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If you are considering puppy adoption, I highly recommend visiting one of your local puppy/dog rescues. In past articles I’ve talked to you about the puppy/dog rescue, Cuddly Canines. I want to do my best to help place these puppies by profiling each puppy, litter of puppies, and dogs on this blog.

***Note this dog may already be adopted as I will keep this information in my archive. Please check the Cuddly Canines website for the most recent puppies up for adoption.

Chili The Eighteen Month Old Border Collie

Chili the Border Collie

This beautiful lady is around 18 months old & drop-dead gorgeous with silky brown- white hair & lovely golden eyes.

She is a very happy girl who loves to play. She gets along with male dogs & loves children. Chili knows her basic commands & would excel in further training as she is very smart!

Chili is in La Habra Heights and is available for adoption.

What is a Border Collie?

The Cuddly Canines website says nothing about Chili being a border collie, but I’m just assuming because of the way she looks that she is a border collie. Try google images and type “Red Border Collie” and you’ll see images of dogs that look very similar to Chili.

Remember to always research your breeds before making a decision on adopting a dog. Border Collies are almost unanimously considered the smartest breed of dog.

From Wikipedia:

The Border Collie is a breed of herding dog that originated in the border country of England and Scotland. They are widely regarded as the most intelligent dog breed. Border Collies are highly energetic, and as a result have a tendency towards neurotic or destructive behavior if not given enough to do. They are still frequently used on farms all over the world for assisting with the handling of livestock, and they have also become popular as pet and sport dogs. Though known to be reserved with strangers, these dogs can also be protective of a human family member and affectionate to those they know.

Are you interested in adopting?

If you are interested in adopting Chili please visit the Cuddly Canines website. If you happen to adopt Chili please remember, it’s never too early or too late to start them on their training. If you are interested in puppy adoption or fostering here are a few other articles you might enjoy:

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Of course, Chili is not the only dog being fostered by Cuddly Canines. Please visit their website to see the most current pictures of all their dogs and puppies.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about this article. Is puppy adoption in your future? Do you want to try puppy fostering? If so, please visit the Cuddly Canines website.

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