Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Review

I’m not sure if you guys remember, but my black Labrador Retriever, Stetson is a fast eater! Ever since I started posting about Stetson and his fast eating skills (is it really a skill?) I’ve received hundreds of questions and comments from people saying “My Dog Eats To Fast!”  If you’ve been following along then you’ve probably seen a few other of our dog bowl reviews.  Some of the slow feeder dog bowls we reviewed worked okay while others really did not slow Stetson down one bit.  So we continue to search for new options to slow down my speed eating dog.

Good news arrived in the mail the other day in the form of a brand new Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl (affiliate link)!  It’s been a while since we reviewed a dog bowl for fast eaters.  However, I’m sure Stetson is up to the challenge and hopefully this dog bowl will be the solution to slow down Stetson’s speed eating habit.

By the way, make sure you read all the way through to the bottom as we are going to giveaway a Martha Stewart Pet Slow Feeder Dog Bowl to 1 of our lucky readers.

So lets get hopping!  Here’s our latest review in our series of “Dog Bowls For Fast Eaters“!

Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Review

The tale of the tape.  So what’s this new slow feeder bowl all about?

Product Description From

It’s important to slow down you dog’s food intake, especially for giant, barrel-chested breeds. Eating too fast can lead to choking, obesity, or canine bloat.

  • Do not microwave
  • Dishwasher safe with a pet-safe detergent

Designed to slow your pet’s food intake. Non-skid bottom. Shaped hand-grip makes bowls easier to pick up & put down with fewer spills.

  • Medium measures 16.9 fl oz (1.06 pints, 500 ml)
  • Large measures 27.1 fl oz (1.69 pints, 800ml)

From The Back Of The Packaging

Obstacle – Simple obstacles of different heights force your dog to eat slowly, reducing the risk of choking and bloat

Non-Skid Bowl – The non-skid bottom and generous weight prevent shifting through mealtime.  Rubber base will not leave marks on flooring.  The shaped hand-grip makes the bowl easier to pick up and put down with fewer spills.

Canine Bloat (Orgastric Torsion) is a serious and sometimes fatal intestinal condition that occurs when dogs eat or drink too much too quickly and then engage in excessive exercise.

Symptoms Include:

  • abdominal distension
  • excessive salivation
  • dry heaving
  • restlessness
  • increased heart rate

To prevent bloat, slow down your dog’s eating and make sure he remains inactive for two to three hours afterward.  Please monitor your pet while feeding.  If you believe your dog is experiencing bloat, please get your dog to veterinarian immediately.

Made of melamine and silicone

A Few Pics Of The Martha Stewart Dog Bowl

Here are a few pictures I took.  Sorry about my photography skills.

The Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Bowl was the first bowl we reviewed that came in actual packaging which made me feel like it might be a more high quality product.  Check out the picture below to get a feel for the packaging on our newest dog bowl.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl with Martha Stewart Label
Full Martha Stewart packaged Slow Feeder Dog Bowl (affiliate link in image)

One problem with this packaging is you really can’t see what this dog bowl is all about until you remove the sash across the middle.  Here’s what the dog bowl looks like in all it’s glory from an aerial view.

Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Above
Above Shot of the Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Finally we removed the packaging and we wanted to get a nice picture of this bowl from more of a side view. You can’t see it in this picture, but there’s also a groove in the base that makes it easier to pick this dog bowl up off the floor.  Another thing you cannot see in these pictures is this dog bowl has a rubber lining along the base that makes for a non skid bottom.

Full View of the Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
Full View of the Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Another point that is difficult to see in this picture is the height of each pillar.  There are 3 pillars and they vary in height from the shortest on the right side, medium on the left and the tallest pillar near the top of this picture.

More Initial Observations of the Martha Stewart Pets Dog Bowl

As I mentioned earlier my initial thoughts after seeing the packaging was that this dog bowl was going to be a higher quality product then the slow feeder dog bowls I’ve reviewed in the past.  In most cases this is true.  This dog bowl is heavier and much more solid then all dog bowl’s I’ve reviewed except for the Metal BrakeFast Dog Bowl.

Most of the other bowls I reviewed skidded around when Stetson tried to eat.  I had read that this was one of the features to slow eating.  I was a bit skeptical, but I could see how this might slow eating. At the same time I thought they may have been trying to cut costs.  The Martha Stewart slow feeder dog bowl has a nice rubber lining that circles the base and feels like it will keep the bowl in place while Stetson eats.

The obstacles in this bowl have a kidney bean shape and vary in height.  This is slightly different then most other bowls we’ve tried.  Other bowls used different chambers or obstacles that were all the same in size and shape.

I’m very excited to test out this slow feeder dog bowl and can’t wait to see how it performs with Stetson and his speed eating.

