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Puppy In Training TV – Ep9 – Scavenger Hunt at Fashion Island

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We raise puppies for Guide Dogs of America and Dublin and I both attend our monthly meeting at Orange County group in Anaheim Hills, CA.  As a group we plan one organized outing to help our puppy raisers work on their guide dog puppy training, visit places, and do things they might not normally do on their own.

We recently had the opportunity to go on a Scavenger Hunt with our OCGDA group at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.  Ten Guide Dog Puppies In Training participated in this years Scavenger Hunt including Dublin’s sister Denali.

We all arrived at Fashion Island around 10am and split up into two teams.  Each team was given a set of clues and had to solve each clue by visiting different stores in the mall, having dogs perform basic obedience and socialization, and maneuvering through different areas of the mall (walking up and down stairs, riding the elevator, and visiting the koi pond).

Puppy In Training TV – Ep9 – Scavenger Hunt at Fashion Island

This weeks episode of Puppy In Training TV focuses on our Scavenger Hunt Outing.  By the way, are you following us on Facebook?  We already posted a bunch of pictures to Dublin’s Puppy In Training Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to “like” Dublin’s page.

Scavenger Hunt at Fashion Island – Transcription

As always here’s this weeks transcription of our video

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Hey Guys! Colby and Dublin here. We’re heading off the Fashion Island tomorrow for a Scavenger Hunt. Welcome to the latest episode of Puppy In Training TV!

Guide Dog Puppy Training Starring DUBLIN
With Linus Aussie Shepherd Rescue
Also Colby The Human
And Stetson Career Changed Guide Dog

As I mentioned we had a Scavenger Hunt at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. We had 10 guide dog puppies in training at the event and we split up into two teams. Each team received a set of clues and had to solve problems, perform tasks, and visit stores throughout the mall.

We were in charge of making the clues so our good friend Anne took Dublin through the Scavenger hunt while we played scorekeeper.

We did our best to ask each handler and their puppy to perform basic obedience and manuever through every day obstacles like walking up the stairs on a loose leash.

We also incorporated a “get busy” area with one of the clues

We were also lucky to have Dublin’s sister Denali join us!

Fashion Island has a great koi pond and some of the pups really wanted to swim with the fish.

All the pups had a chance to ride the elevator and also sit quietly at the bookstore.

There’s Dublin and Anne trying to figure out the next clue. And as you can see Anne is using the H204K9 water bottle and NEOSLING.

The fountains were pretty noisy and in this clip the pups had to lay in a down stay while their puppy raisers snapped a pic.

We were constantly on the move because the team to finish first got bonus points.

Here come Dublin and Baron. I think Dublin recognizes me he really wants to say hello.

And here’s team kelly over at Macys getting More practice on the elevator.

And getting another down stay in front of the bed at Macy’s.

Muttropolis had an adorable Kissing Booth and Kelly posed for a picture the puppies also did their best statue pose outside next to the Lab Statue…can you tell which pup isn’t real?

Here’s another pose with a smaller dalmation statue.

And this is a great shot of Team Yellow Dog in front of a vending cart. Can you spot Dublin in the pack?

There was a lot going on throughout the day as you saw in all the video clips. We finally had a chance to grab lunch and the pups were all exhausted and relaxed under the table. Team Kelly beat out team yellow dog by a hair…We got one final shot with Dublin in front of the big fountain and headed home.

Hey Guys!  Thanks for joining us for this episode of Puppy In Training TV.  Dublin had a great time today at the Scavenger Hunt.  He got to hand out with his sister Denali and he also got to work with a different puppy raiser today.  Once again, thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next time.

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Final thoughts on the OCGDA Scavenger Hunt 2011

We were observers today and not so much working with Dublin and his training.  Our good friend Anne had the opportunity to work with Dublin and it’s good for him to get used to training with a different puppy raiser.

We also enjoyed seeing Dublin’s sister Denali who is doing very well in her puppy training.

Overall we noticed most of the dogs doing great job as we watched all the puppy raisers work with their puppies to walk politely up the stairs, stay calm in the elevator, work on self control, lay quietly under the table during lunch, perform sit-stays and down-stays, work on loose leash walking, and meet and greet adults and children.

Thanks everyone for making it out to the OCGDA Scavenger Hunt 2011.  Here’s a list of the ten puppies in training that attended this outing: Baron, Jeanie, Varrick, Dublin, Kelly, Archer, Yuki, Denali, Wriley, and Chloe.

We try to get sponsorships for our Puppy In Training TV episodes.  If you’re interested in sponsoring our next episode visit our sponsors page at Puppy In Training TV.  If you have any questions leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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  1. I was there at the Scavenger Hunt. Our Guide Dogs were so well-behaved. My fav was when Dublin recognized Granny’s voice! He was so happy to recognize a familiar sound and to see ME, as he was not with Colby that day. emi

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