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A Mid Century Modern Dog House For The Eichler Enthusiast

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Raven loves her mid century modern dog house! She must be an Eichler enthusiast :)
Raven loves her mid century modern dog house! She must be an Eichler enthusiast 🙂

Can you believe it’s already been a year since Ali and I got married!?

If you recall our friend’s Jan and Gary brought our service dog puppy in training, Archer to the wedding.

There was plenty of fun, family, friends, and of course gifts!

There was one wedding gift that stood out from all the rest: a mid century modern dog house, more specifically an Eichler Dog House!

This is no ordinary dog house!

Custom made by Ali’s cousin as a wedding gift, it is by far the coolest custom dog house I’ve ever seen (This is actually his second custom dog house. The first one is a pretty cool looking custom craftsman dog house).

On top of that it matches the unique architecture of our Eichler home.

Eichler Homes

We live in a unique mid century modern home called an Eichler named after the builder Joseph Eichler.  From Wikipedia:

Between 1949 and 1966, Joseph Eichler’s company, Eichler Homes, built over 11,000 homes in nine communities in Northern California and homes in three communities in Southern California. Later, other firms worked with Eichler’s company to build similar houses. Together, they all came to be known as Eichlers. During this period, Eichler became one of the nation’s most influential builders of modern homes.

Our home is one of about 600 Eichler homes built in Southern California.

We’ve actually lived in 2 Eichler homes.  Here are a couple pics of the 2 Eichler’s we lived in over the past few years:

Our first Eichler home!
Our first Eichler home!

We loved our first Eichler home!

It’s down the street from our current home so I took Bear for a walk down the street and got this pic of him out front.

Our original front door was turquoise.

After living here for a couple years we decided to move down the street to another Eichler with a ginormous backyard (by Orange County, California standards).

We decided it would be a great yard for the dogs.

So we moved here…

This is the Eichler home we live in today!
This is the Eichler home we live in today!  Please excuse my shadow 🙁

You’ll notice that this Eichler has the slight pitch in the roofline compared to the flat roof at our previous house.

Eichler rooflines come in a variety of flavors from flat to slight pitch to A-frame, to shed-style and probably a couple others I haven’t seen yet.

A few months ago the front yard was all dirt.

This Eichler was in original condition and the pine trees brought up a lot of the concrete so we did a lot of demo and re-building.

You can’t see from the picture, but the front door is brown (soon to be painted a nice Eichler orange!)

Just in case you want to see the interior of an Eichler home take a look at the listing of our first Eichler.

Pretty cool, huh!

A Mid Century Modern Dog House For The Eichler Enthusiast!

Now that we know there are around 600 Eichler homes in Southern California I wonder how many Eichler dog houses (Eichler-inspired that is) are in SoCal?

I can definitively say there’s at least one!

Our Eichler Dog House may even be cooler than the real thing.

I can literally live sleep in this mid century modern marvel.

It’s approximately 8 feet wide by 5 feet deep.

Our friend’s 3 year old thinks its the perfect play house!

On to what you’ve all been waiting for…pics of our doggies dream house….Check out our mid century modern eichler dog house:

Is that the Eichler dog house or the real Eichler home (for humans that is)
Is that the Eichler dog house or a real Eichler home (for humans that is)?

The front door is the same color as the front door on our old house.

One of the unique things you’ll notice when walking through our Eichler neighborhood are the front doors.

Throughout our neighborhood you’ll come across an assortment of colored front doors from orange to turquoise to blue to yellow. It’s one of the signature features of an Eichler.

Raven's custom dog house get the sunset over the human's Eichler home.
Raven’s custom dog house has a view of the sunset over the human’s Eichler home.

Linus, Stetson, Raven, and Bear are lucky dogs! They get a beautiful view of the swimming pool, an authentic Eichler home, and sunset every evening.

And the Eichler Dog House is located a tier above the humans home!

Here's a look at the Eichler dog house interior. To be furnished with comfy dog beds :)
A look at the Eichler dog house interior. To be furnished with comfy modern dog beds 🙂

Are those hardwood floors?

We have polished concrete in our house, but we are considering VCT tiles which was a common flooring in Eichlers.

The doggy house will probably be outfitted with some comfy dog beds hopefully with mid century modern designs.

A happy Golden in her custom Eichler dog house.
A happy Golden in her custom Eichler dog house.

Our dog’s live in the house (the one made for humans) 99% of the time, but our new mid century modern dog house gives them a place to hang out when we’re all hanging out in the backyard.

I’m not sure if you could see from the pics, but we’re lucky to have a swimming pool, pickleball court, and basketball court.

Our yard is definitely built for entertainment and fun for family, friends, and of course our furry pals.

Ali’s cousin is very talented!

Oh yeah, and did I mention a few years back he made a custom craftsman style dog house for his Beagle Lubie?

What do you guys think of our MCM dog house?

Are you in the market for a custom, Eichler-inspired mid century modern dog house?

Have you seen or owned something similar to this doggy abode?

Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Raven likes her Eichler dog house better than the real Eichler!
Raven likes her Eichler dog house better than the real Eichler!

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  1. Raven is so lucky to have two fabulous Eichler homes….one human home and one doggie home!! They’re both awesome. Your home is definitely made for entertaining family & friends.

  2. Can i ask what color paints were used for the dog house front door and trim?

  3. Next time you’re out in California let me know and you can check out our neighborhood. Supposedly it’s slated to be designated a historical district. Also, you can stop by and say hi to the dogs. If you time it right you might be able to meet Raven’s next litter of puppies. 🙂

  4. Your house looks awesome!! I hadn’t hear of Eichler homes until just now, so thanks for the little real estate lesson 😉 And that Eichler doggie crib is pretty pawsome, too!!

  5. We love our Eichler houses! The dog house is the main feature in the backyard. It’s located on the second tier of the yard and everyone is very impressed when they see it across our swimming pool. I love having an Eichler dog house, but I also like the idea of having a custom dog house that matches your own home.

  6. We already felt lucky to live in a home as unique as an Eichler, but to have a custom dog house to match was like a dream!

  7. Wow, what cool houses! I’m thinking the mini-Eichler is to dogs like the tiny house movement is to people.

    You could be a trendsetter. 🙂

  8. Wow that looks awesome!! I’ve seen some dog houses at the Pet Expo, but nothing that looks like this! So cool!

  9. Every year we go to the America’s Family Pet Expo at the Orange County Fairgrounds and they have some cool cat/tree houses! I think it would be cool to have a custom cat house to match the architecture of your own class. I’ll talk to Ali’s cousin about commissioning him to do a cat house next 🙂

  10. I agree! Having a custom dog house that matches our own home is very cool! I think we might be the envy of the neighborhood 🙂 Ali’s cousin is very busy with his day job (he’s built a couple of these dog houses on the side), but if anyone is interested in a custom dog house then please leave me a message here in the comment section and I’ll be sure to have him contact anyone who is interested.

  11. I love the idea of a custom dog house to match the style of your own home. I am familiar with MCM Eichler homes and your custom dog house fits perfectly in your yard. Is Ali’s cousin taking orders for custom dog houses? I’m sure there are many dog lovers who would love to have a dog house made.

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