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Martha Stewart Pets – Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Video Review

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If you haven’t already seen our initial reaction post to the Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl then make sure you go back and take a look at our first review: Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Review.  We go over all of our initial reactions and thoughts about this new slow feeder dog bowl.

After pounding, playing, and using this new dog bowl for the past week we put together a short video review of Stetson using the dog bowl along with our awesome (not really) commentary.

So lets get to that video review shall we?

Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Video Review by Stetson

Video Transcription

Welcome to the PuppyInTraining.com Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Review (affiliate link).

Here’s our new slow feeder dog bowl which came in some very nice packaging quite different from bowls we reviewed in the past.

The Martha Stewart Bowl had a nice little niche along the bottom which made it easy to pick up off the floor as well as a no skid rubber bottom that you can see if you look closely.

You can’t tell from video, but this bowl was much sturdier and felt higher quality then some of the other dog bowls we reviewed.

Okay…now here’s Stetson putting this new dog bowl to the true test.

Stetson’s eating 1 ½ cups of kibble out of his new slow feeder dog bowl. And in the upper right corner he’s eating the same amount out of a standard dog food bowl.

After reviewing these videos of Stetson eating I noticed that he takes large gulps when using a standard dog bowl. However, when using the Martha Stewart Slow Feeder Dog Bowl he tends to take much smaller bites.

As you can see in the video. The pillars prevent Stetson from taking those large gulps.

Another thing that you probably can’t see in this video is that each pillar or obstacle is a different height and has a kidney shape.

We’ve been looking for a good slow feeder dog bowl because Stetson regularly chokes on his food while using his regular bowl and every so often he does throw up 🙁

I timed Stetson using his regular stainless steel bowl several times and on average it takes him about 1 minute to polish off 1 ½ cups of food.

We’re going to speed things up a bit here. Using his new Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl(affiliate link) Stetson took on average about 2 minutes to finish off his food. That’s a huge difference!

The biggest bonus for us is that during our week long test Stetson never experienced choking or vomiting using his new slow feeder dog bowl.

One other big plus is slowing down Stetson’s eating may help prevent canine bloat which is a serious and sometimes fatal intestinal condition.

Special thanks to PetSmart for providing a free product sample in order to do our review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

My Final Thoughts On The Martha Stewart Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Stetson And His Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
Stetson And His New Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

After using this new slow feeder dog bowl for over a week I did find some advantages and disadvantages to the bowl.  Here’s a look at my thoughts and reactions:


  • Good Dog Bowl For Fast Eaters – and definitely slowed down Stetson’s eating by doubling his eating time from 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Nice Solid Construction.  Much nicer than every “plastic” dog bowl we’ve reviewed.
  • Feels Very Durable in comparison to most of the other dog bowls we’ve reviewed.
  • Better Design Features. I liked several of the design features: niche in the side, no skid rubber bottom, kidney shaped pillars, and the varying heights of the pillars.
  • Nice Packaging – I’m not sure if this is a plus, but it makes the bowl seem higher quality to start.
  • Makes Stetson Move While He Eats – If you notice in the video while Stetson eats out of his regular dog bowl he just stands in one place and gulps down his food.  When using his new slow feeder dog bowl he’s constantly moving around the bowl trying to get at his kibble.  This was a result of the no skid bottom along with the pillars blocking the kibble.


  •  Still Eats Fast At The Beginning – If you noticed in the video when Stetson finishes his last morsel of food with his regular bowl he only has maybe a 1/4 of his food left in his slow feeder bowl.  The Martha Stewart Bowl really slows Stetson down for the last 1/2 to 1/4 cup.  However, the first cup or so he can eat fairly fast.  The good news is his bites are smaller throughout and he doesn’t seem to gulp like he does with his regular bowl.
  • Made of Plastic – It’s a plastic bowl.  In general I prefer my standard stainless steel bowl.  Mainly because in the past I’ve had dogs that have had allergic reactions to plastic and the plastic seems to harbor bacteria more easily sometimes causing canine acne.  However, this bowl is made of melamine and silicone which appears to be a very sturdy material and I’m not too sure if I’d have the same problems that I’ve had with regular plastic bowls.

