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Turn In Your Puppy For Formal Training

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I told everyone that I recently got a letter from Guide Dogs of America stating that it was time to bring Stetson in for his formal dog training at the Guide Dogs of America training facility in Sylmar, CA. Well that time is upon us…today is Stetson’s last day with me and tomorrow I will drop him off at GDA where he’ll move on to his next phase in Guide Dog training.

I knew this time would come and I appreciate all the suport from my friend and families. Stetson is a great puppy in training and I know he’s going to do great things in his life. I’m very proud and feel lucky that I had the chance to raise him.

Stetson’s Letter And On To Formal Training

Well, the time is here. The day you’ve been anticipating since you picked up Stetson all those months ago. It is now time for Stetson to come in for training.

Stetson on Blue BlanketWe know this is a hard time for you and we would like to try and make it a little easier by inviting you to a Luncheon on May 10, 2008 at 12:00 noon. You will get a chance to meet and talk to the trainers that will be working with Stetson.

This is just a fun day for you and the other puppy raisers for moral support and to say good-bye to your puppy until Graduation Day. After we are done eating, talking and playing, we will walk the dogs down to the kennel where you will be able to put them in their runs.

Please give us a call to let us know that you will be attending or for those of you who cannot make it or prefer to bring your puppy on a different day, we also need to know.

Please feel free to call at any time and we will let you know how Stetson is doing in training.

Enclosed you will find a questionnaire to be filled out and brought to the luncheon, along with his Veterinary Medical Record and jacket. If you would like to bring a toy to share with the others, please do so (Hard rubber toys, Kongs, hard bones would be great!)

Again, thank you for all the love, support and a job well done!

The Emotions Of Returning Your Guide Dog Puppy In Training

There are a lot of emotions running through me right now. Happy and sad at the same time. I’m happy because Stetson is moving forward with a chance to achieve the goal we both set forth for him. Hopefully six months from now we will be at Stetson’s graduation at the Guide Dog facility.

On the other hand I’m very sad because I’m losing a dog/friend who has been with me for the past year and a half. Over the last year and a half he must know me better than any person because he’s probably with me 20 out of 24 hours a day.

Tomorrow I’ll wear my sunglasses, take plenty of pictures, bring lots of tissue (just in case I get some dust in my eye), and wish Stetson good luck on his journey.

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  1. My heart goes out to you! You raised a wonderful dog and I’m so proud of you and to have you as my brother. and I’m always here for you!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Our thoughts and wishes are with you guys. Good luck Stetson…

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