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Have You Ever Seen A Dog At Disneyland?

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As many of you know Stetson goes in for formal training this Saturday, May 10th 2008. One of my goals was/is to take him to Disneyland before he goes in for training.

Stetson and I are taking the day off from work tomorrow and heading over to Disneyland to see Mickey and friends.

We’re both very excited…and lucky for us our friends Denise and Oceana sent us a puppy in training how to list for visiting Disneyland. If you take a look at Denise and Oceana’s blog you’ll see that they just took a trip to Disneyland a few days ago.

Just in case you have a puppy in training here’s the wonderful list Denise and Oceana sent to us (I included some pictures from Denise and Oceana’s past trips to Disneyland):

How To Take Your Puppy In Training To Disneyland

Oceana and Cruella Deville

Oceana here, you asked what rides you can go on at Disneyland well here is the list and how to get on it’s long but sure does help. You are treated like a wheel chair in Disneyland but City hall does not give you an assistance pass if you are asked for one just have your raisers point down to you and the Cast Members (CM) smile and let you in or if more than one attraction asks for an assistance pass and gives you a hard time because you don’t have one just go to town hall and tell them what is happening they usually then give you a pass.

Some Basic Information

Getting Busy – Disneyland security usually comes up and tells you but we are allowed in any planter to get busy (even your raiser is allowed in to) there is usually gates to let you in just push the button and push/pull and the gate swings open.
On Rides – We are to be laying down for all rides but if you don’t want to it is okay as long as you are not on the seats.
Puppy Swap – is when one person of the party hold leash while the rest of the group rides then your leash is given to someone who just rode so the first leash holder can go next if your group is larger than 2 they usually let 1 to 2 people who just rode to ride with the leash holder.



  1. Alice in Wonderland – Go thru the exit to the yellow line by the exit CM and wait to be loaded.
  2. Casey Jr. Circus Train – Go thru the exit to the top of the ramp and wait for a CM to assist you (make room for guest exiting the train so stay to the right)
  3. Dumbo the Flying Elephant – the exit closest to the Carrousel there is a handicap line you just have to wait for a CM to give you a feather for your turn to ride (we have to sit away from the opening) when the ride stops just go thru the gate as guest are leaving and pick you elephant
  4. It’s A Small World – is closed till Nov. 2008 but if it was open there is a handicap line were you wait in. (they usually give the dogs the first row as there is more leg room for us to sit)
  5. King Arthur Carrousel – go thru standard line but your raiser has to sit on the bench seat and you on the floor.
  6. Mad Tea Party – there is a exit with a ramp when the ride stops the gate unlocks go down the ramp and wait behind the yellow line for the CM’s help he/she will have you go back out the gate and wait for the next ride but you have to go thru the first time to let them know you would like to ride (we do not spin the cups when I ride it move enough on it’s own)
  7. Matterhorn Bobsleds – well we are not allowed to ride this but we can puppy swap at this ride. There is a handicap entrance on the Tomorrowland side of the loading docks that you go thru (and pass thru the line) and wait for a CM
  8. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – There is a handicap entrance right next to the standard entrance
  9. Peter Pan’s Fight – go thru the exit (this is the smallest exit in fantasyland) if there is someone waiting by the CM they will ask you to go back to the turn and wait you can see if you can move up thru a mirror on the wall in front of you.
  10. Pinocchio’s Daring Journey – go thru the exit and wait for the CM to help you
  11. Snow White Scary Adventures – go thru the exit and wait for the CM to help you
  12. Storybook Land Canal Boats – there is a handicap entrance/exit right by the light house you just wait for the CM to help you

Mickey’s Toontown

  1. Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin – you are to go thru the fast pass line and wait for the CM. (this one keeps changing and they want to send all the handicap thru the standard line we were behind a family with there little girl in a wheel chair and were they upset these people ended up going to town hall and complained)
  2. Gadget’s Go Coaster – a 30sec. kids coaster go thru the exit and wait for a CM
  3. Disneyland Railroad Toontown Station – Standard line or handicap entrance/exit by the standard line entrance


  1. Astro Orbitor – well we are allowed on this but I have never been on it as Denise hates this one because she always feels like she is going to fall out. If you would like to ride this one go thru the exit with the ramp and wait for a CM
  2. Autopia – go up the exit ramp all the way to the CM that is handing out the drivers licenses he/she will tell you what you need to do.
  3. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters – go thru theOceana And Mary Poppins fast pass line once you get right before you load go threw the blue door and across to the exit the CM there will help you load (do not go up the exit for this ride they will not let you ride you have to come thru the blue door I think because this is one of the few ADA line in Disneyland so they want all riders coming from the standard line)
  4. Monorail – walk up the standard line as it is now a ADA line (there is usually not a long line except for very busy days and this line is deceiving as it hides behind Autopia and the Subs so it can be very long also there is only one monorail train at the park right now the rest are being redesigned)
  5. Honey, I Shrunk the Audience – just go thru the standard line and the CM will help you
  6. Innoventions – standard line
  7. Space Mountain – well here another we are not allowed on but puppy swap. At the exit there is a handicap line that you wait in the CM sends you down the ramp to the loading dock.
  8. Star Tours – Here is another ride we are not allowed on but puppy swap. Go thru star trader store to the exit of the ride and wait for a CM after one of the rooms exits will tell you what to do.
  9. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage – Go to the front of the line there is a rope there with a CM just tell them you would like to ride they then put you in the handicap line which can be 15 mins. – to 1 hr long but it is still way shorter than the standard line.
  10. Disneyland Railroad Tomorrowland Station – either the long ramp exit to the handicap entrance or standard line