We really liked this new dog bowl and we plan on continuing to use it as Stetson’s regular dog bowl.  If we find any other pluses or minuses to this new bowl then we’ll let you know about it with a follow up blog post.

However, at this point I have to say it’s our favorite of the slow feeder dog bowls we’ve reviewed.

If you’ve used this bowl or another similar dog bowl then I’d love to hear what you thought.  Tell us about your experience with slow feeder dog bowls in the comment section below.

The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Giveaway

Okay folks!  You have one more chance to enter our slow feeder dog bowl giveaway.  All you have to do is leave us a comment and this time we’ll keep it nice and simple…just tell us your dogs name, age, and breed plus anything else you’d like to tell us.

That’s all you have to do to enter our Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl(affiliate link) drawing!  We’ll use Random.org to choose a lucky winner next Friday, May 18th.

If you haven’t already seen our initial review then make sure you check out Martha Stewart Pets Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Review.

Special thanks to PetSmart for providing a free product sample in order to do our review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. My KatieBear was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. She just had surgery and is recovering. It was suggested that I get a slow feeder bowl so I have been searching. I lost her older brother to bloat which still haunts me and now her litter mate is exhibiting similar symptoms. I have 5 all together, the youngest a golden Pyrenees, prime for developing this condition as well so I will have to invest in probably 5 of these feeders. Thank you for reviewing them especially since I had no idea there was any such thing to help slow down gulpers. Perhaps my Jesse would still be alive had i known.

  2. Sorry for the late response. I’m glad the bowl worked for you. Stetson is still the champion at my house when it comes to fast eating!

  3. Hi Colby I know this comment may be a little late & I am not sure it will show up on your comments but our dog Sophie is a super fast eater so we tried the Martha Stewart feed bowl also. Sophie was throwing up hours after she ate with her regular bowl but since she has been eating out of the slow feeder dog bowl she does not or not as often by any means throw up she burps but does not throw up. This bowl works amazing and we are in the process of buying a few more of these bowls because they work so well. Thank you and Stetson for showing this video to help others with this problem with their dogs. Keep up the awesome work. Love to you and Stetson.

  4. Burgess my little king charles puppy is only 12 weeks and he eats like a gluttern!

  5. Hi Daniela,

    I’m glad the bowl is working with your dog. So far we’ve liked it the best out of all the slow feeder dog bowls we’ve tried. However, be careful because it’s not as durable as we thought as my mother dropped it and cracked our bowl on her tile floors.

    Take care,

  6. I bought this bowl and really does the trick. I just feed my dog one cup at a time rather than two, which helps to slow him. down as well.

  7. This was the large dog bowl. It’s possible that the medium bowl may have slowed him down more. I guess I wouldn’t really know until I had a chance to test it. However, I did notice that he had a harder time eating as fast when he got closer to the end of his meal.

  8. Was this the medium or large dog bowl? I’m thinking a the medium one would slow things down more?

  9. Hi Marilyn,

    Since Stetson has skin allergies I have considered moving him to a raw food diet, but really I have not done much research at this time. I like to do thorough reading before I make any changes in Stetson’s diet. I also have several friends who are vets that I would consult before making a change.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much to tell you, but I definitely will write about it on the blog if I decide to move Stetson to a raw diet or try the raw meaty bones diet. As you said it does make a lot of sense. Thanks for telling me about your dog!

