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ComfortFlex Harness Review – Putting It To The Test

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I’ve been poking and prodding my brand new ComfortFlex Harness for the past couple weeks and today I’m going to give you my midterm review.  If you haven’t had a chance then check out my initial review of the ComfortFlex Sport Harness here:

ComfortFlex Harness – In For Review

By the way I plan on giving away a free ComfortFlex Sport Harness to one lucky winner.  Read through this review to find out how to win this harness.

I’ve heard that a lot of people like to use this dog harness for agility training and that it works very well.  I’ve heard that many harnesses chaff under the armpits, but this one not so much.  Unfortunately, none of my dogs are involved in agility training.  However, I have been working with both Stetson and Linus and attending K9 Nosework training (I like to call it sniffer training or nose detection training).  One of the first things I noticed at nosework class was that all the dogs wore the exact same ComfortFlex Sport Harness that I received recently for review.  In fact, I knew this and Stetson was already using the ComfortFlex harness before I decided to put together a review.

Anyhow, today’s review revolves around what I think of the ComfortFlex Sport Harness for my dogs regular everyday use and during K9 Nosework Training.

ComfortFlex Sport Harness

I have some detailed information in my first review of this harness, but here’s some more information I pulled from amazon.com (affiliate link).

comfortflex sport harness

Product Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Fully padded nylon construction with reflective strapping across the chest, machine washable (line dry)
  • Ergonomic design allowing for a full range of motion with no irritation
  • Incredibly simple to put on and take off with redundant velco and safety snap closure

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 4 x 2 inches ; 5 ounces (for the X-Large, size will vary)
  • Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces (for the X-Large, weight will vary)

Product Description

The ComfortFlex Sport Harness offers you and your dog only the highest standards of safety, simplicity and security. Unlike many harnesses, the comfortflex sport harness is designed to protect sensitive areas, like your dogs throat and underarm, during any level of excercise. Due to the dynamic position of the leash connection, pressure is always directed directly to the chest, never riding up on the dogs throat. The simple yet effective design also lets your dog retain a full range of motion without having to worry about underarm irritation or chafing. Getting you dog into this harness is incredibly easy. Just drop it over your dogs head, secure the velcro strap around his girth and connect the safety snap. With very little practice, this can even be done with just one hand. Reflective nylon staping is easy seen in low light situations.

Amazon Product Reviews

There were 9 reviews on Amazon.com 8 reviewers gave the ComfortFlex Sport Harness 5 stars while 1 gave it only 2 stars.

Lots of great stuff was said on Amazon.  Here’s a sample of some of the 5 star reviews:

Great Product, Great Company…

Fantastic – easy, durable, comfortable…

Love these harnesses…

And the 2 star review wasn’t even really a bad review.  In fact it’s something I mention in my review below.  Here’s exactly what the reviewer had to say:

I liked the construction and materials a lot!! Unfortunately, my dog is 80 lbs of muscle and a very strong puller. This did not stop him from pulling. I still had to wrap the leash behind me and hold it with two hands.

As far as I know the ComfortFlex Sport Harness is not built to deter pulling so if you plan on buying it to keep your dog from pulling then you’re looking at the wrong dog harness.

ComfortFlex Harness Review
Stetson Practicing K9 Nosework Training with his ComfortFlex Harness

A Great Dog Harness For K9 Nosework Training

I’ve been using the ComfortFlex Sport Harness (affiliate link) with Stetson and Linus in their K9 Nosework Training and I must say I really like this harness for this type of training.  Here’s a list of things that I really like:

  • Nice construction and very durable.
  • The reflective bands on the side make it easy to see your dog at night time or if it’s dark.
  • Velcro and redundant snap buckle means this dog harness will not accidentally come undone.
  • Stiff construction makes it easy to put on your dog.
  • The way the handle is placed on top makes it easy to grab and control your dog.
  • Inner padding and placement of straps – I haven’t noticed any chaffing on my dogs.
  • Easy to find metal ring on handle for clasping your leash

