Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food Review – How To Find A Good Dog Food #GrainFreeForMe

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Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food Review

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We’ve done research on many different brands and when it comes to dog food Wellness® has stood at the top of our list.  That’s why today we are bringing you our NEW reinvented Wellness® Complete Health Line of Dog Food Review!

I’ll come right out and say it: we are definitely not dog food experts and if you’ve raised a Labrador Retriever you already know they are not picky eaters.  In fact, I’m pretty sure you could feed our black Lab, Stetson a bowl full of rocks and dirt and he’d enjoy it as much as a filet mignon.

When it comes to dog food we’ve done our best to try and find a high quality kibble for our personal pets and service dog pups.

How To Find A Good Dog Food

Lets take a closer look at what goes on before we make a decision on what kibble is best for our dogs.

New Wellness Complete Health Grain Free
Linus: When do I get to try the NEW Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food?

1. Visit DogFoodAdvisor.com

The Dog Food Advisor website does research, reviews, and rates thousands of dog foods.  What do we look at when visiting Dog Food Advisor:

  1. Detailed reviewcheck out the review here.
  2. Star rating – Wellness Complete Health Line gets 4 out of 5 stars
  3. User feedback – it’s a new product and there are currently zero comments

2. Visit Amazon

I do two things at Amazon.com.  First I like to check the product descriptions and images.  It’s also important to check out some if not all of the customer reviews on the site.

In the case of Wellness Complete Health Line of Dog Food 2,697 customer reviews with an average rating of 4 1/2 stars.

3. Visit Your Local PetSmart!

I always want to touch and feel products before purchasing and one thing that jumped out at me when viewing Wellness products at PetSmart is the packaging.  It’s sealed air tight and also has a ziplock feature that allows you to reseal the bag after opening.  I’m very impressed with how Wellness packages their food compared to their competitors.

4. Analyze the Dog Food Label

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a dog food expert, but here are a few pointers I’ve learned along the way when reading a dog food label:

  • Check to make sure animal proteins make up the primary ingredients.  Complete Health Grain Free Recipes has balanced blends of high quality proteins.
  • Check to see that this food is AAFCO Approved.  This is clearly printed on the label.
  • Check and see if it is made in the USA.  You can actually see the made in the USA in the top pic.  Check the bottom right corner.

Archer And Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food

Wellness Natural Food For Pets

Archer has recently started eating the Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food (Whitefish) and so far he loves it, but don’t forget Labs love all and anything resembling food.  However, we are very happy with the nutritional value of Wellness’s Complete Health Line of dog food and I’d like to highlight that the food we are reviewing is grain free.  This is a huge plus for our Black Lab, Stetson as he is allergic to grains.

While we only recently changed Archer’s diet over to Wellness Complete Health Grain Free we’re hoping to see improvements in digestion (his poop odor is potent) and a lower maintenance coat (he’s a heavy shedder).

We’ll report back next month on Archer and his progress with his new doggy diet.  Stay tuned…

The Wellness Complete Health Line of dog food can be purchased at your local PetSmart

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Have you tried Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Dog Food?

New Wellness Complete Health Line Dog Food
Archer: I’m ready to eat my new dog food! 🙂

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  1. My dog Trey is such a picky eater but now with Wellness I can’t stop her from eating! When I switched over I had to take her bowl away because she kept wanting more. At least now she’s eating healthier food so I hope she won’t be such fatso anymore.

  2. I have a German Shepard pup and after reading this I am wondering if switching to a grain free product, such as the one reviewed, might be beneficial to him. He also sheds like crazy and has itchy skin. I’ll definitely give it a try. Thanks puppy in training!

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