We’re going to give Stetson a week to use his new slow feeder dog bowl and see how it holds up to a real speed eating champion.  Next week we will have a video review of the Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl along with our thoughts and conclusions about this dog bowl.  So make sure you subscribe to our blog or one of our social media channels so you don’t miss our video review!

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The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Giveaway

It’s simple!  All you have to do is leave us a comment telling us little bit about your dog and why he/she could use a Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl.  That’s it!  As an added bonus we’ll enter your name a 2nd time if you “Like” our  Facebook page (let us know with a comment that you “Liked” us so we can add that 2nd entry).  We’ll use to choose a lucky winner next Friday, May 18th.

Special thanks to PetSmart for providing a free product sample in order to do our review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


  1. Sammi says

    My dog bolts her food down in seconds. Would be interesting to see if a special bowl would make a difference.

    • says

      Hi Sammi,

      Your dog sounds like my Stetson. We’re excited to test this slow feeder bowl and plan on having a video review up next week. I also see that you already “Like” our Facebook page so I’ll make sure to add a 2nd entry for you into our giveaway.


        • says

          Hi Joey,

          Unfortunately, I don’t have the packaging for the bowl anymore. If you have a PetSmart nearby I think they still carry the large version of this bowl.

          One thing I’d like to add is while this was one of our favorite slow feeder bowls ours cracked when my mother dropped it. It’s not as durable as the stainless steel bowls and some of the other plastic bowls we’ve used. The Martha Stewart bowl is made of a hard plastic that apparently is not too durable. If you do decide to purchase this dog bowl make sure your careful not to drop it.

          Take care,

  2. Jennifer Leonard says

    I would love to try this bowl for my husband’s dog, Mishka. She sometimes eats her food so quickly that she ends up throwing it all up afterward. I think a bowl like this could really help her out.

    I’d also like to tell you how much I love your website, particularly the videos about Dublin, and I have liked your Facebook page. Mishka is being trained to be a seizure response dog for my husband so it has been a great resource for us.

    • says

      Hi Jennifer,

      Stetson used to through up regularly after meals or he would choke on his food. He does a little better now, but he still eats too fast for his own good. We’ll have the video of him eating with his new bowl next week.

      I’m glad you like our website and Dublin’s videos. I’m hoping to get one more video of Dublin working with his new partner, Liz in Arizona.

      I’ll make sure you get 2 entries (1 for the comment and 1 for the Facebook “like”) into the Martha Stewart Slow Feeder Dog Bowl drawing.

      Take care,

  3. Shawnna Maxwell says

    My guide dog Biwa would benefit from a bowl like this since she acts more like a vaccum than a dog at meal time. Lol. Biwa does not throw up after inhaling her food, but it has not helped her girlish figure either! Loved following Dublin’s journey.


    • says

      Hi Shawna!

      Biwa sounds like she’s related to Stetson! They both inhale their food. I’m glad you liked following Dublin’s journey.

      Take care,

  4. Heidi says

    Humphrey is just under 5mths old. He is a fast eater and I was floored the first time he threw up in the car, hours after eating and his belly was full of unchewed kibble. He has a toy that dispenses kibble in small amounts but we are still working on a better solution. Especially now because he needs 2 cups per meal, and we are still going up!

    • says

      Hi Heidi,

      We’ve already started using the Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl and it has been working well with Stetson. I will have a video review posted to the blog early next week. By the way, we also received a KONG Wobbler which we plan on reviewing in the coming weeks. The KONG Wobbler sounds like it’s very similar to the “toy that dispenses kibble” that you mentioned.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Allison says

    My parents dog yuki is a fast eater for food that she likes (the food she doesn’t like either end up left in the bowl or spit back out on the floor). She is a Yorkie, so it looks like this bowl is too big for her. Does it come in a smaller size?

    • says

      Hi Allison!

      As far as I know there are 2 different sizes:

      Medium: 16.9 fl oz
      Large: 27.1 fl oz

      We have the large bowl which has worked very well in our tests. We used 1 1/2 cups of kibble in our tests. Make sure you check out our video review which we will have posted early next week.

      Take care,

    • says

      Hi Kyle,

      Our early results show that the slow feeder dog bowl is slowing down Stetson’s eating. Check out the our video review later this week to see how much the new bowl is helping our fast eating dog.


    • says

      I think the bowl might be a little large for a cat. I’ll have the video review up soon and maybe that will help you better determine if this bowl would work for your cat.

  6. Miko says

    I like the design of this bowl. It’s more modern looking than some of the other options, so it would look nice in my house. I think my dog would approve too! Plus, the no slide feature seems like a well thoughtful design.

    • says

      Hi Miko!

