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Are These The Best Ceramic Dog Bowls? …I think so :)

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If you sift through the 500+ articles throughout this site you’ll no doubt come across several blog posts about dog bowls.  The moment I brought home Stetson I knew I was in need of a slow feeder dog bowl.  I scoured the internet in search of the perfect dog bowl to slow down fast eating dogs and ended up reviewing many of the best slow feed dog bowls on the market.

However, until today I hadn’t really thought to much about the aesthetics of dog bowls.  All I really cared about was functionality…does this bowl help Stetson eat slower YES or NO?

I was at TJ Maxx looking at some of the dog supplies and came across some of the coolest ceramic dog bowls.  Maybe it’s just me, but I love the artwork on these bowls and ended up buying 5 new ceramic dog bowls that I have no idea what to do with at my house.  Actually 4 of the bowls I purchased are too small for my dogs…I’m not sure where my brain was at the time.  At least I have some nice looking new doggy bowls at the house.

If you’re still on dial-up (hopefully not) this page is going to load very slow because we included lots of pics.  Apologize in advance…

Linus and his Ceramic Dog Bowl
Linus testing out his new ceramic dog bowl w/ cute doggy pics 🙂

The Best Ceramic Dog Bowls?

I don’t know if they’re the best ceramic dog bowls, but for some reason they jumped off the shelf and into my shopping cart.  I just love all the little doggy images.  They’re very simple and cute!  Maybe it’s because it looks like something I could draw (or something a 5 year old would draw).  I’m not really sure so maybe you should take a look and decide for yourself.

#1. Pooch Dog Bowl (affiliate link) – I love these adorable pooches on this bowl!

  • Each pup takes a different position and are different colors
  • Nice little checkered rim
Ceramic Dog Bowl
Love these little cartoon dogs on this doggy bowl!!! (aff link)

#2. Dog Town Dog Bowl (affiliate link) – This totally reminds me of my childhood with the simple drawings along with coloring outside the lines…Too Cute!!!

  • I like coloring outside the lines…it brings the kid out in me!
  • Nice simple drawings.
Ceramic Dog Bowl 2
Love how they color outside the lines on this awesome ceramic dog bowl! (aff link)

#3. Feed Me Dog Bowl (affiliate link) – Love it!  It’s a little bit like a comic strip on the things you’re dog would like to do with you.  Every bowl tells a story 🙂

  • I like the cartoon strip style
  • Tells a story of what Fido wants to do!
Ceramic Dog Bowl 3
Kind of like a comic strip dog bowl…don’t ya think? (aff link)

#4. My Friend Dog Bowl (affiliate link) – Everyone’s friends!  From tall to small gotta love the doggies!

  • I like the diversity of dog breeds on this bowl.  King of a we are the world doggy bowl!
  • Cute doggies all different colors <3
Ceramic Dog Bowl 4
Small to tall. Another cute ceramic dog bowl! (aff link)

#5. Color Me Happy Dog Bowl (affiliate link) – gotta love the artwork on this one!

  • I’m a big fan of the Crayola effect.  Kind of like the coloring outside the lines.
  • Not sure why, but I love the kid like drawings.  I even think I could do this kind of artwork.
Ceramic Dog Bowl 5
My Best Friend…My Dog…So True! (aff link)

#6. Mug Shots Dog Bowl (affiliate link) – Love the head shots of these innocent pups!

  • Simple and love the variety of different pups.
  • Love the theme!  Who Dunnit!!!
Ceramic Dog Bowl 6
It’s a who dunnit of cartoon pups! (aff link)

#7.  Run Spot Run Dog Bowl (affiliate link) – Not sure if these are all doggies.

  • Funky colors!  One looks like a giraffe!
  • The doggies on this bowl look a little bit different.
Ceramic Dog Bowl #7
Funky looking dogs (not sure if they’re dogs) playing! (aff link)

#8. Spot Dog Bowl (affiliate link) – Cute little doggies on this bowl with inner bones!

  • This is the first bowl that I see inner artwork (although I know some or perhaps all the others also have artwork on the inside of the bowl).
  • Cute pups, bowls, collars, and a pups best friend: the fire hydrant!
Ceramic Dog Bowl 8
Cute! I like the bones on the inside of this bowl!

Here’s a little bit of info on these bowls from Amazon:

Size: Bowls come in 4 sizes: XS, S, M, L

  • Pet bowl for dogs
  • Constructed of glazed stoneware ceramic
  • Dense and durable; stands up to constant use and frequent cleaning
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Large Bowl = 74-Ounce capacity
  • Medium Bowl = 43-Ounce capacity
  • Small Bowl = 24-Ounce capacity
  • X-Small Bowl = 8-Ounce capacity

I know, I know…there are probably some super awesome custom ceramic dog bowls out there and the images on these bowls are kind of cartoon like and childish, but  I guess that’s just my personality.  Maybe I’m just a kid at heart, but I love these dog bowls.

So, which one of these ceramic dog bowls is your favorite (#1-#8)?  Tell us which one you like best and why in the comment section below.

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  1. I really love them too. I ended up buying 5 of these dog bowls and now I’m not sure what to do with them. I’ll probably give them away as gifts.

  2. Hi Roberta,

    We never used to go to TJ Maxx either. It was our first visit and we came across these bowls. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the same products. Hopefully they have bowl #3 and #4 when you go. Let me know if you find them when you go to TJ Maxx. Good luck!

    Take care,

  3. We have a TJMaxx in town to which I never go…till now. Will check them out; my favs are #3 and #4 – Feed Me Bowl and My Friend Dog Bowl. My hounds always want to be fed – never mind the time between – they have hollow legs; because I foster Collies, Bloodhounds and Great Pyrenees besides my adoptable rescue Beagles and Coonhounds, the My Friend bowl fits all the sized in my home and yard. What wonderful looking bowls. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are both very cute! I wish I had pictures of the inside too. I have bowl #2 Dog Town Dog Bowl and the bottom of the inside has images of the pups just like the outside.

  5. Stetson uses his stainless steel bowls because he’s very sensitive to bacteria that can build up on plastic and ceramic bowls, but Linus is okay with these ceramic dog bowls.

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