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Puppy In Training TV – Ep21 – Working Guide Dog

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WOWZERS!!! Can you believe it’s been well over a year since Dublin graduated from Guide Dog College!? Last we saw Dublin just started his career as a working Guide Dog. If you missed Dublin’s graduation episode head on over to this page and you can see him graduating from Guide Dogs of America(GDA).

Today, he’s a veteran with over a years experience working together with his new partner, Liz in Arizona. We even heard he’s an international traveler and has flown several times on airplanes (probably more than me over the past year). Lucky for us while we were on a little trip to Arizona we got to visit our pal Dublin and hang out with his wonderful family for the day.

So guess what…that means one final episode of Puppy In Training TV!

Episode 21 – Working Guide Dog

PRETTY DARN COOL! Dublin’s family is awesome. It’s incredible to see him working and seeing him and Liz as a guide dog team. As I said in the video when people ask how I can give up my puppy…just take a look at this video and see how Dublin and other guide dogs bring independence back to their partners. By the way, if you haven’t already check out the entire Puppy In Training TV series.

Transcription of Ep21 – Working Guide Dog

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We recently got back from a trip to Arizona You guys know who lives in Arizona??? DUBLIN!!! Welcome to todays episode of puppy in training tv.

Guide Dog Puppy Training Starring DUBLIN
With Linus Aussie Shepherd Rescue
Also Colby The Human
And Stetson Career Changed Guide Dog

We hopped in the car and made the 6 hour trek to Arizona to play some hockey and meet up with some old friends 🙂

On our way to my hockey game we passed this sign…I sign of things to come…

Look who stopped by to see my game…Dublin!

We went to many hockey games together so I guess the sights, smells, and sounds were old news for him.

After the game Liz, Dublin, and the rest of the gang headed out to meet up with me…we worked hard teaching Dublin about stairs and different surfaces and it looks like it paid off.

I was so excited to see my pal again…I walked up and I was kind of wondering if Dublin would remember me…yep he remembered me. Look at that tail go!!! It kind of reminded me of graduation. I did my best not to encourage him and let Liz calm him down before I gave him any attention. Actually Dublin was so excited I decided to wait until he was out of harness and not working before giving him attention.

Liz, Lance, and the kids invited us over to their home and I got to play with Dublin. It’s not all work for Guide Dogs. Dublin also gets a chance to run around and play when he’s not working!

It’s hot in Arizona so Dublin wears booties in the summer to keep the pads of his feet from burning. He sure is a good boy while Liz puts on those booties!

It was about 100 degrees in Arizona that day so Dublin was definitely making good use of his little booties. Liz and Lance took us out to lunch and we got a chance to see Dublin do a little bit of guide dog work. Dublin maneuvered Liz between the two parked cars and notice how he stops at the curb so Liz doesn’t trip. He gives her a chance to find the curb with her foot before moving forward…Pretty Darn Cool!

After lunch I got a chance to go back to the house and play with Dublin a little more before heading out.

I sure can tell Dublin is enjoying his new family and his life as a working guide dog, but it’s still always hard to say goodbye.

We started this journey over 3 years ago and we are so proud of all Dublin has accomplished. When people ask me how you can give up your puppy. I tell them about Dublin and other working guide dogs and how they are able to bring independence back to a person’s life. Thanks everyone for joining us on Dublin’s journey to become a guide dog. And guess what…look who joined our household…stay tuned for more videos about our latest Puppy In Training.

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Is This The End? Of Course Not, It’s Only The Beginning

Dublin On Break
Dublin On Break

If you watched the entire video then you saw Adelle our latest Puppy In Training. We’re training Adelle for a different school called Canine Support Teams (CST).

CST Service dogs are placed with people who use wheelchairs, walkers, crutches or canes, have Autism, Epilepsy, Seizures, Diabetes, Combat Veterans with PTSD and more. Raising and training a Canine Support Teams puppy is a little bit different then Guide Dogs of America (GDA).

However, our goal remains the same: We strive to best prepare our puppy to help others as a working assistance dog. Stay tuned for upcoming adventures of our latest Puppy In Training, Adelle and her journey to become a working Service Dog.

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  1. Hi Colby, how fabulous to see all your hard work come to fruition.
    Please can you point me in the right direction for stopping my 14 week old lab from biting the leash?
    He seems to like eating stones grass dirt and metal on the leash as well as the leash itself at times.

  2. Hi Cara,

    Early congratulations on getting a new puppy and thank you for rescuing from a shelter.

    We always close the door to our crates on the first night even though it’s a little sudden for the puppy. However, we do as much as possible before and after to make it a comfortable place for our puppy like giving her meals in her crate, putting play toys in their that she will enjoy (stuffing a KONG with treats works well), rubbing plush toys on litter mates (if that’s possible) and putting them in the crate. There are lots of different things you can do to make the crate an enjoyable place for your puppy.

    Dogs/puppies are very smart. If/when you respond to their barks they will learn what you do when they bark. In general I do my best to ignore most barking. I have a puppy in the house right now and she will sometimes bark for attention. I just ignore her barks and when she stops and starts doing something else I give her praise for choosing a different activity other than barking.

    It shouldn’t cause problems, but you will have to re-train her to start going to the back door rather than the front. It’s not too difficult. All of my puppies learn to potty out on the patio through the side door, but when they get older they learn to wait by the front door.

    Good luck with your training!

  3. Hi Jenny,

    That’s great! That’s cool you got to see Ranger and his partner.

    I’m so happy that we get to see Dublin and his family now and then. I love seeing him work and getting the opportunity to play with him is icing on the cake. Liz and her family are so awesome they sent us letters after our visit thanking us for stopping by.

    Hopefully we get to see our pups again soon!

  4. I’m very proud of Dublin and Adelle is doing great. I wish I heard more back from my other dogs, but I’m sure Apache and Derby are having great lives with their new families.

  5. Hi Colby! I’ve been reading through almost all of your posts for a few days now as we are getting ready to bring a puppy home from a shelter when she is old enough. So many of my questions were answered but I am still wondering a couple things: I feel confident about crate training, we’ve found a good crate and picked a spot by our bed for it. But we are nervous about “making” her sleep in it the first night. A lot of articles say to crate train slowly so that the puppy is happy to go into the crate, and not to shut it until the pup is happy and willing to be in the crate. But obviously we can’t get through all that training in the first night so do we still close it the first couple nights she’s here? Also, where is the line between comforting your pup and meeting their needs and accidentally training them to bark everytime she wants something for the rest of her life? My in-laws dogs do this all day and I’m incredibly nervous she’ll pick up on their behavior.

    My other question regards the house breaking you talked about. We know the spot we want to designate, but it’s in our fenced in front yard as it’s safer and easier to watch her, but eventually we’d like her to be able to use the back yard as it has a dog door and is much bigger for playing. Will potty training her in the front yard cause any problems with using the backyard later?

    Thank you!!!!

  6. This April we spent a long afternoon with guide dog Ranger and his partner in Orlando, FL. It is a fantastic experience seeing your puppy do what he was raised to do. It makes all the hard work and long hours worth it. Thanks for sharing your video of Dublin.

  7. I’m so excited to see that you’re going to be training another puppy! Adelle is adorable. Dublin is really doing a fantastic job, too. You must be so proud of him!

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