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ComfortFlex Harness Video Review

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This is my ComfortFlex Harness Video review and the final review in my ComfortFlex Sport Harness review series.  If you missed either of my other two harness reviews then make sure you check out:

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Today’s review is a little more special then the previous 2 reviews because I went outside with Linus and Stetson and shot some video.  Stetson gives an excellent example of how wearing this great dog harness during nosework is not like wearing a harness at all.  He also gives a good example of how handy the harness handle works during training.  Linus on the other hand does a little loose leash walking, agility and running demo.

So without further adieu here’s today’s video:

ComfortFlex Harness Video Review

Video Transcription

Welcome to the PuppyInTraining.com ComfortFlex Sport Harness Review.  And that’s the packaging for our ComfortFlex Sport Harness (aff link).  We’re just going to go ahead and open that and see what’s inside.  A product description and of course a brand new ComfortFlex Sport Harness for Linus.  We noticed right away the harnesses sturdy construction and also how stiff it was to make it easier to put on your dog.

Here we are putting the harness on Linus for the first time.  As you can see it’s stiff construction makes it easy to put on over Linus’s head.  It has a velcro side along with a clip buckle…very easy to put on and I’m making a quick adjustment tot he straps so that it will fit Linus perfectly.  Linus is a 55 pound Australian Shepherd mix and the Medium/Large harness fits him just about perfectly. Here’s a side view of the harness, notice the reflective straps.

Now we’re going to show you the harness in action.  That’s me holding Stetson in his orange harness.  You can see that I was holding the handle and we’re working on his K9 Nosework training.  Stetson runs around like crazy when he’s doing his nosework training and he doesn’t even notice his harness.  Right now he’s looking for the odor birch.  Stetson found his first hide easy so I placed this one a little bit higher out of his reach and there he goes he just found it in the box.

A quick example of Linus and I walking through the courtyard.  Linus is wearing his new ComfortFlex Sport Harness (aff link) and I attached his leash to the Sport Harness handle.

None of my dogs do agility training, but I wanted to show you how easy it is for Linus to jump back and forth wearing his harness.

Now I wanted to show you another shot of the ComfortFlex Sport Harness in action.  This is a shot of Linus working on his recall.  Once again, Linus is running at full speed and the harness doesn’t bother him at all.  It’s a little dark outside because it’s right around dusk I wanted to show how well the reflective side straps worked.

Overall we really liked all the features of the ComfortFlex Sport Harness.  Thank you for joining us for the PuppyInTraining.com ComfortFlex Sport Harness Review.

Final thoughts On The ComfortFlex Sport Harness

Dog Harness Review
Stetson doing K9 Nosework with his ComfortFlex Harness

After running the ComfortFlex Harness through many tests I found it to be a great harness for walks, training, and canine sports.  However, one area I would warn against is if you have a dog that likes to pull on his walks then this dog harness is probably not the proper harness for you.  If you have a heavy puller I’d look at a halti or a harness that deters pulling.

A definite thumbs up for the ComfortFlex Sport Harness!

By the way I had a little contest going on for a ComfortFlex Sport Harness giveaway.  I saw 31 total comments on the first 2 ComfortFlex Harness review blog posts.  I’m going to review each comment tomorrow (Monday, March 5th) and let you know the winner late tomorrow eventing.  Sorry for the second delay in this competition, but I want to make sure that I am thorough.

I hope you all enjoyed this series of ComfortFlex Sport Harness Reviews.  If you’d like us to review your dog product then please contact me through the website contact form.

I’m sure some of you out there already use this dog harness.  What are your thoughts on the ComfortFlex Harness.  Tell us what you think in the comment section below

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  1. I have a smaller than normal English Labrador as trying to purchase stuff for her can become difficult. Faith is a tall girl, but she stopped growing at the age of 8 months. Many people believe she is a puppy when actually she is 15-months old. Nothing fits her and she is still in a medium kong harness and easy-walk. I use to just got out and purchase a harness that should be a labrador of Faith’s age. Usually even I measure her girth she is 24.5 inches, so sometimes a large states that it will fit her. However, many times the large is too big and that has caused it to be more uncomfortable.
    My dog’s girth as of today is that of 24.5 inches.

    Watching the video review I see that the harness is not flimsy like the harnesses I have experience with. I see that the harness wouldn’t get as tangled up as other harnesses and is really easy for somoene to put on. It would be a perfect harness for someone who has trouble with arthritis or their dog has issues with their throats. I also learned more about how it fits on the dogs and how it seems like it would be a perfect harness for anyone looking for one to fit on their dog for a variety of activites. I like that it wouldn’t be as difficult to fit on the dogs, and the video did show that it is really simple to put on.

    What is your dog’s girth? Check my first ComfortFlex Harness Review post if you don’t know how to measure girth.
    Tell me 1 thing you learned about the ComfortFlex Sport Harness in the video review.

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