    Take care,

  10. Hi Colby. I’ve changed Snowie’s food from kibble to mainly raw. He was scratching his armpits till they were red and raw, and he was only 4 months. Broke my heart. I am sceptical about feeding a dog out of a bag that can last a year, even though it is Hills for large breed puppies. At first i felt i had to give my Lab the best possible chance at good health. But i was put onto raw food by the breeder of his father. It’s basically raw chicken and beef minced up with ground bone and some fruit and veg and garlic, all raw. Pret disgusting for a vegetarian (thats me) but his skin has improved. I feed him raw twice a day with added rice and raw veg, and for dinner he gets cooked veg and rice because my vegetarian husband wont touch the raw meat. I also add ground spirulina, olive oil, ground flaxseed, fresh origano and fresh mint from the garden. His eyes are also looking beter – less discharge.

    Admitedly i also washed all the carpets where i’d sprayed the enzyme spray when he weed there a couple of times and i removed a down pillow from his sleeping area in case he was allergic to feathers.

    But now i’ve read about the raw meaty bones diet for dogs and how giving them meat on bones really slows down their eating. It makes so much sense to me, because there is no reason to chew kibble or the minced raw diet i give Snowie. When i give him a whole carrot, he munches it slowly. An advocate for raw meaty bones and organ meats says it’s cheaper than kibble and that is all your dog needs – no supplements, no additional food, no oil, no garlic, nothing!

    Im interested to know what you think about kibble vs raw, and raw meaty bones for slowing down eating.

  11. Hi Popcorn!

    I’m glad you liked Stetson’s video review. A slow feeder dog bowl might be good for you. Hopefully you’re not choking and vomiting like Stetson sometimes does.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Hi Emi,

    Yes, we really liked the Martha Stewart Slow Feeder Dog Bowl. The other dog bowl we really liked was the metal BrakeFast bowl, but we think that one may have chipped Stetson tooth because of his violent eating.


  13. Hey Colby, thanks for doing a video review on slow feeder dog bowls. 🙂 Popcorn gobbles her kibbles in under a minute! I should really consider getting her a slow feeder dog bowl! Thank you so much for your recommendation 🙂 We really appreciate it! :} Have a Happy Thursday! Xoxo, Popcorn!

  14. That bowl looks better than all the others. I like the kidney shapes and roundness of the sides. I remember seeing a dog with another slow feeder bowl that was drawing blood from either the mouth or nose of the dog. I think the edges were too sharp on that one.

  15. Also, we’re going to review and giveaway a KONG Wobbler next week. It’s more of a dog toy, but it’s something we’re trying with Stetson to see if it slows down his eating.

  16. Hi Ingrid,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, this bowl has helped Stetson with his fast eating. I’m also going to put together a blog post highlighting some of the other slow feeder dog bowls we’ve reviewed.

    Take care,

  17. Hi Fonda,

    Stetson still eats pretty fast, but he hasn’t choked on his food since we started using this bowl. I think the bowl will probably work for small dogs too. By the way, did you “like” the Facebook page too. I just want to make sure so I can add an extra entry into the drawing.


  18. Hi Rissa,

    I didn’t know Sienna was a Gobbler like Stetson! She must have a love for food too!

    Take care,

  19. I have a rescue German Shephard that I am dying to try this bowl with! She was starved, and now she really wolfs down her food then proceeds to choke. I think this bowl would really help her.

  20. Our German Shepherd, George, doesn’t gulp his food, but it would be fun to have him eat around the different kidney-beaned shaped columns. This would give him some additional mental stimulation which he needs and maybe encourage him to be more interested in his food.

  21. It’s good to know others have had a problem with fast eaters. I hope they work for small dogs too. Thanks for taking the time to do a video. I’m sure Stetson will be healthier eatting his food slower.

  22. This would be perfect for my Dad’s dog, Sienna. She is a golden retriever mix and tends to gobble her food quickly like Stetson. I will recommend it for her!

  23. Hi Allison,

    The bowls with the trick compartments make your dogs think which is also mentally stimulating. However, we do like this bowl better because it’s a lot easier to clean then the interactive dog bowls (dog toys).


