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Are You Interested In Fostering Puppies?

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Do you live in Los Angeles or Orange County?

If so, I noticed today that Cuddly Canines needs foster families for several puppy litters.

The Riverside Shelter has been slammed with litters this past weekend and many will die unless we find foster homes for them ASAP. Please email Cuddly Canines at CuddlyCanines@aol.com or CuddlyCaninesRescue@yahoo.com.

Urgent Foster Families Needed

Small Terrier mix mom & 7 babies, about 4 weeks old – SAVED!
Chihuahua mix mom & 3 babies, about 4 weeks old – SAVED!
4 Shepherd Orphans, 3 weeks old – SAVED!
7 Aussie-Shepherd Orphans – bottle babies

The first 3 litters have already been saved however the 7 Aussie-Shepherd Orphans still need help. Please contact Cuddly Canines if you can rescue these babies.

Linus is an Australian Shepherd Mix and I’d love to rescue the 7 puppies, but don’t think I can take enough time off work to rescue and take care of 7 little babies. I hope someone out there can help out. Best of luck to Cuddly Canines in finding a foster family.

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  1. @Leslie, if you’re interested in fostering try contacting Cuddly Canines at http://www.cuddlycanines.com. They’re the rescue that I’ve volunteered with in the past. I believe they rescue all of their puppies from the Riverside Shelter.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.

  2. i would like to foster home or other to take care of a pet. i shall talk to my dad but you can call him at 9518239181 thanks ask for gabriel

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