  1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Another ride where we can’t ride but puppy swap. Go thru the exit (either exit) stay to the right as guests are exiting go all the way down to the CM at the end of the dock.
  2. Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island – standard line they open a rope so you do not have to go thru the turn stile.
  3. Mark Twain Riverboat & Sailing Ship Columbia – Standard line CMs usually open the handicap door for the dogs
  4. Big Thunder Ranch – we are not allowed in the petting zoo but we can stand out side the fence and watch the goats and sheep.
  5. The Golden Horseshoe Stage – just find a seat and enjoy.

Critter Country

  1. Splash Mountain – this is a puppy swap ride go thru the exit and wait for the CM
  2. Davy Crockett’s Explore Canoes – well we are allowed on but Denise is afraid that I will take a flying leap into the Rivers of America so we have not done this also she does not want to work to go around the river.
  3. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – this is a ADA line so just go thru the standard line


  1. Enchanted Tiki Room – Standard line enjoy the pre-show with the Hawaiian Gods (also if your raisers have to get busy there is a restroom at the top of the stairs to the left no one really knows about these restrooms so they are usually empty.)
  2. Indian Jones Adventure of the Forbidden Eye – go thru the exit till you see a CM they will then put you thru to the handicap line. (if the handicap line is very long just tell the CM there you can go thru the standard line from this point much faster)
  3. Jungle Cruise – by the exit there is a handicap line where you wait for a CM (the skipper will not load the blank shots with a dog in the boat but if you are okay with the shot just let the skipper know they may or may not load the gun then)
  4. Tarzan Treehouse – Denise like to take me up in it to work on calmly climbing stairs and more stairs and more stairs with out me pulling her up and down them

New Orleans Square

  1. Haunted Mansion – if there is a CM at the entrance gate ask for a red card if not don’t worry this is forOceana And Pluto busy days and then go thru standard line till you get to the steps of the mansion there is a handicap rope this is were the handicap is pulled out of line. Once you get into the stretching room and exit wait for the CM they will escort you down to the loading area and stop the ride so we can get in (we usually wait for doom buggy #6,7,8,&9 of 131 doom buggies you also will not exit at the exit but come back to the loading area were they stop the ride again so you can get out and then ride the stretching room back up the front of the mansion)
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean – this depends if you go early before the busy crowed or on a empty day if it is very busy they have a pirate CM out side the exit for handicap line control just wait in the handicap line if it is not busy there will not be a pirate CM so just enter the exit all the way past were guest exit there is a door where the handicap wait
  3. Disneyland Railroad New Orleans Square/ Frontierland Station – By the ramp exit you can wait for boarding this is the handicap loading or you can go standard line

Main Street U.S.A.

  1. Disneyland Railroad Main Street Station– standard line
  2. Main Street Vehicles – just wait in line to board
    1. Fire Engine
    2. Horse-Drawn Streetcars
    3. Horseless carriage
    4. Omnibus

California Adventure

Disney’s California Adventure makes dogs thru the standard line for everything as it is an ADA park so it is puppy swap for everything there. some times they do not even let the dogs in the line.

I’d like to thank Denise and Oceana again for putting this great list together for Stetson and I. We’d be totally lost without it and I love those pictures of Oceana with the Disney characters. Hopefully Stetson and I can get a few of our own.

Have you ever seen a dog at Disneyland? If you are a puppy raiser have you ever taken your dog to Disneyland?

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  1. @Tonka and James, sorry I didn’t get to meet up with you guys yesterday at Disneyland. How was your trip? Let me know if you go again.

  2. Colby, Tonka and I are going this Sunday with Denise and some others if you want to meet up with us.

  3. @Anne, Disneyland was a lot of fun. We were there for about 4 hours and went on several rides. There was a lot of excitement for Stetson, but he handled it all really well. I’ll add a post to the blog with some pictures as soon as I have time.

    Tomorrow is Stetson’s drop off day…I’m really sad he’s leaving…I wish I could have had him a little longer.

  4. How wonderful of Denise and Oceana to compile the list for you. I have never taken a PIT to Disneyland but it will be on my list of things to do with our next one. Have a great time….

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