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Puppy In Training TV – Ep6 – Los Caballeros Tennis And Puppy Training

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It’s been a little while, but way back towards the end of 2010 a group of us puppy raisers visited the Los Caballeros Charity Tennis Tournament to help raise awareness about Guide Dogs of America and also collected a few donations from the tournament participants.

It was a great experience for our puppies as they had the opportunity to work on meet and greets, watch some great tennis matches, and visit some unfamiliar places like indoor basketball courts, weight rooms, open stairs, and viewing decks.

Episode 6 – Los Caballeros Tennis And Puppy Training

Here’s this weeks episode of Puppy In Training TV.  If you’d like to sponsor an episode take a look at the Puppy In Training TV Sponsorship page.

Los Caballeros Tennis And Puppy Training Transcript

Here is this weeks transcription.  I hope you enjoy!

Today we’re here at Los Caballeros Racquet and Sports Club.  We’re here for the Calcutta charity tennis tournament.  This is Dublin…I’m Colby, welcome to the latest episode of Puppy In Training TV.

(Titles Roll): Puppy In Training TV Starring Dublin.  With Linus Aussie Mix Rescue.  Also Colby The Human.  And Stetson Career Changed Guide Dog.  Episode 6 – Los Caballeros Tennis And Puppy Training.

Every year I play in a charity tennis tournament at the Los Caballeros Racquet and Sports Club and every year the tournament organizers make a donation to Guide Dogs of America.  The tournament also gives me a chance to introduce my guide dog puppies to a new environment that they would not see everyday.  In the past I brought Stetson, Derby, Palmer, and this year Dublin!

This year we setup a small booth for Guide Dogs of America and instead of just me and Dublin several puppy raisers and their guide dog puppy’s stopped by and helped raise awareness for GDA.

Walking up open stairs can be very difficult for some puppies plus the texture of the stairs are quite different then what our puppies normally encounter.  Dublin did a great job walking up the stairs to the tennis court viewing deck staying with me every step of the way.

Watching tennis from the viewing deck is not only a great view for the people, but for the dogs as well.  Dublin enjoyed watching the matches and he didn’t seem distracted by the tennis balls which is a major no-no for guide dog puppies in training.

After watching tennis for a bit from the deck we went back downstairs for some court side seats.  I made sure Dublin new that he had to be quiet during the points.

Los Caballeros has an olympic size swimming pool and a large noisy jacuzzi with a waterfall which we walked by several times.  We also checked out the indoor racquetball courts, but there was no one playing at the time.

Los Caballeros is a giant sports village which also includes a few different weight rooms including this one with treadmills and weight machines.

If you’ve been in and inside basketball court then you’ll know that the sounds and smells are much different then they are outside.  Los Cab has two full-sized indoor courts.  We took a seat for a little while so Dublin could watch some basketball players shoot some hoops.

The automatic doors at Los Cab are little bit different then they are at the grocery store.  Watch as Dublin does a great job waiting and not pulling me through the threshold.

At the end of the day Dublin was worn out and so was I.  He took a nap underneath the GDA table we also did pretty well with our donation jar.

Thanks for joining us for our latest episode of Puppy In Training TV.  If you have any questions just leave us a comment in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  Thanks again and we’ll see you next time!

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A special thanks to Carri Baar and Los Caballeros Racquet and Sports Club for sponsoring this episode

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Puppy Training And Los Caballeros Charity Tennis Final Thoughts

This was a great outing for Dublin.  He had the chance to see many different things that puppies don’t normally see on a day to day basis.  There were some loud noises in the gym and the crowds would cheer for the tennis players from time to time, but overall it wasn’t too stressful for most puppies.  Hopefully we’ll have the chance to visit the Los Caballeros Charity Calcutta again next year.

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  1. Los Cab is a nice sports club and Dublin did an excellent job in representing the Guide Dogs of America. I do agree with you about the very unusual stairs….the texture on the steps are so coarse but for a good reason.

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