Urban Potty Review – A Great Puppy Potty Training Tool!

It’s been approximately one month since I first introduced my dogs to the Urban Potty and I must say it’s been a hit!  At the beginning of August I put together an Urban Potty Review giving my initial thoughts and comments on this dog potty box.

The good folks who founded Urban Potty have given us a discount coupon for our readers.  Make sure you read our entire review and if you’re interested in buying an Urban Potty use the coupon code: puppyintraining.  This will give you $25 off the Urban Potty Starter Kit and will include free shipping a roughly $50 value!  this coupon code will be good until the end of the day September 30th, 2012.

…Back to our review!

Setting Up Your Urban Potty

We found setup very simple and initially didn’t even open the directions.  If you’re like me then you’ll probably just bypass those directions and setup on your own.  However, there were a few points you want to make sure and follow.

  • Make sure you remove the thin plastic film from the plastic funnel and tray.
  • When placing the container underneath the plastic tray make sure it is aligned properly over the center drain hole.
  • Use a watering can to lightly rinse on and around the area of potty on the turf with about a half cup of water after each use.
  • I’ve been deep cleaning my Urban Potty every few weeks by thoroughly rinsing all parts with a hose.

How To Use The Urban Potty

Yeah…sorry Apache, but the Urban Potty is not a dog bed!  Don’t worry this is a brand new, unused Urban Potty.  We let it sit in the house for the first week or so to let the pups get used to looking at and smelling it.  Apache immediately thought the Urban Potty made a great doggy bed, grabbed his Rhino bone, and made himself comfortable.

Apache using the Urban Potty as a dog bed

Apache using the Urban Potty as a dog bed

Here are the steps we took to get our pups to use the Urban Potty:

  • When introducing our pups we made sure and used the Urban Potty for our pups first potty of the day that way we knew they really had to go.
  • For the first few uses we had our pups on leash so we could guide them to the Urban Potty.
  • After just a few trips our pups would go to the Urban Potty without their leash…that is all the pups except for Linus.

The Urban Potty was easy to setup and training the pups was a snap  (*with the exception of Linus).

The Urban Potty Is Great As A Puppy Potty Training Tool!

I’m being totally honest here.  While it was a little more difficult getting Stetson and Linus to use the Urban Potty all three puppies (an 8 week old, 7 month old, and 11 month old) I had over at the house used it almost without hesitation.

Puppy Potty Training with Toby

Toby working on his potty training with the Urban Potty

While I never really thought to much about using an Urban Potty or similar product in the past I can now see many benefits in using it as a puppy potty training tool.  As a guide dog puppy raiser I have young pups over at the house more often then most people.  We are very careful with our young puppies and don’t take them around the common areas in our neighborhood until they are fully vaccinated.  Young puppies can be very susceptible to many parasites and diseases which can sometimes be fatal.

So why did we see so much potential in the Urban Potty as a puppy potty training tool?  There are many reasons starting with:

  • It’s great for us because we live in a condo with a small patio.  When our pups are young this is the only place they can potty.  We have a little rock bed area and the cement for our pups to do their business.  The Urban Potty means no mess on the cement area to clean up.
  • All the pups we worked with quickly learned that the Urban Potty was their new potty spot.
  • We teach our pups to go on all different surfaces.  Artificial grass is different then real grass and gives us one more surface to train our pups to “get busy” on.
  • There were almost no distractions and our pups pretty much hopped up, did their business, then hopped down.  Quick and easy!
  • Most importantly it gave our pups parasite and disease free spot to go potty.

Keeping your puppy free of sickness and disease is a priority not only for a guide dog puppy raiser like myself, but for all puppy owners!

The Pros And Cons of The Urban Potty

We really liked the Urban Potty, but in our experience no product is perfect and that’s also true of the Urban Potty.  Here’s our list of some of the things we liked and didn’t like about the Urban Potty.


