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I finally chose a puppy name for little “D” puppy. Sorry it took so long, but our Puppy Program Manager at Guide Dogs of America was on vacation for the past week. I submitted my list of potential puppy names to GDA last Friday and got word back today on what names were available.

Puppy Names

Just last week I found out and decided to raise a puppy from the “D” litter for Guide Dogs of America. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts then you’ll see a whole slew of suggested names in the comments area of the following post: How To Name Your Guide Dog Puppy. I also added alphabetical lists of puppy names to the right sidebar and to the top navigation bar of this blog (I plan on removing the links on the side, but will most likely leave a link in the top navigation).Stetson Hat

My first dogs name was Stetson and if you read my post How To Name Your Guide Dog Puppy then you know the story about how I came up with his name. Stetson is a hat and a cologne. Some suggested Drakkar as a suitable “D” puppy name and liked continuing the cologne themes. However, it appears that most people liked the hat theme and wanted to go with the name “Derby”.

After many votes and name suggestions from many different people I compiled a list that included the top 7 “D” puppy names:

  1. Derby – 9 votes
  2. Dublin – 7 votes
  3. Duke – 6 votes
  4. Denali – 5 votes
  5. Dante- 5 votes
  6. Dodger – 4 votes
  7. Darwin – 3 votes

My vote was for “Derby” and I’m glad the majority agreed with me. However I did like eachDerby Hat name on this list and wouldn’t mind using any of the names for my new puppy in training.

Early this morning I heard back from our Puppy Program Manager and the name “Derby” was available. I quickly emailed back and said “YES” Derby is the name I’d like for my new puppy.

Tomorrow I get to pickup Derby and I’m very excited. We get to see Anne and Jim, Joe and Janet, and their new little puppies…Dutch and Dexter. I’m bringing my camera and a camcorder to capture some video.

Thanks everyone for your help with all the puppy name suggestions!

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Puppy Names

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  1. @Joanna, I’m putting a post together for Derby tonight. Verrina is in our group and she is a breeder. Our group website has some pictures of her at Orange County Guide Dogs Of America(

  2. I didn’t know Verrina was in your group!! She’s a breeder, right?? I raised Verrina’s sister, Vienna. Vienna graduated back in 2005 and is living up in Canada. I just heard from her partner, and she is still doing wonderfully. 🙂

  3. @Anna and Lawrence, I added Arturo, Pomona, and Lawrence to the puppy names lists on this site.

    @Dodger, your name was in the running! I was surprised to find a yellow derby hat too.

    @Tonka and James, I was pretty lucky last night: Derby fell asleep around 11pm, woke up at 12:30am, went outside, got busy, and went back to sleep till 6:30am! I think it took Stetson about a month to sleep that many hours in a row.

  4. I’m pretty impressed you found a yellow Derby hat! I love the name “Derby.” I remain, still, the one and only Dodger Dog, aka The Artful Dodger.

  5. I love Derby! That’s such a great name! 2 of my puppies’ names never show up on the lists–Arturo and Pomona. Lawrence shows up occasionally… 😀 Yay for those obscure names!!!

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