There’s Something Scary Behind Me, Isn’t There!?

Puppy Scare!

I think I told you recently that I was watching Breaking Bad on NetFlix.  Remember this one: Meth Lab, Yo.  It took about 3 months, but I’m over it now. I saw the season finale a couple weeks back and let me just say it was a great series. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

I’ve moved on to bigger and brighter things…actually scarier and more horrifying things…I’m now watching American Horror Story on NetFlix.  It’s scary!  I can’t believe some of the things they show on TV these days.  I remember back when I was in grade school having to get permission to watch the movie TRON (this was back in 1982).  I guess that was too violent for the times.

Today I can just pop on the TV and scare the bejesus out of myself with TV shows like American Horror Story and I’m assuming The Walking Dead isn’t a comedy (that’s next on my list of shows to watch).

Anyhow this pic made me think a little bit about the American Horror Story.

Honestly, this picture is totally true.  Every time I bring home a new puppy I know Stetson is horrified so to him there truly is something scary behind him.

How do your older dogs do when you bring home a new puppy?

Adelle: Wants to play!
Stetson: Wants to hide…
Linus: Wants to knock them down!

Tell us about your dogs in the comment section below.


  1. says

    I also really, really enjoyed Breaking Bad.

    The Walking Dead isn’t a comedy…or isn’t MEANT to be, anyway. It’s one of those shows, though, which makes me yell at the screen like it’s the 50’s. I also haven’t kept up with it this season; I watched the first fifteen minutes or so, and was bored and turned it off.

    • says

      Breaking Bad was great! Every time we see an RV I tell my GF there goes another Meth Lab. She just rolls her eyes. I’ve seen previews for The Walking Dead. I’ll probably give it a shot. I’m actually not to thrilled with American Horror Story. Season 2 is a totally different story from Season 1, but with the same actors (at least some of them).

      Are there any other NetFlix shows you’d recommend? I’ve heard Dexter is another one I should watch and my parents keep raving about 24.

      • says

        I couldn’t get into Dexter. I watched the first episode (and read the first book) and wasn’t thrilled. 24, I watched most of the first season years ago, and the Constant. Edge. Of. Your. Seat. Real. Time. Story. Telling. got on my nerves ^^ Lots of people love both of those, though.

        Supernatural is on Netflix, and I really really liked the beginning of the show. Now that we’re to Season 9, I’m a little less enthused about the direction in which the characters were taken.

        House of Cards and Hemlock Grove were both enjoyable. There’s also the X-Files, much of which I watched when it was on television in the first place. I’m sure there are other things, there’s just so much I can’t think of them.

        • says

          I watched a little bit of Supernatural when it was on TV, but never saw the show from the beginning so I was a little bit lost. I watched the X-Files when it was on TV too. Good stuff, but I stopped watching around the same time David Duchovny left the show.

  2. rohith says

    I am gonna bring in my German shepherd pup around this week all my family is equally excited about this in this way except my mother she has agreed to bring it on one condition. It should not eliminate in house in first day itself I don’t expect me to stay awake all night eventhough I will try I can’t keep him outside also please tell how u can do this. Also is the name “shep” good. Good for a German shepherd male

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