled new situations well.  One funny thing we did notice was that for the command “Sit” it said “immediate”.  We’ve noticed that Dublin does put his butt to the ground quickly when we say “sit”.  We haven’t done anything different with his training.  We think it’s just one of those commands he’s learned to respond to in a hurry.

I’m glad Dublin had a chance to stay with another family, work with different handlers, and situations.  I’m sure it will help him become a better guide dog in the future.

Do you ever have puppy sitters watch your puppies or dogs?  If so, do they fill out a puppy sitter report?

Thanks to the Guske family for taking Dublin for taking Dublin to Red Robin’s and the Young American’s Christmas show.

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  1. Hi, great post and thank you for your help in puppy raising. I use to be an instructer/trainer at South Easter Guide Dogs and every little situation that the puppy raising family has is a situation for the working dog. Keep it up! Thanks for a great read.

  2. YAY for the great report. Sounds like Dublin is really progressing well. Hosta recently had a puppy switch and he got a puppy report. Luckily, his was good (should be, he’s 15 months old!). Those puppy sitter reports are really helpful!

    1. @Lisa, Dublin is doing great! We’re still working on his meet and greets and dog distraction, but overall he does very well. I agree, the puppy sitter reports really do help plus I like talking to the puppy sitters to see what else we might need to work on. I’m glad Hosta is doing well. Take care!

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