      Yes, I think the bowl would probably make for some nice decor in your house! I think Stetson is going to give it the thumbs up in his video review.


  7. Anne says

    My lab Millie eats like a vacuum cleaner….I’m always trying to feed her a little at a time to try and slow her down. The bowl seems like its worth a shot! Thanks for the time & review–

    • says

      Hi Anne,

      All of my Labs eat like vacuum cleaners, but Stetson is the champion. We’ll have his video review up on the blog soon. Stay tuned!


  8. Irene says

    Our Yorkie gobbles her favorite foods. I think the pillars would make it more difficult for her to find her food, therefore slowing her gobbling down. It will be more of a challenge for her. Also, the bowl looks easy to clean.

    • says

      Hi Irene,

      Yes, the bowls are easy to clean. So far Stetson really likes his new bowl and he’ll have his video review up on the blog really soon.

      Take care,

    • says

      Hi John,

      WOW! That’s a fast eater! I think she might be topping my fast eating pup, Stetson. Our video review shows that this slow feeder dog bowl is really helping Stetson. I should have it posted a little later today.

      Take care,

  9. megan says

    Hi Colby!

    Our 4 1/2 month old yellow lab Tucker sure could benefit from this bowl. No sooner than we put his bowl down and turn around its gone. He eats so fast that we had to place rubber mat down so it.doesn’t skid all over the place, which increases his choking. We have been doing some research on which is the beat “slow down” bowl maybe well get a chance to use this one.

    • says

      Hi Megan,

      All of my Labs have been super fast eaters. We’ve tested many slow feeder dog bowls and so far we like this one the best. Some have been better at slowing down Stetson’s eating while others are more durable, but this one seems to meet our needs the best. I’ll put together a round up post of all the slow feeder dog bowls we’ve reviewed and post it tomorrow. By the way, if you “liked” our Facebook page please let me know here so I can add another entry for you to the giveaway.


  10. Denise A Macias says

    My pup, Raven, is two years old. She can chow down her food in less two minutes. She’s done by the time I’ve put the container with her kibble away! She’s a Chiweenie and I worry that she’s not chewing but just inhaling her food. Being a small dog I’m concerned. I think this bowl would bring me piece of mind.

    • says

      Hi Denise,

      Yes, I get worried with Stetson’s eating too especially when he chokes or vomits. This bowl comes in 2 sizes: Medium and Large. I hope one of those 2 works for your Chiweenie.

      Take care,

  11. Naomi says

    I would enjoy trying this bowl out for our 1 year old, service puppy in training Google. He eats as if someone is going to steal his food- and he eventually ends up choking and bringing it back up undigested seconds later. Would love the chance to use it, meanwhile I’ll try researching of other ‘slow down’ ways.

    • says

      Hi Naomi,

      This bowl may work for your service puppy. We’ve reviewed a few slow feeder dog bowls and this one is probably our favorite. I’m also planning on posting a recap post of all the slow feeder dog bowls we’ve reviewed over the years. I’m going to try and get that post out tomorrow.

      Take care,

  12. Fonda M. Bray says

    I also have this problem with a couple of my small dogs. One will also choke she eats so fast. I would love to win this bowl and see if it works for them.

    • says

      Hi Fonda!

      The bowl comes in 2 sizes medium and large. Hopefully one of those 2 sizes works for your dogs. Thanks for stopping by.


  13. Ingrid Russell says

    I so want to try this on my rescue dogs! many of them were starved and tend to really wolf down their food (since many of them take some time to realize they will always have food now). I think this would really do the trick!

    • says

      Hi Ingrid,

      Thank you for working with the rescue dogs. Some of the pups we worked with when we were fosters acted the same way like it was going to be their last meal.

      Take care,

  14. Karen says

    Hi Colby-
    I’m not writing about the contest, as I know it’s passed. I just wanted to say thank you for your review and the information on the product. My dog, Deuce, recently had emergency surgery due to bloat. The surgery was a success and he’s recovering slowly but well. Deuce like your Stetson likes to inhale his food. I’ve been trying to research different types of bowls that will help him eat slower. Are you still using the Martha Stewart bowl with Stetson? Thanks again for the review.

  15. Judith says

    Here’s an expert opinion – most of what I’m reading supports this. I’ve read a study of almost 2,000 dogs that also supports NO raised dog bowls to prevent blout – as a matter of fact – the study shows that raised bowls are one of the primary CAUSES of bloat. The other causes are genetic predisposition, eating & exercise, eating too much food at once instead of spreading out the food by feeding several times a day. Here’s a link to one reference:

    • says

      Thanks for the link and advice! I always worry about Stetson and bloat because he eats so fast. I’m always looking for dog bowls and other product that will help slow down his eating.

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