After putting the ComfortFlex Sport Harness to the test I did find a few minor things that I did not like and they were:

  • The buckle strap rubs against the velcro and has started to fray a little bit (it’s all fuzzy now)
  • As I mentioned in my first review the price of shipping was very high and almost deterred me from purchasing this harness for my dog.  You can buy this product on Amazon.com (affiliate link)…hopefully the cost of shipping is lower through their site.
Dog Harness
Stetson Has An Enthusiasm For K9 Nosework

When I put this harness on my Black Labrador Retriever, Stetson he gets really excited because he knows it’s time for nosework training.  The handle which is right above the shoulder blades is great for holding your dog before doing an off leash training run.  I have not experienced any chaffing in the arm pits or anywhere on the body and it seems like it would be a great dog harness for any canine sport.

I’ve used the ComfortFlex Sport Harness with Linus on daily walks and when working on his nosework training (I plan to use it exclusively for nosework after this review).  It works just fine for daily walks and very nice because pressure is directed towards the chest rather then the throat.  This is nice if your dog chokes himself with his regular flat collar or if he has a weak trachea.  However, if you’re using this harness for strong pullers it may not be the best for your daily walks as your dog will be able to get a lot of force behind his pulling with pressure directed at his chest as opposed to the throat.  I’ve heard of dog harnesses that are built specifically for dogs that pull hard, but I have not yet personally used one.  I currently use a halti for my dogs who like to pull.

So do you want to win your very own ComfortFlex Sport Harness?  It’s actually pretty simple.  Just leave me a comment telling me from what you’ve read so far about the ComfortFlex Sport Harness what is your favorite feature and why.

By the way, you can have 2 entrants into this contest.  Leave a comment on this post and leave a comment on last weeks comfortflex harness review post.

In two weeks (March 4th) I’ll choose 1 random commenter from the comment section below.  Make sure you use a valid email address when leaving your comment so I can contact you if you’re the winner.

A quick note…your chances of winning are pretty good because as of today the first blog post has only 16 comments thus only 16 entrants into the contest so be sure to leave your comment on both blog posts.  Best of luck to everyone!

Just wondering have you used a ComfortFlex Sport Harness?  What do you think about these dog harnesses?  Leave us a comment to become eligible for a free ComfortFlex Sport Harness!

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  1. ibought one of these for my wild child cocker spaniel .he likes to wear it but has backed out of it a few times.i am thinking of adding a additional d ring to the front in hopes to help the pulling.

  2. @Lisa, I didn’t notice a difference in the chest piece because I could barely get the velcro strap to connect around Linus’ chest when I used the Medium sized harness. I really enjoy using these dog harnesses for K9 Nosework.

  3. Hello, I ordered the comfortflex Sport harness. I like the construction quality a lot.
    I really like the grip of the handle combined with the ring. Additionally the stiffness makes it very useful. I also like the way it folds up and tucks into my gear bag. I also noticed the dog’s hair does not wrap or grip the material which sometimes happens with other types of harness when you are trying to clip them. Perhaps the clever engineering that moves the clip up on the dogs side and moved it away from the elbow is my favorite thing. This is such a huge comfort improvement for the dog. This harness puts it all together in a nice easy package. I was first attracted to it because I was looking for a harness that would FEEL different for my dog as a cue for K9 nosework. She also does water work in harness. tracking in harness, drafting in harness and carting in harness. I wanted something with a different work message. I think this is the one!

    I did notice the chest piece is high. I understand it is meant to be higher than other styles of harness. I am wondering if the next size would change the height of the chest piece. She is a 50 lb aussie. I ordered a M. I saw in the article you had both sizes at one point. Did you notice a difference in the chest piece between both sizes?
    Thanks Lisa

  4. I think we’re going to get one for our dog George. He’s a German shepherd mixed and has been pulling ever since he was a puppy.

