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Contech DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl Review

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Does your dog drink water too fast?  This week we have the Contech DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl which was designed to slow down fast drinking dogs.  Both Derby and Stetson have choked on water trying to drink too fast so lucky for us we found the DrinkBetter Dog Bowl.  This bowl matches the Contech EatBetter Dog Food Bowl and together the two make a great matching set.  As I mentioned about the EatBetter Bowl this water bowl is very solid and made of a more durable heavier plastic then the other bowls we reviewed.

Without further ado here’s our Tuesday Dog Bowl Review:

Contech DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl Review

Today’s dog bowl is not for food, but instead we are reviewing a dog water bowl that is meant to slow down the fast drinking dog.  The Contech DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl is designed with a floating plastic object that slows down water drinking.  Did the DrinkBetter do as advertised and slow down our fast drinking Labrador Retrievers?  Check out the video below to find out.

Product: Contech DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl
List Price (Amazon.com): $26.10
Product Features:

  • Prevents dogs from drinking too fast.
  • Helps dogs avoid soaking their ears and muzzle.
  • Minimizes the mess left by a sloppy drinker.
  • Ensures your dog’s comfort with a smooth and ergonomic design.
  • Sturdy non-skid design, constructed of K-Resin SBC — a high-quality food-grade polymer.
  • Capacity: Approximately 16oz or 500ml.

Product Description:
The Drink Better® pet bowl encourages dogs to drink at a slower, healthier rate, and make less mess while they’re at it. Besides making a wet mess, dogs that drink too fast can experience digestive problems such as indigestion and vomiting, and light-haired dogs may experience staining of the muzzle (from chlorinated water).

The Drink Better bowl uses a floating obstacle to control the flow of water, encouraging dogs to drink slower and take only as much as they need, without soaking their ears and muzzles or slopping water around the feeding area.

Product Image

Puppy In Training Product Review

Product Video Review

Both Stetson and Derby decided to put the Contech DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl to the test.  Does the floating obstacle actually slow down their drinking?  Unfortunately, this time around we don’t have a stainless steel bowl for a direct comparison.  However, I think after watching the video you will get the idea of whether or not the bowl is slowing down their water drinking.

My Thoughts On The Contech DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl

Now that you saw the video what do you think?  I know you can’t decide conclusively until you compare next to a regular stainless steel water bowl.  Well, trust me when I tell you that the Contech DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl definitely did slow down both Derby and Stetson.  However, the bigger issue was the fact that they spilled a lot of water each time we tested the bowl.  Labrador Retrievers aren’t the most gentle dogs and both Stetson and Derby make a mess with their regular water bowls (they drool well after they’ve finished drinking water).  The problem was that the DrinkBetter Bowl was much messier then their regular water bowls not from drooling, but from poking at the floatation obstacle.

By the way, I must point out that I let Stetson and Derby use the DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl for about a week before filming the video.  When I first introduced the bowl Stetson and Derby both practically flipped the bowl trying to get to the water.  They did much better in the videos and over time I think they would both get used to drinking properly and slowly from this bowl.  However, that brings me to my next point…

The Contech DrinkBetter Dog Water Bowl is too small for large dogs like Stetson and Derby.  The capacity is 16 ounces and if you fill it too high you will definitely have a messy floor.  I experimented with filling it the bowl to different heights settling in at about 1/2 full.  The more water you add to the bowl the bigger mess you get.  Unfortunately, I did not get extended use out of this water bowl because it’s just too small for my dogs.


  • Just like the Contech EatBetter Dog Bowl the DrinkBetter Dog Bowl is a very solid construction.  I wish all the bowls I reviewed were made like these two Contech Dog Bowls.
  • This Dog Water Bowl does slow down fast drinking dogs.
  • The DrinkBetter and EatBetter Dog Bowls make a nice matching set.


  • My dogs made a serious mess drinking water out of the DrinkBetter Bowl – this can probably be alleviated by added less water and submerging the floatation obstacle a bit, but my dogs are stubborn and like using their paws and noses to make a mess with the floating obstacle.
  • It took a few days before my dogs figured out how to get water out of the bowl.
  • This is the medium DrinkBetter bowl and it is too small.  At the time of this writing their is no larger DrinkBetter Dog Water bowl.

Overall we liked this dog water bowl.  However, because the bowl is too small for our Labradors we only tested it for a couple weeks as we have some thirsty dogs.  Also, we have read that larger breeds would do better with this bowl if we kept the floater at a lower depth.  Unfortunately, we did not test a deeper floatation which may have caused the mess we were getting on our floor.  We’ll try that in the future and report back our experience.  However, if you do watch the second half of the video you can see that Stetson is clearly getting used to using the DrinkBetter Dog Bowl.  As I mentioned earlier I think it just takes some training and time to get a dog used to this bowl.

Have you tried the Contech EatBetter Dog Bowl?  Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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