  • I’ve mentioned it over and over, but it’s so important to keep your young pups away from the parasites and disease in the common public areas around your home.  The Urban Potty gives your pups a safe clean place to do their business.
  • I liked the collection system which makes it easy to carry and dispose of your pooches pee.  Some of the similar products I’ve seen, but not tested have a tray which looks very difficult to carry especially if you’re walking through the house.  The Urban Potty has a container with a cap that you can screw on and off to seal for transportation.
  • This thing is sturdy!  Some of the dog potty boxes I’ve seen in the store are very cheaply made.  I heard a 180 pound person could stand on the Urban Potty.  While I didn’t test our sample product with a 180 pound man it had no problem supporting Apache, a 90 pound Golden Retriever.
  • Perfect for apartments with small patios or balconies.  Especially if you’re not on the first floor.  While I don’t have this problem I could see it being a real hassle to try and get your puppy down stairs or down an elevator to get to a potty spot.  I bet many an accident happened on the way down.
  • How’s the weather?  If you have extreme weather conditions (scorching hot or freezing cold) then the Urban Potty means you don’t have far to go and your pup will not be distracted and get his business done much quicker.
  • Midnight potty breaks – getting your dog to potty in the middle of the night or early in the morning is quick and easy with the Urban Potty.


  • Stetson was a little uncomfortable on the Urban Potty because it was too small.  I think over time he’ll be fine, but any larger than Stetson who’s a 70 pound Labrador Retriever and I think you’d need a larger dog potty box.  I’d like to see different sizes of the Urban Potty.  The approximate weight of the dogs we tested were:
    • Toby – 15 pounds
    • Journey – 45 pounds
    • Cici – 50 pounds
    • Linus – 55 pounds
    • Stetson – 70 pounds
  • I like the collection system, but I’d also be interested to see an optional drainage tube.  My patio has a drain pretty close to where I setup the Urban Potty.  I’d love to just run a tube straight into the drain.
  • Toby liked picking up the ends of the grass, scratching and chewing this area.  I keep him on leash and can control this behavior.  However, I would not leave unattended puppies with the Urban Potty as I could easily see them chewing up the ends of the artificial grass.  Another friend of mine had a similar product and had the same issue with the artificial grass.  I’m not too sure what the solution would be, but this seems to be a problem only with the really young pups.
  • An easy way to tell when the collection system is full.  We actually over-filled the collection system twice in the past month.  I’m sure I can get better at figuring it out, but I’d love to see an indicator that showed me when it’s time to empty the container.

I think most of these Cons are nitpicking.  Perhaps we’ll see some of these changes in an Urban Potty version 2.0.

Stetson uses the Urban Potty

Stetson using the Urban Potty

Take a good look at the three different pictures in this post and remember the Urban Potty is 36 wide X 32 depth X 4.5 height.

  1. Apache is a 90 pound Golden Retriever - You can see curled up he fits perfectly on the Urban Potty.  He never had the chance to try the Urban Potty, but I have a feeling he may have had some difficulty because he is such a large dog.
  2. Toby is a 15 pound Labrador Retriever Puppy – You can see in the second picture that the Urban Potty is more than large enough for Toby.  In fact I would say it’s the perfect size if not too big for a puppy like Toby.
  3. Stetson is a 70 pound Labrador Retriever – You can’t really tell in this picture, but if you walked Stetson on a regular basis then you would probably notice that he had to scrunch his body a little bit to fit on the Urban Potty.  While you could probably train dogs larger than Stetson to use the Urban Potty I probably wouldn’t recommend it unless you know your dog can potty on a dog potty box with the above dimensions.

