Guide Dog Puppy Training At The Irvine Spectrum

If you were at the Irvine Spectrum this past weekend you may have seen 10 or so Guide Dog Puppies in Training walking around, working on obedience, and having a little fun.

This past Saturday our Orange County Guide Dog group had a little scavenger hunt also know as The Greatest Puppy Race.  We broke up into two teams and we were given several clues, instructions, pictures that we had to follow and rack up points for our teams.  We were instructed to take pictures of our dogs in several different situations and places.

Sidney The Guide Dog Puppy In Training

As you all know Derby is waiting to be adopted and is no longer a puppy in training, however this past weekend I had the priveledge of working with a young 6 month old yellow Labrador Retriever named Sidney.  He did great!  Although he was beat by the end of the day.  We met up at Champps for lunch and Sidney did not budge during the entire meal.

Here are a few photos from our adventure this past weekend:

Puppies In Training Reading Marley And Me

Guide Dogs Reading Marley And Me

Puppies In Training In A Sit Stay At The Fountain

Catalina Surfing At The Toy Store

Thanks to Jan, Barbara, and Anne for organizing and everyone else who participated in the OCGDA Scavenger hunt.  We had a great time and hope to do it again next year.


  1. bettina simon says

    I couldnt read the end of your post about Darby, but if he is still looking for a home, I’ve had two rejected service dogs and they were the BEST. I’m looking for another well trained, easy going lab if you know of anyplace i can call
    Bettiina Simon

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