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ComfortFlex Harness – In For Review

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I recently received an email asking me to review the ComfortFlex Harness.  Actually, the full name of this product is the ComfortFlex Sport Harness and rightfully so because it’s definitely one of the best dog harnesses for those of your dogs who love to play sports.

At the time PetPDC contacted me I had already been using an Orange ComfortFlex Sport Harness (affiliate link) with Stetson for his Nosework Training.  However, I requested a new harness so I could do a full review of the product from the time of unpacking, to fitting my dog Linus, all the way to using the product for several weeks.  In all fairness and for full disclosure PetPDC did send me 2 free ComfortFlex Sport Harnesses for review and has also agreed to send one more harness to a lucky winner.  I’m also only using one of the 2 blue ComfortFlex harnesses in my review so I will also have an extra Blue Medium sized ComfortFlex Sport Harness to give away.  Keep reading to find our how to win 1 of the 2 ComfortFlex Harnesses.

Comfortflex Sport Harness
Stetson and Linus wearing their ComfortFlex Sport Harnesses

ComfortFlex Harness – In For Review

I’m not biased, but I did know beforehand that the ComfortFlex Sport Harness was a quality product.  Stetson had for several months loved using his during his Sniffer training.  If you look back at his sniffer training article you can see that he was wearing his orange harness.  Anyhow, here are the details on this harness for dogs.

Product: ComfortFlex Sport Harness (affiliate link)

ComfortFlex Harness Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Incredibly simple to put on and take off
  • Ergonomic design allowing full range of motion
  • Dual purpose “handle” leash connection drops back along the spine to keep pressure of your dogs throat
  • Ideal for dogs with respiratory or trachea issues
  • Adjustable front chest piece for small dogs (Petite – XS) offering an even more personalized fit
  • VELCRO and Safety Snap Closure with redundant Rock Lockster side release buckle for increased safety
  • Reflective nylon strapping trim on chestpiece
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Machine Washable (Line Dry)

ComfortFlex Harness Colors

  • Kelly Green
  • Saffron
  • Hunter Orange
  • Red
  • Bordeaux
  • Mariner
  • Blue Jay
  • Berry
  • Purple
  • Raven

You can get a better idea of the colors if you visit the ComfortFlex Sports Harness sales page on Amazon  (affiliate link).

ComfortFlex Harness Sizing

It’s an ugly pictures, but take a look and measure the girth of your dog before ordering your ComfortFlex Sport Harness.  Follow the picture and table below for sizing.

ComfortFlex Harness
Sport Harness Sizing
P12 1/2″ – 15″Chihuahua, Miniatures, etc.
XXS15 1/2″ – 18 1/2″Chihuahua, Miniatures, etc.
XS18″ – 20 1/2″Terriers etc.
S20 1/2″ – 23 1/2″Shelties, Pugs, etc.
S/M21 1/2″ – 25″Shelties, Pugs
M24″ – 28″Aussies, Spaniels, etc.
M/L27 1/2″ – 32″Aussies, Spaniels, etc.
L28 1/2″ – 33 1/2″Labradors, Goldens, etc.
XL32″ – 36″Shepherds, Rotties, etc.
L37 1/2″ – 42″Giant Breeds

*These breeds are just guidelines and true measurements of the customers dog should ideally be taken.

ComfortFlex Harness Description:

The ComfortFlex Sport Harness offers you and your dog only the highest standards of safety, simplicity and security.

Unlike many harnesses, the ComfortFlex Sport Harness is designed to protect sensitive areas, like the dogs throat and underarm, during any level of exercise.  The simple yet effective ergonomic design also lets the dog retain a full range of motion without having to worry about underarm irritation or chaffing.  We have even added an adjustable front chest strap on our smaller harnesses to accomodate the wide variety of body shapes among small breeds.

As you can see, the leash attachment is located on the strap between the shoulder-blades of the dog.  This strap acts as a useful handle for holding your dog close though it’s actual purpose is to act as a fulcrum for the leash, allowing pressure to always be directed directly to the chest, never riding up on the dogs throat.

Getting dogs into this harness is incredibly easy.  Just drop it over the dogs head, secure the Velcro strap around his girth and connect the safety snap closure.  with very little practice, this can even be done with just one hand.  Due to the semi rigid construction, the harness holds its shape and is very easy to orient on the dog.  There is no struggling with figuring out if the harness is inside out or upside down.  This combination makes the ComfortFlex Sport Harness ideal for owners who may have a hard time controlling their dog to apply a harness.

When properly fit, the girth strap should sit approximately one to two fingerwidths behind the front leg.  This avoids chaffing.  You should also be able to fit two fingers (one finger for small dogs) vertically, comfortably between the harness and the area between the shoulder blades to ensure the fit isn’t too snug.  Lastly, the front chest piece should sit just above the sternum bone on the dogs chest, but below the trachea.