  5. I like the reflective strapping – it will make biking with my chow so much safer!

  6. This harness sounds like it was made for my Golden/Lab–she LOVES to go for walks

  7. Our family had a black lab for 141/2 wonderful, irreplaceable years. He was definitely a gift from God! In December we filled the “empty spot” his loss had left us with by purchasing a female black lab, Lucci. She is definitely what our hearts needed. We are very excited about enrolling her in puppy school, and really want to pursue agility classes thereafter. She already enjoys working on the basic home training & commands…mastering them in no time, of course 🙂 Such a joy to work with! We have been looking at various types of collars & harnesses (made the awful mistake 14yrs ago of trying the prong collar with our male) and I saw your email about the comfortflex sport harness. I love that it doesn’t cause chaffing, perfect that it has nite time reflector, and looks very comfortable for the dog & user friendly… we have 10 & 12 yr old kids who will be involved in her training. It’s great that the harness allows room for the collar to remain on as well – ID tags being on her while we’re out of the house “just in case” are a family rule for us. We’d love the opportunity to “put it to the test” and provide feedback for other families in training.

  8. I’ve tried some harness’ that are so hard to get into it’s like an IQ test to figure them out. If this is as easy as you say to get into, I’d love to give it a try.

  9. The Comfort Flex Harness looks like it lives up to it’s name and is comfortable. Since this is something you’ll be putting on your dog and taking off all the time, it needs to be comfortable for your pet and easy to use. From what I’ve read, it seems like the company has thought a lot about the quality of their product.

  10. i can see this for a dgo that walks well on a leash but as for a dog that pulls then i dont think this is the right tool. also i think it would work well for tracking, agility, and somr other sports.

  11. Using it with my boxer on our daily walks sounds fantastic! I like the idea that the pressure is directed towards the chest rather then the throat

  12. The ComfortFlex Harness from reviews and your posting shows that this harnesss is really great for a variety of reasons. The harness can be worn by dogs during walks and during a variety of K9 activities. The velcro strap would be useful for someone needing to quickly take the harness off or to quickly put it on without difficulty. It is very easy with other harnesses to not fit it properly, and ultimately cause your dog to become uncomfortable. Sometimes when something bothers the dog like the hair loss some cause, then the dog starts hating the activity.This harness will reduce the need to change collars and other training tools, because its ability to be used for more than activity. For me the harness would allow me to not to have to switch from a flat collar, to the easy-walk and to the head collar depending on the actvity.
    The Black Lab Stetson looks really engaged in K9 nosework, and not worrying about the haness on him. The harness from reviews and the image shows a nice looking harness that looks very different from various other harnesses. This harness is not made to deter pulling, so of course the 80 pound dog is still going to pull. It doesn’t say the harness will help with pulling, but rather be more useful in other aspects. The harness does have reflective strips that are easily visble, the leash attacment will also allow you to grab it, and most of the reviews claim the harness hasn’t caused chaffing. I think this is a great harness, and kind of wish that I saw this harness earlier as it seems like it would have cut the need to purchase other collars and harnesses.

    It would be a great harness for someone with a dog with throat issues or one that does activities like nosework.

  13. My favorite feature is the easy on/off since my Morkie can’t be still for more than 5 seconds.

  14. The harness sounds great! I like that it’s durable and it sounds more comfortable for the dogs than a traditional collar. If I remember correctly from your other post, it comes in different colors too, right? I wonder if it will work as well on my small 7 lb Yorkie as it does on Stetson and Linus. I guess if I win I could let you know! Keep up the good work…I love your website!

  15. Hey Colby, Mocha has been wearing a similar type harness for years, she tended to get choke with others, the one you are testing looks nice. If Mocha wins one she will surely put it to the test also. Looks to be a nice product, padded comfort and durable. Thanks

  16. My favorite feature of the ComfortFlex Sport Harness would have to be the easy to find metal ring for ease of clasping up the leash. Trying to hold a baby and leash up a dog at the same time is no easy task. Ordinary collars have rings that seem to hide or slip down to the bottom of the neck which leaves me fishing. The ComfortFlex Sport Harness, from your review, looks as though it would be a snap to leash up Georgie for a walk!

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