Answering My 7 Questions/Concerns About The Urban Potty

At the end of my first Urban Potty review blog post I listed 7 questions/concerns I had regarding the product and I was hoping all of these questions would be answered once my dogs started using their new potty box.  Here are the 7 questions:

  1. I know it will produce some odor, but how much will the Urban Potty smell? - After using the Urban Potty for an extended period of time I found out that it does create a smell, but nothing that was really that noticeable.  Of course my potty was setup on my patio where there is lots of free flowing air.  Also, I made sure and rinsed with about a 1/2 cup of water each time one of my pups went potty.  And finally, I did a deep cleaning about every 2-3 weeks.  Overall, the odor from the Urban Potty was not too bad and very tolerable in my situation.
  2. Will my pups use the Urban Potty? - So far Stetson, Toby, Journey, and Cici have all used the Urban Potty.  Up to this point the only dog that has not used the Urban Potty is Linus which is not surprising.  As a guide dog puppy raiser we teach our pups to potty on all different surfaces.  Unfortunately for Linus I taught him to potty only on grass (Linus was before I raised guide pups).  He was so adamant about going on the grass that he wouldn’t even potty on the dirt when we were camping.  So it doesn’t really surprise me that we’re having some difficulty getting him to go on the Urban Potty.  We are still working on it…
  3. Can it withstand the weight of my pups (55-90lbs)? - Yes!  I’m not sure what it’s tested for (we here a 180 pound person), but you can see in the picture above that it can easily hold up Apache, a 90 pound Golden Retriever.
  4. How often should I clean the Urban Potty? – It’s recommended that you deep clean the Urban Potty every 2-4 weeks.  I would increase or decrease that number depending on how often you use the potty box and how bad the odor gets.  Also, make sure and rinse after every use with a water can and half cup of water.  As I mentioned I deep cleaned it about every 2-3 weeks.
  5. How often do I need to empty collection system container? - I’m not quite an expert on this one yet and I have overflowed the collection container twice.  If you have bigger dogs like mine this thing fills up pretty fast.  Especially when you have a puppy who potties about 10 times a day and two older dogs who seem to have ginormous bladders.  When I had Toby and Stetson using it I was probably emptying it about every other day.
  6. How easy is the setup and maintenance? - Setup and maintenance are very easy and explained in the instructions.  However, as I said you really don’t need the instructions for setup and maintenance (so far) has consisted of rinsing after each use, emptying the collection container every other day, and deep cleaning about every 2-3 weeks.
  7. Apache is a pretty big boy.  Will the Urban Potty be large enough for my pups? - Unfortunately Apache did not get a chance to use the Urban Potty, but all of my other dogs did and it was just large enough for Stetson who is a 70 pound Labrador Retriever.  After seeing Stetson use the Urban Potty I believe Apache (a long 90 pound Golden Retriever) would have had difficulty using the Urban Potty because of his size.

Sorry for this lengthy tome about the Urban Potty, but I wanted to get all of my thoughts down over the past month.  Just in case you were wondering and didn’t see last months review post the Urban Potty Starter Kit is currently selling for $219.00 which is 24% of the regular price.  The price also includes free shipping.

We have one more review post in the pipeline.  You might be wondering: “what else does this guy have to say?”.  At least two things still linger…We’ve been shooting video so you can see exactly how our puppies use the Urban Potty in stunning video :)  And finally, the question remains…Can we get an older dog like Linus who at one point would not even potty on dirt to use the Urban Potty?  Stay tuned for our final Urban Potty Review!

If you live in an apartment or high rise, raise or foster puppies, or live in extreme weather conditions how do you think an Urban Potty could benefit you?  If you have any questions about the Urban Potty please leave us a comment in the comment section below.

Urban Potty Reviews:

Our 3 part series reviewing the Urban Potty is now complete.  Check out each blog post for our thorough review of this product:

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Disclosure: This is a paid product review.  This is our personal opinion of the product.  Compensation will never influence the content on our blog.


  1. says

    Great review!

    When I looked at it, I started to wonder how it would be for older dogs. Our sixteen-year-old dog passed away almost a year ago, but one issue we dealt with was that she just couldn’t hold it as long when she got older. If we were going out on Friday night, we pretty much expected that there would be an accident, and they pretty much always was. A year later, I’m still trying to figure out how to resuscitate our carpet. I’m wondering if something like this would have worked for her. How tall is it? That would have been the one big drawback for her, because she wasn’t too steady on her feet.