So that’s the description and information I received from PetPDC and pulled some of the information from the Amazon website.  Now here are some of my first thoughts on the ComfortFlex Harness.

 My Initial Thoughts On The ComfortFlex Harness

I received the ComfortFlex Sport Harness (affiliate link) in a regular brown box with 2 sport harnesses and a short flyer with general information about the harnesses.  The first thing I notice is the sturdy construction of the harness, no packaging besides the brown box just a rubber band around each harness.  I also noticed that the harness is rigid and holds it’s shape once released from it’s confines of the rubber band.  This is nice because in the past I’ve owned harnesses that collapse and sometimes it’s difficult to find up from down and left from right.

After reading through the flyer I can see that you can purchase either an extra-extra small dog harness or an extra-extra large dog harness and pretty much every size in between as well as a variety of colors.

So far so good with the ComfortFlex Sport Harness (affiliate link).  My next step is to fit it to my dog Linus.  Linus is an Australian Shepherd mix and weighs in at about 55 pounds.  Of course it’s best to measure your dogs girth and check against the chart above.  According to his breed and the chart he would fit into either a medium or a medium large.  Fortunately for us PetPDC sent us both a Medium and a Medium/Large.  The Medium/Large fits Linus perfectly the Medium is too small, and Stetson’s Large Orange ComfortFlex Harness also fits Linus okay.  As you can see in the Sport Harness Sizing Chart there is overlap between the different size harnesses.  Make sure you find one that fits you best.

ComfortFlex Harness Review
Linus wearing his ComfortFlex Harness

One thing I do recall when purchasing my initial ComfortFlex Harness for Stetson was that the shipping cost was extremely high.  I ordered from the Clean Run website and I just looked back and the total cost was $26.95 for the harness and $9.31 for shipping.  Ugh…I wasn’t too happy with the shipping cost.  However, I did notice that PetPDC is offering the harness on Amazon  (affiliate link) now.  However, I’m not too sure what the shipping cost is without going through the checkout process.

Those are my initial thoughts.  Now I’m going to put it through the test and use this new dog harness to see what I, Linus, and Stetson think of it.  Is it sturdy enough for my dog’s K9 Nosework, running, walking, and general activities?  We’ll see…

Contest Time!!!

Are you interested in receiving a FREE ComfortFlex Sport Harness???  We’re giving away 2 ComfortFlex Sport Harnesses (affiliate link) in the coming weeks.  All you have to do to be eligible for the first harness giveaway is leave us a comment below (on the PuppyInTraining.com blog) telling us what activities you do with your dog that would require a ComfortFlex Harness.  In two weeks (March 2nd – update…pushing the drawing back to March 4th…sorry) I’ll choose 1 random commenter from the comment section below.  Make sure you use a valid email address when leaving your comment so I can contact you if you’re the winner.

Just wondering have you used a ComfortFlex Sport Harness?  What do you think about these dog harnesses?  Leave us a comment to become eligible for a free ComfortFlex Sport Harness!

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  1. Hi Em and Lumen,

    You’re right, I definitely should not be complaining about the shipping. My 2 dogs didn’t have a problem wearing this harness and none of the dogs we saw in our K9 Nosework Class seemed to have a problem wearing it either, but if your dog is sensitive to wearing a harness I’m not sure if this one will be any different.

    The one thing I really like about this harness is the stiff construction which made it much easier to put on then some of the other harnesses we’ve used in the past.

    Hopefully you can find something that will work for agility.

    Take care,

  2. Thanks for the review, though I’m reading lots of positives I still don’t know whether to get one for my Aussie- she’s super body sensitive and so far most (all except one) harnesses make her super awkward. Doing agility with her, I feel bad pulling back on her collar to get her revved up and I just don’t know if this harness will be any different to all the others we’ve tried on.
    In another note, don’t complain about shipping costs- I live in Australia, and to order just a MAGAZINE from CleanRun would cost me $40 in shipping. The magazine itself would cost $6. Gotta love their ‘what ships free’ section. 😉

  3. Hi Marjorie!

    Thanks! I’m glad you’ve learned from my blog and thank you for letting me know. We use the ComfortFlex Sport Harness for our nosework classes only because every time I pull out the harness the boys know it’s time to do Nosework. We’re testing a no-pull harness that I’ll probably write about in the near future. I hope you find a harness that works with your pups.

    Take care,

  4. I have 3 rescued dogs and I think I would start with Scooter. He is an older Cairn and has trachea issues. I would also like to find one for our puppy, Abbey Jo. She is a lab mix and is very active. Thanks Colby for your blog. I love it and have learned so much from you.

