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Dog Bowls For Traveling

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As I mentioned in yesterdays post I’m not all that concerned with the aesthetics of a dog bowl, but instead I’m all about the functionality of a bowl.

Yesterday we covered dog bowls with a purpose – dog food and water bowls that help slow your dogs eating.  Of course over these next few days we are only putting together an overview of all our bowls.  In the coming weeks and months we’ll have an in-depth product review of each dog food bowl.

Each week for the next few months, Tuesday will officially be dog bowl product review day.  We will put together an in-depth review including video, image, and text.  So if you’re interested in one of these bowls be sure and visit the Puppy In Training website every Tuesday or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Dog Bowls For The Traveling Dog

It’s a lot of work being a guide dog puppy raiser.  We receive our puppies when they are 7 weeks old and train them in obedience and socialization until they are approximately 18 month old.  During that time we socialize our puppies in many ways including trips to the beach, movie theater, bus rides, train rides, restaurants, and practically anyplace the general public visits.  This is a big part of our guide dog puppy training.

Because we take our puppies almost everywhere with us we often times need a traveling food and water bowl.  Lucky for me I’ve had the opportunity to try many different dog bowls, bottles, and other products on my guide dog outings.  This is a list of the products I’ve tried over the past few years.  On any dog outings I usually grab my outdoor backpack and throw paper towels, bottles of water, dog food, poop bags, and a few of the items listed below on any dog outing.

Below is the one sentence review of each product.  As mentioned earlier check back on Tuesdays for our dog bowl reviews.

dog travel bowl


collapsible dog bowl

  • Pet Watering Top -Fits on top of standard sized water bottles makes it easy to use with multiple water bottles when on the road.

I’ve enjoyed using each of these dog bowls and products, but as to which one is the best?  Well…you’ll have to check back here at the Puppy In Training website for our full reviews in the coming weeks.

Make sure you check out our last article in the dog bowl overview series called Not Quite A Dog Bowl.

What do you think?  Have you used any of these dog products?  Is there a dog product out there you’d like us to review?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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