    • says

      The Urban Potty is 4.5 inches tall. It’s pretty stable. I’ve seen some competing products that are lower to the ground and less expensive, but the reviews I’ve read say that they end up smelling terrible and shorty after purchase had to be tossed out. I may purchase a competing product just so I can test and compare it to the Urban Potty.

  2. Irene says

    I think the Urban Potty would have worked well when we were potty training our puppy. Now she goes through a doggy door out to our backyard in sunny Southern California to do her business. However, I agree this potty would be ideal for those who don’t have easy access to the outdoors or those who live in extreme weather.

    I have a friend whose daughter’s dog marks in their house when left at home. Do you think an Urban Potty would help with this problem?

    • says

      Hi Irene,

      It might help. I don’t think it’s really meant to be in the house, but maybe in a secluded spare room or perhaps in the garage. I really don’t notice the odor too much on my patio, but I’m sure I would if it were in the house.


  3. Ali says

    I think this would be perfect for anyone living in an apartment or condo…or even for older folks who can’t always walk their dog to “get busy.” I’ve always had smaller dogs, so the size wouldn’t be a problem for me, but I am concerned about the price. I wonder how much cheaper a smaller Urban Potty would be. Great review!

    • says

      Hi Ali,

      At this time there are not smaller versions of the Urban Potty, but I think it would be a good idea to have a small, medium, and large Urban Potty for different sized dogs. This is an expensive product, but the price is very competitive with other high end dog potty boxes.


  4. Rissa says

    This looks like a great product for someone living in a highrise in the city or an apartment building. The only drawback I see is the price…Thank goodness for the coupon code!

    • says

      The product is a little bit pricey. As I mentioned it is competitive price wise with other comparable high end dog potty boxes on the market. Hopefully the coupon code helps with anyone on the fence that wants to try the Urban Potty.

  5. says

    I have a cute little dog of Russian Breed. This review of Urban Potty is nicely written. My dog is of just two months yet so I was looking for a better way to train him for doing shit. I think now Urban potty is the best way to make your dog trained for potty. Thanks for sharing

    • says

      It worked great for potty training with all the pups I tried on it. It was only slightly more difficult to get Stetson to use it however, I think that was partly due to Stetson’s size and the size of the Urban Potty. We’re still working to get Linus to use it.

  6. says

    What a COOL idea! My dogs go primarily in our back yard, but I’d definitely try this if I got another puppy. When I get another puppy. :)

    Oh! You won a treat on my blog! Head to JonesNaturalChews dot com, click on products, and figure out which treat you’d like. Then email me at flea @ jonesnaturalchews dot com. I’ll make sure your treat is shipped to you! Thanks for playing!

    • says

      The puppies really took to the Urban Potty. I was also thinking even if you have a backyard it would be good to help save your lawn if you train your pups to only use the Urban Potty. I’m heading over to jones natural chews right now!

  7. says

    The Urban Potty is a great invention. I would have to take my pup outside to a specific location in the yard it took about a month to get him to go there every time. The interesting thing about it was that when we got a new pup he Bandit would take the new guy and teach him the ropes which made it easier for me. I sure wish we could have had the Urban Potty.

    • says

      I’ve worked with several different pups using the Urban Potty and they take to it very quickly. I think it’s something I will continue to use even after I move to a home with a nice size yard. After all it could save your lawn from all of those unsightly yellow stains.

  8. says

    I really appreciate how thoroughly you’re reviewing this product. I’ve been thinking about this for living on the boat. I’ll be very interested in seeing how Linus takes to it as an adult dog.

    • says

      In a few days we’ll have a video up of the Urban Potty. As I mentioned before Stetson did fine using the Urban Potty and he’s six years old, but he was trained as a puppy to go on all different surfaces. Linus was only trained to potty on grass and over the years we’ve worked on getting him to go on other surfaces.

  9. says

    We have thought about getting one of these since we our dogs A hate the rain and B we work. We have not done it yet as all our dogs are able to hold it a little

    urban hounds

    • says

      Were you thinking about using it inside the house? We use ours on the patio and it works well. I think if it were indoors it would start to smell unless you thoroughly cleaned it on a regular basis.

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