  5. I’m so glad to hear it’s easy to put on…our dog Ralphie is so hyper and with my sore arthritic hands, I need EASY.

  6. I am sure many would love to have a ComfortFlex Harness to try with their animals, so choosing one person I am sure will be hard. I have a 15-month old black Labrador named Faith who is training to be my hearing dog. Over the past year I have tried a variety of collars, harnesses and head collars to see what works the best. Some of them have worked, but some of them have not. This harness would allow me to feel more comfortable walking her at places due to the reflective strips and leash handle. This harness looks like it would allow me to keep it on her unlike now when I have to switch collars/harnessesndepending on what she is doing. She is an active girl who is a typical crazy lab when not training. I know this harness would be useful to me, but I know so many others want it as well. Thanks for offering one to someone as that can help prove this harness must really be a nice one.
    -Chez and Faith

  7. I think this Comfort Harness would be perfect for Ralphie, our rescue dog. He is extremely active and bounces like Tigger. He pulls so hard he chokes himself! We have a harness for him now but it’s extremely difficult to put it on because he doesn’t stay still. I think this would be the perfect harness for our “Ralphie”.

  8. The trainers of our nose work class recommend the ComfortFlex Harness. They do fit the dogs well.

  9. My terrior mix uses a harness for service work, but it’s jsut a standard harness and was causing him to develope sores on his back from 24/7 wearing. I can’t use a Ccollar of any kind fro him because he has a trachial collapse issue, so when in the house my dog has no identification on him. I’d like to win a comfort flex harness for him so that he will be more comfortable when working and hopefully be able to wear it around the house so his tags will always be on him.

  10. I have a large labrador that loves to meet other dogs, although smaller dogs are usually afraid of him because he’s so big. The handle part of the harness would come in handy to hold him back since I don’t like pulling on his leash/collar.

  11. My Paisley is pretty much uncomfortale in any harness or collar I put on her. She has a lot of extra skin around her neck and it bunches up above a regular collar. She is also prone to choking in a standard harness. Would love to try this one.

  12. I have a small dog named Lulu. She weighs about 14 lbs, so one of the smaller harnesses would probably work best for her. She loves to run, jump and play with toys and other dogs. I also let her off leash when I can at parks and grassy areas. It looks like this harness would be great because sometimes when she gets really hyper, I worry about her running into the street. With the reflective strips, cars will be able to see her better. Looks like a good product.

  13. I have a Service Dog Stud whom loves to go for walks and I would love to get him something more comfortable than a collar. A harness would be a nice fit for him I believe.

  14. My dog George loves to run, walk, play and on most days follows commands, but sometimes he can be difficult to control. He is a large breed working dog (German Shepherd) who weighs about 75 pounds. We recently had a baby and now take George for walks while pushing a stroller! Although I have only used regular collars/leash on George, I feel it would be much easier to control him and manage the stroller at the same time with the use of a harness. Since our walks are often at dusk when I get home from work, the reflective nylon strapping on the ComfortFlex Sport Harness would come in handy to keep George safe. Also, the convenience of having the velcro straps for ease of putting on and off will come in handy when trying to get out of the house before the sun goes down.

  15. We have a year old puppy who weighs 6.5 lbs. Since she is so tiny the only collars I could find that fit her are thin and narrow. During our walks, if she pulls on her leash and collar, she chokes herself. I have tried several harnesses, and the one I am using now is very bulky and heavy. I also have a hard time trying to figure out the top from bottom and left from right on the harness. I think the design of this ComfortFlex harness would work out great.

  16. I would love to win one of these as I still haven’t found a suitable harness that can work with our working dogs who work with people especially children with disabilities. Having read up on your harness this may be just what I am looking for.

  17. My family owns a little Yorkie named Yuki and we were having a difficult time finding a harness that was comfortable for her, yet secure enough to use with her car seat. The other harnesses we bought (we bought/tried at least 2) would choke her or the fabric was too rough and would dig into her skin. Because the other harnesses weren’t comfortable, we would have to take off the harness and put on another collar/leash before she left the car to walk around outside. I think the ComfortFlex harness would be great for Yuki to use in the car and outside when walking and easier for us since we wont have to change her before leaving the car.

  18. I am a volunteer for Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue. I walk the rescued Godens in Santa Margarita Animal Care Center and Fullerton Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital before they found their forever homes. I love my voulnteer work and our Goldens. I always like to learn skills and find good equipments to help me walking these special kids safely and make it more comfortable for them. Some of them can be a challenge. I use different leash, collar, harness, etc. on different dogs. I hope to win the ComfortFlex Harness, and think some of our special kids can use and enjoy it! Thank You!

  19. Looks nice. I prefer using harnesses on my smaller dogs, but this spring I am hoping to take a scent work class with my oldest JRT. He lost his vision this past summer and this is something I think he would enjoy doing. The harness would be nice to use for that.

  20. We have a career changed dog- Mocha. She was a guide dog in training but was dropped because she has a weak trachea. She currently does therapy dog work in the local hospitals and I would see where this harness would keep her close, but not hurt her throat! I would love to win one.

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