  24. Hi Irene!

    They have a Medium and Large size bowl. It actually works a little better when there is less kibble. If you noticed in the video Stetson had more trouble getting to the last 1/2 – 1/4 cup then he did eating the first cup.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Hi Sabrina,

    This is the first Martha Stewart product we’ve tested and we’re very pleased with it’s quality. Can you do me a favor and let me know here if you “liked” our Facebook page. That way I can add another entry for you into our giveaway.


  26. Hi Denise,

    I know what you mean about watching your dog eat to make sure she doesn’t throw up. As I mentioned this is probably our favorite slow feeder dog bowl. Also, can you let me know here if you “liked” our Facebook page. That way I can add another entry for you into our giveaway.


  27. Hi Naomi,

    Stetson is a former guide dog in training! Also, can you let me know here if you “liked” our Facebook page. That way I can add another entry for you into our giveaway.


  28. I like this bowl much better than some of the other slow-feeder bowls I have seen. I always feel bad when the dogs are tricked into eating their food…like the bowls that have secret compartments and different doors that the dogs have to try to open to get their food…I don’t like those. This is one is straight forward without any bells or whistles and still manages to do the job well. Good job to Martha Stewart…and you and Stetson too!

  29. Hi John!

    We tried adding the pebbles to the bowl to slow down eating. We also saw a product designed specifically as an obstacle to put in your dog bowl. We like this bowl better than all the other slow feeder dog bowls we reviewed so far. The other one I’d consider is the Metal Brake Fast Bowl. The main reason we stopped using the metal brake fast bowl was because Stetson can be pretty violent when he was eating and we were worried that he might be chipping his teeth on the metal pillars. The plastic is much more forgiving. Here’s a link to the brake fast bowl if you want to take a look: https://puppyintraining.com/metal-brake-fast-dog-food-bowl-review/

    Thanks for stopping by!

  30. It seems to work well with Stetson. It’s nice how you synchronized the video of Stetson eating out of his regular bowl to compare. I don’t think they make the bowl small enough for our Yorkie.

  31. Hi Snoopy!

    Stetson was actually eating a lot slower than normal in the video. He amazes me sometimes on how fast he can swallow food. We’ve tried several slow feeder dog bowls. Some have pillars, others have chambers, one had a dog bone shaped obstacle, and finally some are more dog toy then dog bowl, but whatever works…right?

    Have a great day!

  32. Great video!! Thanks for testing it out. Martha Stewart products are very nice for my pups!

  33. I am thinking this is a very ingenious idea!! I love the little pillars in the bowl. I have to watch my pup eat each meal to make sure she doesn’t throw up after eating her kibble. This bowl will allow me to just place her food in the bowl and walk away!!

  34. I enjoyed seeing the comparison of the regular bowl and his new ‘slow down’ bowl. Google, our service puppy in training is like Stetson, and we have tried different things to slow him down, but they don’t work for long. Good video, and the commentary was clear and understandable 🙂

  35. Hi Colby!

    I love this bowl! I might be making a trip to Pet Smart this weekend! Adding a whole minute is a big change. I have one question, the first time you used the bowl did Stetson ever hesitate? Thanks for your hard work and devotion. I love this web site!

  36. Hi Colby!

    Great – looks like the bowl really helped! Thanks for uploading the video!

    Will definitely be purchasing one. I’ve been putting big pebbles in the bowl at the minute just to get her to slow down! This is a dream of a product for me!

  37. Looks like a great bowl. Torrey eats kind of fast, Not as fast as your Stetson though.

  38. Hi Colby and Stetson,

    That was a great video guys!! I loved how you had the comparison video in the corner – it sure took Stetson a lot longer to eat out of his new bowl, though I think he was trying really hard to match his previous eating record of 1 minute!! 🙂

    Those little pillars look cool, we’ve not seen a slow feeder bowl with those before…..

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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