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I’m revamping the Puppy In Training newsletter and thought I’d shoot off a quick post to encourage any of my RSS subscribers or daily web visitors to join today.  In case you hadn’t noticed I haven’t had our newsletter sign up form in the sidebar for a while, but I’m working to redesign this website and make it much easier to find things like newsletter sign up form, RSS subscription counts, and all the other important information you expect to find on the Puppy In Training website.

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  1. Mel Burgin says

    Hi I have a 18 month old black lab who is farely well behaved apart from around six months ago he started weeing in the kitchen and now wees most of the time indoors I have recently kitted him out my sons shed with his blankets toys etc so he can be outside and then go indoors when he wants he has destryed the floor by weeing pooing all over it and the dopor is left open constantly he also has around sixteen feet of outside area im so at my wits end with him cant shout at him because he never does it when im there I could stay an hour watching him as soon as im out the door he wees please any suggestions Thankyou

    • says

      Hi Mel,

      The best thing to do would be to contact a local certified dog trainer for an in-home evaluation so they can see first hand what’s going on with you and your pup. I’d go back to the basics of potty training with your puppy. First start off by thoroughly cleaning your floors with an enzymatic cleaner that will remove all urine and poop smells (remember your dogs nose can pickup scents thousands of times better then you). I’m not sure if you crated trained your pups, but here are a few articles on how we potty and crate train our pups:


      Best of luck with your training!

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