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Puppy In Training TV – Ep5 – Halloween Dog Costumes And Dog Car Reviews

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We know…Halloween is long gone and your mind is already focused on a Thanksgiving feast!  However, a few weeks ago we had great fun with our puppies and their Halloween Dog Costumes.  As you’ll learn in the video dog costumes and dress up can serve as an important part of our guide dog training.  On top of that Dublin and I also made a trip to the Orange County Auto Show.  We’ve gone to the Auto Show nearly every year for the past 10 years, but this is our first trip with a Guide Dog Puppy In Training.  Lucky for us we know this show inside and out and opening night, Thursday evening is not too crowded and great training for a young pup like Dublin.  Dublin also had the chance to review some of his favorite dog cars.

Episode 5 – Halloween Dog Costumes And Dog Car Reviews

Here’s this weeks episode of Puppy In Training TV.  If you’d like to sponsor an episode take a look at the Puppy In Training TV Sponsorship page.

Halloween Dog Costumes And Dog Car Reviews Transcription

Here’s this weeks transcription…Enjoy!

We’re here at the Anaheim Convention Center and we’re here to see the Orange County Auto Show.  This is Dublin and I’m Colby.  Welcome to episode 5 of Puppy In Training TV!

(Titles Roll): Puppy In Training TV Starring Dublin.  With Linus Aussie Mix Rescue.  Also Colby The Human.  And Stetson Career Changed Guide Dog.  Episode 5 – Halloween Dog Costumes And The OC Auto Show.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Dublin is here waiting in his lion dog costume to scare all the trick or treaters.  Welcome to Episode 5 of Puppy In Training TV.

We wanted talk a little bit about dressing up our puppies and what better way to start then with Halloween.  Dublin went as a lion and many of our other puppies in training dressed up for this past months meeting.  Our guide dog program encourages us to dress up our puppies for Halloween.  In puppy kindergarten we put clothes including socks, shorts, and shirts to let our puppies get used to handling their paws, ears, head, tail, and other body parts in different ways.  Dressing our puppies for Halloween serves the same purpose and most of the puppies seem to enjoy the added attention they receive when wearing their costume.

Not only did Dublin get the chance to wait at the front door and hand out candy to the trick or treaters, but we also recently visited the OC Auto Show.  If you’ve been following our blog at PuppyInTraining.com over the past few years then you’ll know we’ve been in search of the ideal dog car.  One of our favorites is the Honda Element.  Dublin likes the plastic and rubber interiors and I like how easy it is to clean out dog fur and keep out doggy odors.  There’s also a pet friendly version of the Element.

Toyota Venza is one of those vehicles that looks to be a cross between an SUV and a regular car.  We’ve heard about the Venza Pet Accessories, but the car we sat in seemed more like a luxury vehicle and less like a car suited for dogs.

Another SUV we’ve had our eye on is the Toyota FJ Cruiser.  Much like the Honda Element it had plastic floors and water and odor resistant seat materials.

Possibly our favorite car was the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.  This is the foor door version of the classic Wrangler.  We like the fact that we could ride around with the top down.

Finally we didn’t want to leave out a green option…literally.  The Ford Escape is a hybrid vehicle and gets 30+ miles to the gallon.  The interior isn’t as well suited for dogs and you pay a premium for the hybrid model.

Of course the OC Auto Show was just as much about cars as Dublin’s Guide Dog Training.  We stepped outside for a little bit so Dublin could hear the skidding of a car at the test track.  However, he couldn’t seem to decide whether he was more interested in the skidding of the car or trash man to our right.

As I mentioned earlier the OC Auto Show was mostly about Dublin’s guide dog training.  Dublin picked up smells in the carpet and was able to spot little bits of paper and food from a mile away.  So we worked on “Leave It” and “No” and did our best to keep his nose off the floor.

Here’s Dublin taking a break and waiting to hand out some of the Lexus brochures.

I spotted little specs of paper on the floor and as you can see so did Dublin.  So we went ahead and walked by the little specs of paper and worked on Dublin’s “Leave It” command.  We saw many great cars at the OC Auto Show, unfortunately our favorites got horrible gas mileage.  Maybe we’ll have to wait until next year for our perfect dog car.

Well everyone Dublin had some great experiences these past few days.  Including wearing his lion doggy costume, meeting lots of strange ghouls and goblins for Halloween, and visiting the OC Auto Show.  Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next time.

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A special thanks to Gerry Morita for shooting video at the OC Auto Show.

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Dog Costumes and Dog Cars Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed seeing Dublin and the other puppies dressed up in their dog costumes as well as our reviews of the pet-friendly dog cars.  Let us know if there’s any place in particular you’d like to see Dublin and I visit next.  I hope everyone is having a good holiday season and please don’t forget to check out our Facebook Fanpage and our YouTube channel.

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  1. @Lisa, we’re glad you’re enjoying the episodes. Dublin is doing great and just got back from his six month evaluation and got a great review. I’ll post some more information on the blog about his eval. in the coming days.

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